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She Broken Up i Didn't - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or It had been three days that I had broken up with Avantika. Download She Broke Up, I Didn't by Durjoy Datta PDF novel free. She Broke Up I Did jinzihao.info - search pdf books free download Free eBook and manual for. She Broke Up, I Didn't! is a novel that takes a nasty dig at relationships, love and 2 States by Chetan Bhagat I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh The 3.

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Durjoy Datta SHE BROKE UP I DIDN'T! I Just Kissed Someone Else! Contents About the Author Also by Durjoy Datta Dedication Prologue. 'I did not know what to say. Lie? Who would lie about such a thing? Was she testing me? Who would test anyone like that?'Deb is absolutely crazily in love with. Download She Broke Up, I Didn't by Durjoy Datta PDF novel free. He did not believe he will get this level of a job with the high protocol.

Or who they were! We were in the middle of a fight. Somewhere in all the sweat and writhing of bodies against me, the night ended for me. He always made us look like some sex-obsessed group in college. You are the only thing I want. There were still two seats left.

Was she testing me? Who would test anyone like that? He can't believe that she is his. Their relationship is going great except for the one time when Deb faltered by breaching her trust. After he apologized, Avantika grudgingly accepted him back. However, his insecurity about her seems to be pushing him into infidelity again. The trust that he had worked so hard to build is lost once again. Will Avantika take him back this time or will she move on?

Durjoy Datta explores the themes of fidelity, love and lust through a roller coaster of misunderstandings and mistakes that are so common in relationships today. Durjoy Datta Author Durjoy Datta was born in New Delhi, and completed a degree in engineering and business management before embarking on a writing career. Last bench … she sat right next to that son of a bitch, Kabir. She was laughing. Just perfect. It was a terrible start to the semester. I had missed attendance and Avantika was sitting with the guy I hated the most.

The next few messages met with the same treatment. I stopped sending them, and I kept looking back at the two of them. I heard them laughing again. The class looked at Avantika and Kabir.

They were still smiling. Avantika looked down, embarrassed, though I could tell that she was still smiling. Kabir immediately collected his books, pushed back his chair and left.

Avantika followed. They were still laughing when they left the class. I sat there and tried to concentrate on what the professor was saying to keep my mind off what Kabir was doing with my girlfriend. Where would these two be? What would they be doing? I was being paranoid but I could not help it. I could not shake the thought off my head. Time stopped. Five minutes seemed like fifty. The more I stared at the clock hung above the blackboard, the slower it moved.

She Broke Up I Didnt Durjoy Datta

I fiddled with my pen and fidgeted in my hair. It became hard to keep sitting in the class. The last few minutes of that lecture were the most painful ones I had ever been through. I messaged her, asking her where she was. Room No. I opened the door to her room. What the fuck are you doing here!

How can he even touch the magazines that she touched! I walked around the corridor and waited for her. I waited outside the room for him to leave and he walked out after a couple of minutes. I was being unreasonable but I could not bear the sight of that man.

I hated him with every cell of my body. Is this the only place you got? In the whole campus? Why are you being so possessive? You bring a guy to your room and you expect me not to react? You tell me!

Do you really think—? But we fought over him just yesterday! Is that not a problem? Nor has Ravi or Kumod! Why him? She must be crying now, I thought.

She Broke Up, I Didn’t! .... I just kissed someone else!

I acted like an asshole and I did not like it but I hated him more; I wanted to make that clear, once and for all. Kabir would have laughed at me if he got to know about our fight.

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She would not text me, I knew. I was wrong and she waited for me to make it right. I did not want to accept defeat so easily. Shashank had called, I remembered. Just a little fight. Which he had in plenty, and he was well aware of it. Mittal was not anti-relationships.

He was, basically, anti-love. Got laid? With your girlfriend? How much did you spend? Did she also give you small socks for Debashish Junior and Avantika Junior? She looked like a familiar porn star. Shashank was not in the least interested. Being in a relationship never stopped me from leering at other women from time to time; Shashank was untouched by this kind of debauchery.

He was loyal. Shashank and Farah had been going around for five years now. There had been problems in their relationship but they were still going strong. He knew how Mittal would keep selling the idea to him and smiled. Mittal continued selling the blow job. Imagine her naked, her huge red lips, her mouth inviting you; she would suck it good.

It will be the best blow job of your life! You would even get to come wherever you want to. Even on her pretty face! How can you turn that down … Farah would not even get to know! This is hardly different. He could be really gross if he wanted to. We really did not want him to describe a blow job.

