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The Adventures of Huckleberry jinzihao.info KB. The Adventures of Jennifer L. Armentrout - Lux 1 - jinzihao.info KB. Jennifer L. Armentrout - Lux 2. Obsidian book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Starting over jinzihao.info we moved to West Virginia right before my s. Obsidian. Lux (Series). Book 1. Jennifer L. Armentrout Author Justine Eyre Narrator (). cover image of Obsidian. Obsidian. Lux (Series). Book 1. Jennifer L.

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Creative Reads “So Obsidian, wow! From page one you're sucked A LUX NOVEL book one Jennifer L. Armentrout This book is a work of fiction. PDF | Kivonat Európában az obszidián igen ritka nyersanyagnak számít, összehasonlítva más területekkel, például a View of the historical obsidian flow of Forgia Vecchia, Lipari Island. Scientifica Istituto Italiano Preistoria e Protostoria. Jennifer L. Armentrout - jinzihao.info KB. (Lux ) Oblivion - Jennifer L jinzihao.info KB. Jennifer L. Armentrout - jinzihao.info KB. 4.

View all comments. A vacant doll? She still looked gorgeous, even red- faced and tired. Thrown off balance, my arms flailed in the air. Most of the time I spent reading Obsidian , was with a big fat grin plastered on my face. Plain and boring.

No, seriously. Daemon is Edward 2. To be honest, this entire book is just another Twilight rip-off. Not flat-out stolen like Half-Blood, but not that far, either. It was in my head.

This is what we look like. We are beings of light. Even in human form, we can bend light to our will. There was a pause. Or… sparkle. Even in my head I could hear the disgust on that last one. So rude. Pot, meet kettle. Armentrout is now over. View all 92 comments. Nov 29, Katerina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I fell in love with a freaking alien.

Not one of those greeny three-eyed creatures but still he is extraterrestrial life. As if book boyfriends from this galaxy weren't enough. Strange things happened, people were supposed to light up like Christmas trees and there was gossip about Men in Black lurking in the streets.

And things got even weirder when Ka Alien. And things got even weirder when Katy spent time with her extremely beautiful neighbors, Dee and Daemon. Dee wanted desperately to become friends with Katy, while her brother seemed to consider Katy a stone in his shoe, something unpleasant and annoying.

The truth behind this hatred? The Black twins were aliens, hiding from some not so friendly aliens, and Katy found herself involved in a world of secrets, super powers, obsidian knifes and a battle between light and darkness.

And a seriously bipolar Daemon. Books were a necessary escape I always gladly jumped into headfirst. Mystery and paranormal romance combined with sassy characters and humorous dialogues, a healthy dose of tension and agony and sexual frustration and fast paced writing made this book such an enjoyable read! It's my first Jennifer L. Armentrout book and I am pleasantly surprised, I can say for sure she gained a new fan! She managed to make aliens fascinating without following the cliches, and her heroes are easily relatable!

Kat was an amazing heroine, stubborn and feisty and sarcastic and caring and funny, it's impossible not to love her! And Daemon? Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys. An arrogant, hot, overconfident, sex-on-a-stick asshole who gave you heart attacks and took your breath away at once.

There were times I wanted to bang his pretty head in a wall and times I wanted him to bang kiss me hard against a wall. He was mostly a rude jerk, but his love towards his sister was touching and the moments he was vulnerable were enough to balance his assholiness. And the scenes between Daemon and Kat? Holy Hawt Chemisty, Batman! If you're looking for a good Young Adult novel from a very talented author, then Obsidian is the book for you.

After you finish it, you will wish you were kidnapped by aliens the hot ones who don't look like Chewbacca anyway. View all 57 comments. Aug 27, Nick rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of the best books I have ever read and also the best series starter I know. Me while reading the book: And I wanted to.

Come on. It's one of the greatest I have ever read. Me after finishing the book: View all 78 comments. I don't know.

Pdf ita obsidian

I just don't know. Actual rating: Geez, I don't know! I just know I liked it a lot, okay? For some reason, I've just been avoiding it, but it was always there in my Twitter and GoodReads feeds. Daemon was frickin' invading my life. Finally, after seeing everyone change their avatars to the Lux series' covers, I felt I had to check it out. Almost all of my friends have given this book anywhere from stars, but most averaging around 4.

