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How to pdf file using php code

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If you want just minimal features of PDF creation and want a smaller in size class then try these two PDF generating class libraries: Easily create PDF with PHP. In this PHP Tutorial we will show how to covert PHP in PDF file using fpdf class. You can use our PHP example script to convert HTML to PDF. A list of the most important PHP class script and libraries for generating PDF files, PDF manipulation and HTML to PDF conversion.

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A basic example of using FPDF is with the following PHP code (you must extract the FPDF package in the folder where the PHP file with the code is located). PHP Script to create PDF document using FPDF. Download FPDF from here. jinzihao.info Keep the jinzihao.info file in your working directory, keep the font . Just include a single php file. FREE! Download and include jinzihao.info; Call functions to generate PDFs //Code to generate PDF file from options above.

Hi Olaf, With wkhtmltopdf you have to use this option when generating the pdf: Thanks, Nick. I have also had some success with html2pdf which tries to convert html to a pdf document. Personaly i use wkhtmltopdf and sometime wkhtmltoimage based on webkit, this GNU project provide a simple binary. I modify this code for only extract text fields.

This feature is useful if you like to generate a PDF version from your website dynamically. The following two projects are the most important scripts if you talk about available information and frequent updates.

The script is able to render styles from external stylesheets and the style attributes from individual HTML elements. You can embed fonts, import pages, order them, etc. Hello Nick, thanks for sharing, I see a lot of functions for the PDF creation also an import function.

Personaly i use wkhtmltopdf and sometime wkhtmltoimage based on webkit, this GNU project provide a simple binary.

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Thanks for sharing Jeremy, there are many html2pdf conversion tools. I mentioned only those two because they are more or less PHP scripts.

You build a PDF from the scratch or you add data to existing ones. Or do you do this? I use highcharts a javascript library to generate graphs on my web site. Thanks to wkhtmltoimage, I simply convert this graphs into png, to provide a daily email reports for our customers. The language is designed to render contents. And in both way you should use a template system it could be a html file with wkhtmltopdf or list of objects manipulation with pure php scripts.

How about page breaks how do you do this? Do you work with percentages? Probably the best thing at this time is to take a look at the example under the documentation here: Thanks, Nick.

PDF Functions

Thanks Nick for this links and the information. Yes we done invoices etc using wkhtmltopdf, it is considerably easier to maintain than huge amounts of php code.

Then in you just call the executable and it generates a elegant pdf. I have this question for you because you mentioned the creation of invoices in your comment. What if you need to open an almost ready PDF file which is made by some other company?

Sure you can create HTML code for these pages too, but do you get one single file if you need to edit only page 2 and 5 from 8 pages? All the php to pdf librarys are great to work with only if you are not intending on creating active forms. You can use FDF for this: Give it a try an share your experience if you like. I did write a svg to pdf convertor a long time ago that enabled the designers to deliver a pdf, e converted out to svg and added template style tags.

Still being used today doing invoices a month. If I was to do it again, openrpt would be my first choice.

PHP Script to create PDF document using FPDF

Thanks Alan for that information. I would like see my A4 page with a footer and 15mm padding to the page borders. HTML is still measured in mm or inches, and is there a way multiple pages page 2 from an invoice for example. Gottlieb Notschnabel 5, 16 57 Samuurai Samuurai 1, 4 12 Let's not be too quick on the close button huh? This question will NOT solicit debate or arguments, I am in the same boat, I need to know what works and what doesn't. This is a perfect example of how SO can help programmers.

I'm not looking for people's opinions on what's best.

Create PDF file from PHP script tutorial

I'm looking for first-hand reports of what others have used and been successful with. That is not an opinion, it is fact. Peremptorily closing questions like this is a good example of how SO is losing its mojo. I knew before I clicked on it that this question would be closed.

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Unfortunately, Pierre is incorrect, the question asks for the "best" way to create a pdf, which is subjective, not a fact. Still, Pierre's other points are valid.

Generate PDF File from MySQL Database Using PHP

I too am looking for first-hand reports of what works. Perhaps instead of closing, editing the question title, or giving the OP a chance to revise would be an option.

Php using file to code pdf how

Jason The question was asked 8 years ago and closed 6 years ago, OP had plenty of time to revise: ModusTollens Point taken.

Sarfraz Sarfraz k 65 Thanks for this! It's a nice library! Even downloaded a rounded corner function from here to make my Rect 's look purdy: This is an old answer, of course, but FPDF is no longer the best option.