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Evernote for dummies pdf

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In its early days, Evernote was a simple note-taking app. Since then, it's This guide is available to download as a free PDF. Download How to. Background. Evernote is a free, cloud-based storage service for capturing and organizing information. Once an account is created, users can save text, images, . My goal is to help you understand Evernote so that you'll use it and love it. Type, upload photos, upload files, view and present PDF's; Share.

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Increase productivity with Evernote software; it's an easy and efficient way to organize your home, work, or school life. Regardless of the computer or portable . Evernote is, simply put, a researcher's best friend and one of the best tools you can use . Search PDFs: “Drag” a PDF file into a notebook,. • Create Auto Import . If you'd like to set up your Evernote like I did, I make you a simple checklist to help out! I added the resource to the end of this PDF file. jinzihao.infoNRAD.

If you hold the button, you can get a new audio note, photo, or reminder. The Snippet view shows you the note title and a bit of text from the beginning of the note, which is nice, but tends to take up a lot of room. Let's find out. I wondered if you can talk about how your lists of books and movies update - is it automated? The New MySpace:

You can also access your notes through the browser interface on any computer. In short, Evernote is a full productivity tool. The features provided on most of these platforms are very similar. Unfortunately, there are a surprising number of differences between the Mac and Windows apps.

Most of the functionality is similar, and accessing those functions is usually straightforward, but there are exceptions. When in doubt, check the help files. A note is exactly what it sounds like: It has a title, a body, and room for tags that can help you find it later. Evernote also supports rich text, so you can change the typeface, font size, styling, and even highlight.

That creates a new note in the current notebook. Like photos, for example. Want to add a photo or audio recording directly from your computer?

In addition to photos, you can drag any other sort of file into your note.

Dummies pdf for evernote

Try it with an MP3 file or a video. You can even attach other types of files, like Excel spreadsheets or Pages documents and with a Premium subscription, you can search them, too.

And the Google Drive button lets you attach files directly from your cloud storage. Click the checkbox button in the formatting bar to insert a checkbox. It works the same was as a list: Hit enter twice to stop the list. But, task management is not its main strength. It takes some work to get Evernote set up as a task management app, and it shows.

A way to accomplish everything you dream to accomplish, without losing out on sleep.

The Beginner's Guide to Evernote

Can this automated time management system do it all? Nonetheless, checkboxes can be useful in making notes of follow-up items from meetings, grocery lists, or any other kind of list for which you want to track your progress.

It contains information like the created and updated dates, source URL for clipped items, size, tags, location of creation, author, and others. In the Mac version of Evernote, it also contains word and character counts. Every note is stored within one, and only one, notebook.

Notebooks are displayed in the left panel of the desktop client. From there, just click a note to display it in the right panel. If you can think of a sorting method, Evernote can probably do it. You can also change your note view from this menu. The Snippet view shows you the note title and a bit of text from the beginning of the note, which is nice, but tends to take up a lot of room. The list view is much more compact. Another level of organization in Evernote is the notebook stack, which collects multiple notebooks under a single heading.

To create a stack, right-click on a notebook in the left panel and mouse over Add to Stack. To add more notebooks to the stack, simply drag them or right-click and select Add to Stack, then choose the stack. One of the best features in Evernote is its powerful search.

Search solves that problem. Like the junk drawer in our homes, we have to clean it out and organize it every so often.

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Here's a master strategy. Note that in Windows you need to be viewing the notebook or set of notebooks that you want to search. The Mac search bar makes it easy to look for tags, notebooks, and suggested search terms. You can also search tags or search within specific notebooks if you have an idea of where your note might be. There are other search operators that you may want to use, too. You can also save searches that you run regularly.

Now all you need to do is click on the saved search to get the results without having to type them in every time. But there are plenty more features for you to take advantage of. Evernote allows you to tag your notes for another detailed level of organization The Best Way to Organize Evernote: Use Tags Is your Evernote a huge mess? We show you a simple tweak that'll help you organize your notes like never before. This can be especially useful if you have notes that are related to each other, but are stored in different notebooks.

