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Jared diamond pdf

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Jared Diamond is a professor of geography at the University of California, Los. Angeles. He began his scientific career in physiology and expanded into. GUNS,. GERMS AND. STEEL. THE FATES OF HUMAN SOCIETIES. Jared Diamond. W. W. Norton & Company. New York London. , Penkala Bt., Budapest, Hungary. Jared Diamond. COLLAPSE: HOW SOCIETIES CHOOSE TO FAIL OR SUCCEED. Viking Books, ISBN 5.

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GUNS,. GERMS AND STEEL THE FATES OF HUMAN SOCIETIES. Jared Diamond. W. W. Norton & Company New York. London. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CATALOGING IN PUBLICATION DATA. Diamond, Jared M. Collapse: how societies choose to fail or succeed/Jared Diamond. p. cm . Societies Choose To Fail Or Succeed Jared Diamond [PDF] [EPUB] which Diamond first defines collapse: "a drastic decrease in human.

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Pdf jared diamond

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Diamond pdf jared

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Jared Diamond

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Flanagan C. Kumar N. Patel Eli Ruckenstein Kenneth N. Prausnitz Edwin N. Lightfoot Jan D. Achenbach Tobin J. In other words, it does matter where you are born ; not because of the who ; but because of the where. The main environmental difference between the conquerors Europe and Asia and the conquered Africa, the Americas is the primary geographic axis. Namely, as opposed to the Eurasian east-west latitudinal axis, the African and the American axis is longitudinal, i.

And, unfortunately, that is the direction in which climate changes. And this, logically, meant many different things in the long run, best summed up in this cycle: Less intuitively, it also meant better immunity , due to the domestication of numerous animals and the subsequent exposure to deadly germs. Which is why far more Native Americans, Australians, and South Africans died from infectious diseases than from knives and guns. Speaking of which, Jared Diamond points out four primary reasons why the Europeans conquered the Americans and the Africans and not the other way around: Opportunities for domestication of plants and animals.

Europe and Asia had by far the best prospects in this area, as opposed to, say, Australia, whose chances to become a superpower were always going to be slim to none. We can place Africa and America somewhere in the middle.

However, the fact that Europeans and Asians could eat far better food and in far larger quantities these continents were inhabited with a far larger number of domesticable animal and plant species meant that they were able to reproduce in larger numbers when compared to the inhabitants of Africa or the Americas. Since Eurasia is one large easily traversable landmass, it was always easy for ideas and technologies to spread from China to Portugal — even in the absence of direct contact.

Diamond pdf jared

The northern parts of the African continent profited from this communication as well. However, such communication was all but impossible in the Americas which are connected by an almost inhabitable area notorious for its susceptibility to floods, landslides, and earthquakes.

This is self-explanatory: Geography and Progress 2. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. The Fates of Human Societies 1.

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