That is being such a hypocrite … Anyway, Deb, what about you? I did not want to come across as a wimp. Are you done with the chapter? He was a year or two younger than we were, and the only sincere one amongst us. He was departmental rank two and it was effortless for him, and we loved it when he kicked butt of the snobbish kids who slogged throughout the semester, took notes, ran after professors and submitted their assignments on time.

Shashank did not look twenty-three and still looked like a schoolchild; his looks were in stark contrast to the person he was. Responsible, straight-thinking and very composed. Are you crazy? We will not get it.

Just read it and tell us what it is all about! Shashank narrated the case for the next class. I was only half listening and Mittal had to slap my head a few times to make me concentrate.

We rushed to the class minutes before it started. As a reflex, I ran my eyes through the crowd and looked for Avantika until I realized that I was not supposed to do so. We were in the middle of a fight. The three of us found a place for us to sit. Avantika was sitting in the first row and furiously making notes. Kabir sat close by, just a girl between them, and they talked once or twice every few minutes. I suppressed the urge to text her.

It was hard to see her even talking to him. I could not even fathom why she was … I mean she knew that I would be watching her in class. She should have stayed away from him.

It just made me sick now. Warm is equal to sex? Burn is equal to jealousy? Brilliant, right? It is the same every time. She will put forth some big words like trust and love, and I will lose the conversation again. Why should it be me always? Stop pampering them and lower their expectations. They will be out of excuses to cry. I looked at these two to see if they had submitted it. They shook their heads and we smiled because not only did we miss the deadline, we did not even know about the assignment at all.

The class ended and the professor shouted out the names of the students who had not submitted the assignment. They let out a collective sigh. You just feel that you are the stupidest guy in the whole world. I was the stupidest guy with the sweetest girl one could ever have.

Not the prettiest of scenes for me, but I had the first right on her, so I brushed Kabir aside and asked her if we could talk.

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Kabir slinked away. I followed her to the coffee shop inside our college and we started to talk. The coffee froth perched playfully on her pink lips. She licked it away. Her one touch and I was her puppy again. She drank her coffee in silence. It is just that I am not comfortable. But I love you, Deb. Why do you still doubt me? It is just that I do not want Kabir to feel that he has a chance with you. I trust you.

I really do. I do not trust her, but that is another thing. I got to study. I scratched my head as I stood outside her room. Why bring me all the way to your room and not make out? What happened to the concept of patch-up sex!

Kids these days! I ground my teeth and widened my eyes to make him shut up. He always made us look like some sex-obsessed group in college. You were in her room. That is how you tell the girl is still yours.

You sleep with her and tell the whole world about it. Put on to your lips, it feels great. A few minutes later, it just burns out. Then you need another one! And another one. That is how girls are. You fall in love with them and slowly, it becomes a habit. Navy cut one day, Marlboro the other. You cannot kick the habit.

But you feel good about it every time you puff one! Or fuck one! Life is beyond love, guys.

It is beyond running after girlfriends, beyond buying them gifts when you would rather buy stuff for yourself and aligning your life according to them.

Shashank, when was the last time you went out with a girl who was not Farah? Three years? He always talked beyond his age and his looks, almost like a phoney godman. Both of you! You are scared. You are scared that you are not men enough to get more than what you already have. Mittal flapped opened the laptop irritably. He was pissed that we were unmoved. He desperately wanted us to sleep around. We never knew. It is a guy thing, I guess. Mittal never took those calls in front of us.

He shook his head and got back to his books. Mittal had never formally introduced us to any of the girls he went out or slept with. Every few days, a new hot girl would leave his hostel room with her hair ruffled, lipstick smudged and with love bites on her neck, but he never let us talk to anyone.

It was creepy. I lie to them all the time. He had a point there. Your lies should always be unverifiable. Anyway, we often suspected that Mittal was hiding something. I attempted suicide twice. Not even close. Over the past twelve months, we had seen more than a dozen girls leave that fated hostel room, violated and smiling. He did the same. Shashank was in bad company. Mittal and I knew that without our unholy influence on him, Shashank would have topped every goddamned exam in MDI, but we loved him too much to lose him to books and marks.

We could lose him to blow jobs from porn stars from Poland, but definitely not to Free Market Economics. It should have lasted four years. At least! In a few years, maybe. I mean we intend to. Her parents would object but you know the equation there. But I guess, if I push them, they would not say no.

They had been together for a few years now, and they had broken up a few times because they knew, one day, they would have to break up. Mittal and I had asked him more than a few times to end his relationship with Farah and make it easier for both of them.