So nat Actual rating: So naturally I had to read it to see what the big fuss was about. I was initially wary because I had heard Obsidian was Twilight all over again and we all know how I feel about Twilight and its reincarnations. But surprisingly, I really liked it! I have an urge to hug this book closely because it made me laugh on more than one occasion. Also, Armentrout. I want to hug her too. Either that, of I probably shouldn't be drinking while reading Yeah, right.

Another reviewer said , "It was as if the author felt obligated to fix Twilight catastrophe and tried make it right again" and I completely agree with her. Step One: Create a likable and relatable main character. How do you make a female main character instantly relatable to most of the female blogging community? The answer is so simple I'm honestly kicking myself that I've never thought of it before.

You make her one of them. There are so many books I've read where the protagonist is an avid reader. She can read. Good for her. Because not only does Katy love to read, but she is a book blogger. Say what? This main character has a Not only that, but Katy is smart, funny, witty and gives Jerkface Daemon a run for his money.

Step Two: Add a bad boy with two scoops of asshole. Ah, the bad boy. Almost every girl goes through the "bad boy phase. But there's just something about the thrill of fooling around with someone you know you have no business fooling around with. It can be the best and worst days of your life. That is He is the irresistible, hot, bad boy who Katy can't deny she's attracted to.

But the kicker is that even though Daemon treats her awfully reasons are revealed in Shadows , she's not one of those heroines that sits back and accepts that. It's one of the first times I've seen a YA heroine differentiate between love and lust. Here's a girl who is saying, "Okay this guy pretty much sets my panties on fire and I would totally exercise him in my bedroom and possibly in the kitchen by the buttered rolls , but I'm not gonna because he's a complete asshole and I'm better than that.

View all 82 comments. May 01, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it did not like it Shelves: I want to believe. I really do. Just following the news these days is enough to make one lose faith in humanity. I really want to believe that there is something out there, god, gods, whatever. I want to feel like there are other creatures out there in this vast universe of ours, with greater knowledge, greater intelligence, and maybe one day they'll grace us with their presence and bestow on us their superior intellect.

I certainly hope those future aliens are more intelligent t I want to believe. I certainly hope those future aliens are more intelligent than the dumb-as-dirt creatures in Obsidian. Seriously, how stupid can you get? I've never been on the run, I've never had to hide, but if there's some things I've gleaned, it's how NOT to stick out like a sore freaking thumb. First, you find a HUGE goddamn city, like San Francisco, where nobody will even blink if you step out into the street in rainbow-colored pantyhose and an accompanying beard.

You do not find a backwoods town where it's likely you're considered outsiders if your grandparents were born the next town over. That is not blending in. Supernatural beauty? Not blending in. Names like Daemon? You make friends, you're friendly to people. You do not act like everyone is your enemy and warn off the friendly girl next door just because she wants to know where the closest store is.

I just don't understand how this book got so many positive reviews. For me, there's very little to like about this book. That's how she seemed to me. The spaghetti scene was kick-ass, though. I found Daemon to be an enormous asshat for most of the novel. He's hot, sure, but that's it. He's such an unbelievable jerk, and I found Dee to be like the patient wife of an abusive husband, sniveling and simpering and constantly making excuses for her brother's rude, boorish, borderline abusive behavior.

And Ms. It's called subtlety. View all 25 comments.

Oct 30, Jessica Edwards rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can't believe that I haven't reviewed this, because I remember really liking this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Obsidian, and I didn't think I was going to because when I read books about Aliens, I always picture the alien from the film Alien Obsidian starts with our heroine, Katy Swartz moving to West Virginia to start over.

As it turns out, the new house she moves into has a really hot neighbor. His name his Daemon Black.

Ita obsidian pdf

He's tall and has green eyes. Soun I can't believe that I haven't reviewed this, because I remember really liking this book. Sounds perfect right? That is until he opened his mouth. Oh and not to forget that he's also an Alien. When I first read this book, I was a little freaked out with myself because I was falling for an Alien Falling for someone like Christian Grey or Keiran Masters is considered fine, but when you read a book and fall for an Alien, you're kind of like 'wtf is wrong with me?

This book is a Paranormal Romance and Mystery. Obsidian has bad-ass characters, tension, it's pretty funny and has also a bit of sexual frustration between our main characters. The Characters Katy was a very likable character. She's stubborn, strong, feisty and hilarious. I want a Daemon for myself I love reading books with guys like Daemon. I don't know what it is with men who are arrogant, infuriating and mean. For me it makes the book more exciting.

