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Tv repair for beginners pdf

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This information is published for experienced repair technicians only and is not intended for Plasma TV Repair Guide- · Display Fault · Troubleshooting Basic. In any attempt to repair a television or monitor, Handle the electronic control assembly by its edges only. .. Learn how to repair plasma tv and perform plasma. Get Direct Access to ebooks Tv Repair Guide and related files Tv Repair Guide. pdf to Access ebook directly, click here: FREE DOWNLOAD Pdf.

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TV repair for beginners by George Zwick, , Tab Books edition, in English - 4th ed. you for all. TVs use LED back or side lighting and do not have a large bulky back light and do LCD TV Power Supply (IP BOARD) Schematic Diagram &. TV Repair Technician: Also, called 'Field Technician – TV', the TV Repair . basic electrical and mechanical modules of various appliances.

Checking the F main fuse is ok. IF n 18 P Reset board. Sign in to check out Check out as guest. So the Main board firmware is missing half of the data and cause the firmware corrupt.

Finally this TV problem was solved. This TV even burn test several days. When the TV auto shutdown. But the problems still same. But some time it can work properly!

Even try the repair tip procedure on 1 above. So this is an exception case of the Main board problem. The front LED light will flashing Red. Green then Red again and non-stop or etc. Actually this problem is easy to solve. For more details on how to do that.

Unless you change the Main board. Their Main board is ok. So this information is to let you know. Besides to using the Programmer to send data or firmware to memory IC. But some time it is difficult to do that. Actually all electronic component inside the PCB board.

The 24C64 can replace 24C KOR and KS. Write Protect have two kinds of method to connect it. And it can work very well. The 24C08 can replace 24C04 and 24C Please make sure that it is using the same IC packages. Because some different packages. But the 24C32 cannot replace 24C For more details. The 24C can replace 24C64 and 24C PCF pin7 need to connect to ground. Actually it is using the part number or calls it as marking code.

Besides the DIP packaging. N8 24CS If the number is different. Also make sure that the pins are same. So recommend to read their IC datasheet to compare it first before replace it. They are many type of the flash memory use in the Main board.

MX25Lxxx series. A25xxx series. Most of the TV and Monitor Main board flash memory manufacturers are: Chingis Technology Corp. But in this chapter. They are many flash memory manufacturers in the market now. ShangHai Fudan Microelectronics: So we can use the W25X16 16Mbit to replace it. Or use the EN25F Because of this flash memory EN25T80 density is just 8Mbit only. Vcc input voltage and their pins configuration. Actually to find the substitute flash memory IC you must follow these rules and successfully to replace it.

So the Main board firmware is missing half of the data and cause the firmware corrupt. Not recommend to use 64Mbit or Mbit to replace it. Default Lock Protection series and so on. And other information like the type of flash memory for original and the substitute flash memory. So for this type of Main board.

Unique ID series.

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This issue is seldom happen. So that you can make sure their pins configuration and the Vcc voltage input are same. Actually the flash memory different to several types. EN25P10 M25P But make sure that fit the rules on how to substitute it. EN25Q64 M25P For international standard. This type of design. One of the reasons is. Brightness control. For the LED Driver. But their feature is the same. So the P-DIM signal functions like backlight dim control.

This signal is use to control the Brightness levels for backlight system. When you see the screen in front of TV. If after changed cable position. If after changed cable position the TV a side has normal picture now. Remember below TV symptom. So it will affect the other LED light cannot work. If the LED Driver not shutdown the backlight. So just using a wire or jumper solder it in the open circuit LED light bulb as photo below.

Just a simple method to repair this LED strip or block. Before checking the backlight system. I had one article mention it before at: These both signals are come from the TV Main board and their normal voltage should be: Also you need to measure the voltage supply Vcc to inverter board is normal and stable. Because when happen heavy shorted in the Inverter Board.

This method also calls it as: And sometime. If not then re-solder it and try to power on the backlight to see the problem solved or not. Before replace. When checking the CCFL lamp. This is a very important step to prevent any burn or explode in the board. For the CCFL lamp problem. But make sure to carefully remove their metal shield and other parts to prevent any damage on the lcd panel glass. When the TV is shutdown the backlight after few seconds. For your information.

So that you need to confirm the components in Inverter board is not shorted or leakage. Or remove the component connected to this pin.

But it also divides to different aspect ratio DAR. The reason to replace it was because the LCD Panel is broken or damage. This method was wrote in V3. In this chapter. Actually the LCD Panel has two types. But their question is how can I replace it? Normally I will not recommend this method to the TV repairers who are: The important information we need to know for LCD Panel are: Inverter Board and the T-Con board.

PSU board. This bit of marketing obfuscation is calculated as horizontal resolution x vertical resolution x 3 HxVx3. Normally it has 20 pins. Also have different channels for each bits. For the small inches LCD Panel. Each real pixel includes one subpixels for each of three colors. Standard Definition SD: If their pins configuration is different. Make sure their Vcc Voltage Input pin is put in the correct position. For the LVDS connector type we can use the eyes to look at it.

For this step. Inside the datasheet you can find lots of useful information to help you to replace the LCD Panel correctly. The 10 bits type LCD Panel divides to two: Normally different LCD Panel manufacturer they have different method to setting it.

So this type of LCD Panel can choose to working in 8 bits or 10 bits status. Some high definition LCD Panel is using the 10 bits type. To set this signal pin you can do like that: As usual.

Active High or Open. Most of their connector design is same. If the LED type. If it is LCD type. Because it just use two connector or wire in their inverter board only. But make sure all the voltage cable. H or Open. Make sure their voltage supply and signals cables connecting correctly. The For example 32 inches is use the 32 inches LCD Panel as a replacement.

