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jinzihao.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Djecji Bilten Strucna Literatura. Cargado por. draganjocic. 7 mitova. jinzihao.info Uploaded by Nebojsa Vasic. stručna literatura. Copyright: Attribution Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for. jinzihao.infož. jinzihao.infož. jinzihao.infođ. Upravljanje jinzihao.infočna literatura: 1. Literatura za opšti deo: Priručnik za polaganja opšteg dela stručnog ispita za lica.

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Benjamin Kiesewetter,. Humboldt University of Berlin. Kiesewetter defends the normativity of rationality by presenting a new solution to the problems that arise. This book provides an. English translation of twelve orations of the sophist. Libanius, one of the most influential figures in the fourth century, who had an. done, you'll receive a PDF review copy in just minutes! Browse Our Pre-Prepared Collections. Looking for an even faster way to get content that unlocks.

New Perspectives in Archaeology. Leiden ; K. It makes a day and night difference. Neil Gillespie. Arun Kumar. CAQ is cost of acquisition of a registrant. All the money in the world.

Archaeology and Spatial Technologies. Am- sterdam Danebury revisited: Maschner Eds. Anthropology, Space and Geographic Information Systems. Archaeology and Geographical Information Sys- tems: Maxwell G.

Springboards for invasion: Dobson Eds. Roman Frontier Studies Exeter , Musil J. Auseinandersetzung - Anerkennung - Anpassung. Neugebauer-Maresch Ch. The transformation of community areas into settlement areas. Space in prehistoric Bohemia. In memoriam Jan Rulf. Metoda archeologie. Formal methods at Hostim.

Vencl Ed. Magdalenian in Bohemia. Opravil E. Rozhledy 30, , Studie Arch. Paulus M. Olomouc k. Legio VI Gemina. Pieta K. Mittel- und Nordslowakei zur Zeit der Markomannenkriege. Tejral Hrsg. Iterative approach to ancient paths model- ling in the Iron Age study of the Dolenjska region Slovenia. Fischer Ed. Enter the past: Pollak M. Military equipment in context. Nitra Nuove testimonianze archeologiche delle guerre dei Marcomanni a nord del medio Danubio. Jobst Eds.

Roma sul Danubio. Udine , Die Waagtrasse in der Slowakei. Rapant P.


Ostra- va Les fortifications militaires. Bordeaux , Roth J. Jahrhunderts n. Frie- denssicherung oder Expansion? Stuttgart Wamser Hrsg. Mainz am Rhein , Veljanovski Eds. Computing Archaeology for Understanding the Past. Proceedings of the CAA Conference. Oxford , - Stoilova M. Stuppner A. Rinvenimenti germanici a nord di Carnuntum. Viae militares. Potential of GIS for analysis of funerary areas: Turek Eds.

Spa- tial Analysis of Funerary Areas. Tejral J. Rozhledy 38, , Marburger Kolloqium. Marburg-Lublin , XLIX, , Visy Zs. Vlach M. Roman camps in England. The Field Archaeology. Lon- don Brandon Eds.


Wheatley D. Cumulative viewshed analysis: Wheatley-Gillings D. Vision, perception and GIS: Zubrow E. Digital archaeology: Brno k. Bystrc, okr. Site is located in south Moravia, about 80 km to the north of Vindobona. Up to now has been localized fortification of at least 2,2 km length surrounding area about 28 ha Fig. The fortification itself consisted of mound overlain with dried bricks and various number maximum 3 of V-shape ditches. This construction was also complemented with watch towers and gates 2 surveyed so far.

One of the gates was located on the edge of the river terrace Neurissen which indicates possible existence of some sort of port or wharf. We presume that the most of Roman army supply lines and heavy cargo transportations were carried out mainly by the shipping transport cp.

Kehne , ff. This fact is also important in process of recognition of Roman military objects to the north of Middle Danube region. During the late twenties of the 20th century there was excavated stone building complex consisting of a small baths balneum and a residential building.

Their nature evokes some forms of military mansions mansio in surroundings of Roman frontier military camps. Exceedingly large timber building was also found on the location Neurissen. Examples of similar ground plan come from certain central buildings of villa complexes. On the east slope of the military base there were discovered and excavated timber buildings interpreted here as a workshop, where repatriation of Roman military equipment took place.

The most recent excavations revealed part of the enormous building interpreted - based on its ground plan - as a Roman military hospital valetudinarium; Fig.

Military significance of this site is mostly supported by Roman weaponry swords, spear- and arrowheads and equipment sword mounting, belt or strap fitting , dated to the 2nd half of the 2nd cent.

AD or more precisely the seventies of the 2nd cent. Findings of terra sigillata and Roman coins have the considerable contribution for period determination here. Numerous products of pottery centres in Lezoux and Rheinzabern make up the ratio of Mentioned evidences testify for well-considered intentions of Roman command here in sense of its central significance within the territory to the west of the Low Carpathians. The military base was situated inside the area of 10 sq km surrounded by junctions of rivers Jihlava, Dyje and Svratka and 2,5 km long ditch in the north Fig.