Jennifer Armentrout View all 7 comments. Mar 16, jessica rated it really liked it. N E V E R, in my 27 years on this planet, have i experienced so much secondhand angst. Jun 19, Helen 2. Daemon is super mean to her because he hates he author: Daemon is super mean to her because he hates her me: View all 67 comments. Nov 21, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: Don't mind me doing my happy dance I had been hearing through the grapevine about JLA an one particular grape has been rather loud about her work.

So with all the faith that Kay K-books knows what she is talking about I picked up Obsidian first chance I had to read one of "my choice" reads. And now I can officially jump on Ms. Armentrout's space ship and enthusiastically follow her anywhere I am not usually a big sci Don't mind me doing my happy dance Which is actually quite refreshing!

Some Authors try to capture true sarcastic personalities and wittiness in their characters but JLA masters it. There is a delicate line that must not crossed for you to truly appreciate the humor in it without turning you off to the character.

You just fall for this highly passionate and combustable relationship between Kat and Daemon in Obsidian. You never know if the are going to kiss or kill each other and you can get lost into the journey with them. If you have not read this series yet you are seriously missing out! It's extraordinary! I also love the quirky personality in Kat and the way she stands up to the enigma that is our sexy arrogant devastatingly handsome Daemon.

One of my favorite Kat quotes As well as purchasing everything that this budding new author has out. And the other good news is that I have already stalked her website and google and gotten you all the links you will need to properly follow her along, in what I am sure with be a very long and extremely successful writing career.

Offical Website of Jennifer L. You didn't doubt my stalking skills didja? Book covers And of coarse as always I will leave you with what I dug up and the characters.

Pdf ita obsidian

This one is easy becuase the cover is fabulous and matches the characters perfectly. Although there was not nearly enough pictures of the the models for my liking but here is what I was able to find To see this review in all it's glory got to my blog shareAread. View all 32 comments. Stephanie Sinclair. There are many unfavourable comparisons to Twilight floating around. This is not an invalid point. Blah, blah, blah — we all know the deal. If you enjoyed Twilight but found the relationship dynamics, i.

Go forth and multiply, my friend. You will be in heaven. And I can certainly see how this novel could be as addictive as many of my friends say it is. I was trapped in bed all day with sickness. There were a couple of times where the slightest distraction, had one existed, would have fairly swept me off my feet and away from the narrative. Then I started imagining a drinking game for every time I could have come up with a better comeback than Katy.

Some of my favourites included: But, and it must be said, having such a strong reaction to the love lives of the characters was a huge indication that I was at least invested, and after reading hundreds and hundreds of books, the ability to still get invested can sometimes be something of a gift.

Sticking around and giving him a break when my personal sense of vengeance would have seen a different, more violent and less polite response. And I did, in true guilty-pleasure style, enjoy enough of the book to at least read the free chapters of its sequel, posted at the back. I decided that I will very likely read the next book, because it seemed much more my thing — and I think that interest in reading the subsequent novel is the highest praise I can give.

This review can be found on my blog, Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. View all 56 comments. After hearing nothing but positive things about this series, I thought it was about time I'd give it a try myself to find out what all the hype was about and WOW There was never a dull moment in this first part of the series and once I got into the story, I ended up devouring it! I'm pretty sure this will quickly become my new favorite YA series once I continue wit "If she was mine, I'd cherish every inch of her.

I'm pretty sure this will quickly become my new favorite YA series once I continue with the rest of it!!! Although it's considered to be YA, I felt it had a much more mature feeling to it.

I loved the characters, the original storyline and the engaging writing style and well, Daemon Black is one hot alien you just HAVE to meet After Katy's father passed away, her mother decides it's best for them to leave the house they used to live in and move some place new.

They leave Florida and decide to start over in a small town in West Virginia. Moving into a new town and enrolling in a new school for her senior year, isn't easy But what's worse is having a new neighbor who isn't very welcoming to her at all. Although Katy quickly becomes friends with Daemon's sister Dee, Daemon keeps treating her like she doesn't belong is this town, which makes her feel like something is off about him And then she discovers the neighbors next door are nothing she could have ever expected; they're aliens.

She's down to earth, funny, sarcastic and full of witty remarks. Plus, she's also a book nerd which made her all the more easy to relate with. I loved that the story was written in her point of view, because being inside her head was never boring. She's a strong character and I admired that she stood up for herself so well.