He tried but he could never do it. He was irrevocably in love with her. We realized that Mittal had overheard our conversation when he rudely interrupted it. Twenty-three and you want to get married? By the way, assignment? Where is that going? I am going to the gym. Mittal was a gym freak, and never missed a day. Not even between exams, and it showed.

One could mistake his biceps for tiny footballs. He used to walk shirtless in the corridors, his hard, well-defined chest in full view, and enjoy the admiring smiles of both the sexes. It is her birthday tomorrow. So I have to buy something for her. I wanted to be sad about it, but I was smiling that I had no wrong ideas to be worried about. The whole idea of Avantika and me, together for life, was comforting. However, before it would happen, it would be a long and tiring fight to convince our parents and relatives.

Was I ready? I thought so. I wanted her to be there for me. Shashank and Farah—I had hardly imagined them without each other. To think that they would not be together was strange. It was a creepy thought to think they would be with different people. Deb and Avantika? With different people? That felt downright sick. Love makes you so dependent. To imagine my life without Avantika was a ridiculous thought.

I revised the chapter. Avantika had always been an ambitious girl, and toiled hard to get what she wanted. She worked hard to secure herself from any more heartbreaks or disappointments. Her previous relationships had been total disasters that saw her spiralling down into a haze of alcohol and drugs for a couple of years. She had been to a series of rehabilitation centres but she had run away and had almost destroyed herself when, at last, she found a spiritual connection with Spirit of Living and Sri Guru.

She has not touched drugs since. She had her relapses and slipped into depression now and then. My promises of forever used to make it all right. It pained me to see her in pain, and it made me sick when I could not make it better. My life was a lot different. I had always been laid-back and my relationships had been a joke.

Our relationship was like a fairy tale, scripted, and it was scary to think how good we made each other feel. The princess kisses the frog; the frog remains a frog; the princess still decides to dump all princes and stay with the frog; she even sleeps with the frog.

It was just so biased that one would believe the frog scripted it. He is working on the case study. The one you refused saying that it was bullshit? Who else is in the team? You two? Never mind, I too will send the case study, with Malini. If you can work with Kabir, I can work with Malini! With Kabir? This cannot be! I had already given up before even starting. I could not possibly match what they had done or even come close.

Fuck it. It did not matter any more … there was no way I could have made that presentation. We left the class. Avantika looked as if in a hurry and I asked her where she was running to. With Malini? I saw her leave and meet Kabir in the mess. That asshole. Maybe, I needed to make this crazy presentation. But who would help me out? I was the only guy in class she ever talked to, but we were not, like, friends. Of what I knew of her, she was a sharp and intelligent girl who could help me out if she wanted.

There is no harm in trying, I told myself. So that afternoon, I followed Malini as she made her way to her hostel room. Malini had done the last few years of her high school and her undergraduate studies in Canada, and had come back with a heavy accent, an adjustment problem that people mistook as attitude and a bold dressing sense.

Some people thought Malini was slutty—probably because they were jealous of how hot she was or that she was out of their league—but she had never been involved with anyone in college.

With her corpse-white complexion, and a sculpted body hardened by hours of jogging in the college campus, she looked like a diminutive model for a luxury brand.

She Broke Up, I Didn't - Penguin India

Initially, many people had mistaken her for an exchange student. Long story short, she was hot stuff. People had told me in the past that I did not look ugly when I smiled and that my dimple made up for my other ape-like features. I hoped it would work. Moments later, I entered my hostel room and found Mittal sprawled on my bed; he was smiling. Other girls? Fuck, do you even listen to what I say? You will be a lot wiser if you just listen to me. What was that then? You and her? Middle of the mess?

You guys were smiling like long-lost friends. I maintained the deadpan expression. Avantika is participating with Kabir.

So, I thought I would participate too. You are doing a case study because she is doing the same with Kabir? That self-satisfied asshole. If she wants to be with him, let her! You cannot keep sticking to her all the time. This is so … disgusting. You disappoint me! Why not some guy? He would do a much better job of it.

Anyway, what did Malini say? It was Malini and she wanted to meet me. It was three hours too early. Maybe, I did not trust Avantika. It had been three years now. I knew she would never do anything that would hurt me. But all said and done, I still did not like Kabir hanging around my girlfriend. She was mine, and I wanted to keep it that way. The lights were dim and yellow; there were cushions and beanbags that crowded her room.

It really looked like a gypsy had settled down. I liked her room. It was different from the other rooms of the hostel that were always crowded with big management books and magazines about marketing and finance, reminders of our fate as boring management graduates. She wore a nightdress that ended midway over her thighs.