Each note can have many tags, so you can be as detailed as you want. You can insert hyperlinks to websites, but did you know that you can also insert links to other notes? This is useful if you have a large number of notes on the same topic. You can also use a single note as a table of contents for a large number of other notes — this is great for working on large projects or organizing a lot of information very clearly.

If you use a specific note or notebook often, you can add it to the shortcuts bar by dragging it into the left panel. This is especially useful if you keep any sort of master project list. Evernote will remind you on that date that you need to do something with the note. Read More to get even more use out of them. Pro Tip: If you jot a quick note on your phone or tablet, put a reminder on it so you remember to edit, complete, or file it later. Evernote has a huge number of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate, create, capture, and search even faster.

Your best bet is to check out the full list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows or for Mac , but here are a few highlights:.

We show you seven free OCR tools for the job.

It can also grab words from handwriting in many cases. This is great if you have neat handwriting and like to take handwritten notes to scan in later. If you have a Premium plan you can see more details of the different plans below , you can also search text in PDFs and Office documents.

You could go a long time without digging around through the options and preferences windows in Evernote, but there are a few things you might want to tweak early on. This tells it where it should go.

Dummies pdf for evernote

There are a few other options, but these will help you get Evernote customized in the beginning. Look around the other tabs to see what else you can change. And Evernote is no exception. Collaborating on a notebook is easy: From there, you can set the notebook status to shared and add people with the email address attached to their Evernote account.

This is great when you want to share the latest versions of documents, collect ideas from team members, or just have a shared space where you can all save things related to a specific project. You can also share individual notes in the same way — just right-click, select users, and give them permissions. You can easily share notes via chat, too. But you can share with the public, too. A public link will let people see the latest version of the note, and sharing directly to your favorite social network lets you get it out to as many people as possible.

You can even email the text of the note from within Evernote. The web clipper is a browser extension that clips web pages or parts of pages into Evernote notes. Want to read an article later? Clip it. See an idea you like for your interior design project?

Save it with a single click. Find a hilarious meme you want to keep for your own use?

Pdf evernote for dummies

Put it into Evernote with ease. Those interactions end up back in your notebooks, too. One of the most useful tools is the Evernote Web Clipper , a browser extension to save URLs, pictures and text from web pages for later browsing. If you're reading an article with interesting content, select the whole page, or just a portion of the text — that selection will save as a new Note in Evernote.

You can select the destination notebook from Web Clipper, along with any tags you want to include. The Note will then save to the desired notebook with the URL attached, so you can always revisit the page if needed. Use this versatile feature to save any kind of content, from recipes to crafts to articles you want to peruse later.

If you're looking for more apps, browse Evernote's " Trunk. Evernote gets its power from the cloud, so it becomes even more useful when you install it across all of your mobile devices. The Evernote mobile app has a unique suite of options. Along with the ability to view all your Notes and notebooks on the app, you can tag content with the help of your phone or tablet camera.

Take one or several photos and add them to a Note with the appropriate tags. Those Notes then show up with image previews, in both the mobile and desktop versions of Evernote. Evernote can even convert the text in your photos into searchable text. To create a photo Note, either click the camera icon at the top of the app or create a new Note and click the camera icon at the top.

Inside the Note is the only place you can add photos already stored in your Camera Roll. Once you've saved the Note, the photos show up in the thumbnails see below. Use this for copying information from a book or magazine into Evernote, or even turning a stack of business cards into a virtual Rolodex. Evernote's mobile app also features a reminder function, so you can set Note alerts for a certain day or time, which either remind you via email or push notification.

The below video shows how to set up reminders. Notes created via mobile app are also tagged by location, so you can recall where you wrote those two hasty sentences in a moment of inspiration. Everything on your phone or computer syncs automatically, though it's worth hitting the sync button on the Evernote dashboard from time to time to ensure your information saves to the cloud, especially if you're about to close the app or leave your computer.

While these tips are enough to get you started, Evernote is such an open-ended tool that you'll probably devise plenty of ways to get organized and stay productive.

Do you have any cool Evernote hacks or tips to share?

Evernote For Dummies Cheat Sheet

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