Also their aspect ratio DAR must choose it correctly and it is divides to: If the original LCD Panel is thicker than the replacement. Make sure the TV rear cover can close it perfectly. But if the original is thin than the replacement. Because the TV cover can close it perfectly. You can use these tables as a reference only. So be careful about it.

Pdf for beginners tv repair

So some of the LCD they will not match to replace. Besides the 5V and 12V. So it is suggest referring to their datasheet for more details.

So you can find the correct LCD Panel to replace. Another thing is their Panel voltage input Vcc. If we know how the T-con board work and also know how to troubleshoot it.

So we can search the parts online or find the part in the junk T-con boards. But they are same thing. For more basic knowledge of T-Con Board. This VDA voltage will go to: No wonder the Timing Control section is design inside the Panel. Some repairer will say the T-CON board is cheap to replace. And then replace a new Panel or just return back the Monitor to customer and say beyond repair or not worth to repair.

So we must learn how the T-CON work and the method to troubleshoot it. But different design it has a bit different on it. This VREF voltage normally is about After the VREF voltage was generated.

For tv beginners pdf repair

If the Vcom voltage not stable or their voltage is out from the original values. The Vcom VCM. Remember this rules. If this is happen to your TV. So you can find the VREF voltage to measure it and then you can roughly know what the voltage values for the Vcom voltage are. When the Vcom VCM voltage is missing. Normally is about 14 channels. If not find any components failure. PGM or etc. Especially the cheapest price of AS15 IC.

Actually the AS15F. Sometime after replace the AS15 IC. So the screen is non-stop to change like that. But when change to another batch of AS15 IC. So lots of the TV repairer if they facing this problem before. Even the ASHG batch no: Because it will cause this T-con board cannot last long to use.

So be careful when using the MA as a replacement. When D1 damage. If that is CMD is about ohm. If the R ohm values increases. If the TV screen is abnormal display. If U1 CMB damage. Another design of the VH1-C Looks like a common fault in this T-CON board. Also for the other voltage supply like VDDC- 3. IC or IC defective. This IC has higher damage rate in this T-Con board.

Regarding this type of symptoms. This TV cover is looking like Samsung. I will checking their Service Mode setting or just try to do the firmware upgrade for it. But the problem is. Finally found the Main board part number: So what can I do now? Finally this TV problem was solved and it is working properly now.

So start to check their Service Mode Panel setting. Power on again the TV. Changed the Panel setting to the correct Panel part number.

Normally this type of display symptom is causing by the Main board. Use the remote control press and hold the MUTE button about 3 seconds. Method to login to the Service Mode: In TV Mode. After change the Panel setting.

So again we need to login to their Service Mode to adjust the Panel setting. Again this TV is also same display distortion problem. Their solution is removed the U3 MX25LE flash memory and using the programmer to program a good firmware in it. C9 also have the same symptom.

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After replace the U3 firmware. This is a common fault in this LED Panel. So this voltage values is abnormal for the VCOM voltage. The screen is just show negative display only and no any gray scale for the picture. After analysis the picture above and found that this type of symptom is causing by the T-CON board.

Most of the time. Measure the VR1 pin 1 one of the R pin. Negative Display The screen brightness is high and the display no gray scale in it. After replace the VR1. Because of the VR1 center pin position is in the middle. Actually this type of symptom is we can repair it through: Some TV is allowed to login to the Service Mode and change their setting to cure this problem. If the TV not provide the software control. Enjoy repair! To your success. I strongly suggest you to print out this e-book and binding it as a book for easy reference.

LG 42LE…………………………. ImagineX ElectronicS Remove STBY 3. NC AC power. IF p Front pins on connector L L CVBS Stand-by 6 3.

If the brightness returns to normal. Apply AC power. A 0V Q IC Check the P-DIM level. A 0V V Open Note: If a particular area is exhibiting a dimmer the pin providing the 13V source is present.

IF n GND A Jump pins 9. SIF 3. Reset board. Digital Video IF AGC are odd numbers. Switch Mode 0. Jump pin 2 IC 3.

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ON 0V 3. DIM 0V 1. E IC 2 and 24V. Output from the BCM chip. L VIN 0V Operates at Tru. ON 0V 4. Outlined area is shown in the bottom waveform at ns per division time base. Top waveform in each image gives a slower rate. Output from the Video Processor. Force the Backlights On. C Q D D 6 1. Reset D Green and Black 7 Gnd 2 2. CN2 IC IC 4. Starts 12V. B Jump pins 9. If the brightness returns to 4 SIN 0.

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Force Power Supply On. Leave the jumper in place. D6 D7 3. IF n 18 patterns show on screen. Turn off Local Dimming in the Customers Menu. IF AGC IC Ballast and all voltages should turn on. Gnd Lug VCC 3. T2 T1 P Jump pin 9. TEST 1: To Force Power Supply On. No Backlights. EBR pin 34 6. CVBS 3 0. EAJ IR 3. Normal Off. Force the 1 2 24V 1 2 24V pin Suspect the Main Board. Raise the percentage and see if the overall brightness returns to normal.

If there is a problem with a load from pin 30 8. Remove AC power. Range 0. Contrast and Backlights all the way up. Normal low High 3. Reset IC also uses 24V. SDA IC 5. L 48 TU 4. Q is not part of the 12V components. DIF P L 4 24V pin Output Pins Out L. Q is not part of the 24V components.

NC operating set with 1. Test Voltage Outputs 12V. CN5 pin 57 U6 pin B Q 7 1. Add another edition? TV repair for beginners George Zwick. TV repair for beginners Close.

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