There is no harm in looking, I told myself. Or the library? I swear to God my intentions were innocent. I know I had been staring at her ever since I entered her room, but I had no shady intentions. I was there just for revenge. I sat on her bed beside her. I felt sorry for my outburst with Avantika when I had found Kabir in her room.

They were innocent, and so was I. Malini handed over the papers that I had to study from; they were marked and underlined and stuck with tiny post-it notes. We had just started to study when she broke the silence. She got up from where she sat and pulled out a mini freezer from below her bed. It was plugged into a spike which was plugged in with about a dozen plugs—a disaster waiting to happen. I had never seen anyone stock alcohol in the hostel rooms, definitely not in a mini fridge.

We started to work on our slides. I tried to concentrate but I kept looking at her, stealing glances as she gulped her drink in three swallows. She made another one for herself. She raised the glass in the air to ask me if I needed one, and I refused. It always bothered me to tell pretty girls that I was taken, but it was a small price to pay to be with someone as great as Avantika.

I could sense the sarcasm in her voice. I logged into Facebook and waited for her to come back. Ten minutes. Twenty minutes. She was still on her phone call.

Are you out somewhere? Nice moves, boyfriend! Now who is the culprit? Now can you please shut up about it? So how is the presentation shaping up? She picked up the laptop and started to tap furiously on it. She did not talk too much. For the next four hours, she concentrated on the work like a sniper, often prodding me to work harder. She looked a little upset but I could not ask her why. We were not even friends so I let her be. She typed it down and we shared a nervous smile before she hit the send button.

It was certainly a feat for me; six hours and I had not moved an inch from where I was sitting. Avantika would be so proud to hear that. No bad intentions still, I was genuinely happy. I wanted to call up Avantika and ask how much they had done. She had been gulping it neat almost so I thought it would be girlish of me to ask for something to accompany mine.

It is our case study. The vodka burnt my throat, my stomach and my face distorted. It was horrible.

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After the fifth shot, which tasted much better than the previous four since my taste buds had died, I was positively drunk and a little pukey. My stomach started to retch and I sat there, unmoving, scared that I would upset the balance if I got up and might puke all over her bed sheet.

I sat there, listening to her talk. Malini said she missed Canada a lot and that she did not like her time in India and could not wait to go back to Toronto. She said something about a boyfriend in Canada but I only remember his name—Samarth. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? I just kissed someone else! Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. It tackles some of the very uncomfortable questions and tries to put those into perspective.

To forgive is divine? Especially when it is just a mistake! What will Avantika do? Will she be able to forgive him? And what if Deb does it again? What if Avantika goes ahead and does the same? This is the story of a group of friends who battle the questions of infidelity, loyalty and love as they step out of their colleges. Is lust different from love? Are girls more tolerant?

What would hurt you more? Your partner writing a love song for someone else? Or sleeping with someone else? Is the answer any different for the two sexes? Get A Copy. Published June 1st by Srishti Publication first published More Details Other Editions 6.

Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. How to read this? Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jan 27, Anuradha marked it as because-i-m-a-masochist. How did I not know about the existence of this glorious work of art?! I mean, look at the title! But no, seriously, how do people come up with such titles?! View 2 comments. Apr 25, Shoa Khan rated it did not like it.

However, I am tired of seeing recommendations of similar books from GoodReads on my newsfeed, which I have no intention whatsoever of ever picking up. So, that's that. View all 5 comments.

Jul 17, Vidya rated it did not like it. The time I wasted reading this book is I am never going to get back!!! I wish we had some good writers in India. Jul 15, Kunal Nayak rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No one.

My feelings towards this book is more than pain. Its really irritating to read a book, from which you are expecting wonders, only to find yourself utterly disappointed. As the name suggests, this book is about the modern Love Stories, supposedly, happening throughout the teenage populace of India. It tells us about a suspicious lad, taking frequent doubts on his girlfriend. The thing i like about this book is Nothing.

She Broke Up, I Didn’t by Durjoy Datta PDF Download

It fails to convey the message its supposed to, it does not give you a satisfying My feelings towards this book is more than pain. It fails to convey the message its supposed to, it does not give you a satisfying ending, it makes you destroy the wall using your fists, simply because it has no happy ending. So, do NOT waste your time. View 1 comment. Jun 07, Sujaritha rated it did not like it. No semblance of sense in any of the pages.

Wish we had meaningful books published by Indian authors. Its a shame that publishing houses cannot distinguish the good and worthy books from the rest. Apr 06, SaketKr rated it did not like it. You read, I didn't ask you to! I just wrote something! Mar 30, Nisha Bandhopadhyay rated it it was ok. A hopeless attempt at writing a romantic story!!!! Jul 30, Krishna Kumar rated it liked it.