Large-scale impact of Roman occupation is supported by numerous findings of temporary military camps of the Roman army Fig. So far not all of them have been verified archaeologically and we divide them into two groups verified temporary camps and probable objects of Roman army.

In Lower Austria we can find proven camps in Bernhardsthal Fig.

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Uncertain are evidences from Poysdorf Fig. Some of them are also located in the centres of local Germanic settlement zones.

According to characteristic findings from the times of Marcomannnic war in Stillfried Fig. Temporary camps in Slovakia can be divided into two groups according to their location. The second group belongs to activities of the Roman army in Quadian territory east of the Low Carpathians. From Moravia there are numerous verified temporary military camps as well as uncertain ones.

Many of them were acquired by unauthorized metal detector prospection. Synchronization and comparison of variety of findings from barbarian territories e.

Nevertheless we are well aware of interpretation problems of findings acquired through the field survey and the metal detector prospection. Detailed processing of all mentioned findings exceeds frame of this paper and will be carried out elsewhere. Naturally all of the temporary camps need not to be from the same period but on the other hand so far there has not been a single evidence of dating to the other time than between years Also the camps could differ in duration of existence because of many aspects.

Definitely till now nobody has introduced any convincing evidence for their classification as simple marching camps, established only for a few of nights cp. Taking closer look at the Quadian territory and temporary camps concentrated there mostly along Danube river with starting point in Brigetio reveals other type of military strategy emphasized to garrisoning in wider flat areas which are more suitable for Roman strategy than the one applied in Marcomannnian.

Local Germanic settlement density - along the both banks of lower reach of the river Morava considerably high - is clearly interfered with Roman military presence. It is expectable due to the Amber route of substantial importance.

Consequently strong Roman military presence in the area of middle stream of the river Dyje supports the fact that Marcomannnic centre of power was under heavy military control during the seventies of the 2nd cent. The temporary military camps in the area of the Moravian Gate may represent some kind of protective outer rim securing access path from the north-east Germanic territories. Do it. I bet the majority will. It never hurts. But as marketers. Do keep educating the customer.

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Pdf strucna literatura

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Literatura pdf strucna

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Why do they work? Here are three reasons why. Curta, From Kossinna to Bromley: Gillett ed. Turnhout , , cf. Banks, Ethnicity: Anthropological constructions. Gillett, Ethnogenesis: Tabaczynski, Procesy etnogenetyczne: Katalog wystawy. Warsaw , 99, or S. Budak ed. Zagreb , quoted by O. Hall, Cultural identity and diaspora. Rutheford ed.

London , ; cf. London , ; Barth n. The earliest mentions of the Iapodes pp. The first chapter analyses the earliest mentions of the Iapodes. There O. In the other part he deals with the Roman conflicts with the Iapodes pp. This chapter does not offer much more than a recapitulation of the sources and of previous scholarship, apart from an intriguing, but not nec- essarily convincing, revised view of the nature of Iapodean political institutions. This opinion of O. This chapter essentially deals with the location of the space inhabited by the Iapodes, combining archaeology pp.

Surprisingly, but rightly, O. The settlements of the Iapodes are covered in the next sub-section pp. Soja, Postmodern geographies: Macneil, The Mountains of the Mediterranean World. New York, Cambridge that O.

Purcell, The Corrupting Sea: A Study of Mediterranean History. Oxford , , both opposing F. Histria Antiqua 8, , The part on the Iapodes under Rome does not offer more than a recapitulation of the existing pieces of evidence, including personal names, inscriptions and Roman roads. Maps and illustrations have their function, although too much emphasis has been unnecessarily given to the landscapes in the plates.

Also, the plates and illustrations are not numbered. The book is accompanied by two appendices, Ap- pendix 1 pp. Appendix 2 pp. Also, the map of the Iapodean localities Plate 14 is difficult to read, because of the small and unintelligible font. Keeping in mind the strong Braudelian influences throughout the book, his absence from the bibliography is notable, especially in the part, which deals with geography and Mediterranean influences on the Iapodes. The book would 24 Cf.

Sanader, A. The proceedings of the 8th international colloquium on problems of Roman provincial art.

Pdf strucna literatura

Bulletin de Correspodance Hellenique — Suppl. Dauge, Le Barbare: Recherches sur la conception romaine de la barbarie et de la civilization. Collection Latomus Bruxelles See above n. A theoreti- cal discussion on the nature of ethnicity and identity would also benefit from the works of A. It is a well-done case-study, but it sorely needs other comparable studies of the neighboring peoples that would help in the construction of a new framework for a study of peoples from pre-Roman Illyricum.

This book is a significant piece of scholarship, it is very informative, and contains well-written material often going far beyond usual dry scholarly observations. It is intended primarily for the south Slavic audi- ence, although its translation into some of the more influential world languages, with certain corrections and upgrades, would be a fine and welcome addition to the study of European proto-historical communities.

Harris ed. Oxford Shuttleworth Kraus ed. Mnemosyne Suppl. Leiden ; K. Clarke, Between Geography and History: Hellenistic constructions of the Roman world. Oxford ; T.

Literatura pdf strucna

Whitmarsh, Greek Literature and the Roman Empire.