Especially against someone like Daemon Oct 27, Sandra rated it it was amazing. Daemon—seemed fitting. What do I think about this book?

I think that shows just about how much I love this book! But then this June I just had the urge to open it up and read it. After just reading a few pages I was in love! It was like love at first sight! I love you girl!

First, she loves books and she blogs. Also she was not like most of the other female lead characters in YA books nowadays who are so dependent on their guys that it almost makes me gag just by reading about it. I hate needy, reliant female characters and Katy was NOT one of them. Plus this girl was not stupid. Hahaha but she thinks before she acts and she thinks about the welfare of other too like. Oh Daemon! Where were you when I fell in love with Ash!

You bad boy! Well technically he is really from out of this world. He was obnoxious, rude, arrogant and mean. He is more than the arrogant jerk that he puts off in front of everybody.

I like how Katy stands up for herself even when Daemon embarrass her she still stick to her guns and stand up tall. There was really something there whether they deny it or not. Armentrout made sure that the readers would devour every scene and every word and every action of the characters.

And she was successful in doing that. This book was awesome! And the writing was just so fluid for me. It was as if a teenage girl was really telling the story. It was just so authentic. I would have to say I enjoyed everything about this book start from the characters, the setting, the pace, the plot, the writing, the humor, everything.

It was all too perfect for me. I mean you all might not agree with me but yeah I think this book was just perfect. And also did I mention that I love Daemon?! Or 10! Or ! View all 52 comments. Armentrout writes the best make-out scenes ever.

No shit. Nevertheless the rest of the book was enjoyable, too. Most of the time I spent reading Obsidian , was with a big fat grin plastered on my face. What bothered me was how obvious and predictable the situation was: Katy being the new girl in town, Daemon Black being at least as obviously dark and sexy and mysterious as his name, the two of them "hating" and falling for each other, and the big secret that Daemon and his family tried to hide from Katy.

There were so many Twilight similarities, but that didn't stop me from reading, since it was light and funny and really entertaining. I admit, I also kinda fell for Daemon, despite his stupid name and attitude.

And now I can't wait to get my fingers on the sequels. Find more of my books on Instagram Best audiobooks in English Aug 16, at 8: But all her secrets are about to be laid bare… Expand text… Four years ago, Jocelyn left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Scotland, burying her grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without attachments.

Her solitary life is working well—until she moves into a new apartment on Dublin Street where she meets a man who shakes her carefully guarded world to its core. Knowing how skittish she is about entering a relationship, Braden proposes an arrangement that will satisfy their intense attraction without any strings attached.

The stubborn Scotsman is intent on truly knowing her… down to the very soul. Samantha Young. On Dublin Street 1 of 6. On Dublin Street 2 of 6. On Dublin Street 3 of 6. On Dublin Street 4 of 6. On Dublin Street 5 of 6. On Dublin Street 6 of 6. The flower bed outside was hideous. Your dad would have wanted that. The sunlight coming through the window reflected off the gold band around her ring finger.

I nodded quickly, needing to reassure her. Maybe they can tell me where the store is. You know, make an effort. If you need anything, call me. At least she was trying to change, and I was determined to at least try and fit in here. I bit my lip. Dad had never let life pass him by… And asking about the nearest store was an innocent-enough reason to introduce myself.

This was stupid, but I was doing it. I hurried across the lawn and across the driveway before I chickened out. Hopping onto the wide porch, I opened the screen door and knocked, then stepped back and smoothed the wrinkles out of my shirt.

I got this. There is nothing weird about asking for directions. Heavy footsteps came from the other side, and then the door was swinging open and I was staring at a very broad, tan, well-muscled chest. A naked chest. My gaze dropped and my breath sort of…stalled. Jeans hung low on his hips, revealing a thin line of dark hair that formed below his navel and disappeared under the band of the jeans.

His stomach was ripped. Totally touchable. And I was staring. My gaze finally traveling north again, I noted thick, sooty lashes fanning the tips of his high cheeks and hiding the color of his eyes as he looked down at me.

I needed to know what color his eyes were. His voice was deep and firm. The kind of voice accustomed to people listening and obeying without question. They were an intense emerald color that stood out in vibrant contrast against his tan skin. I sucked in a sharp breath and took a step back.

A wave of embarrassment heated my face. The boy lifted an arm, brushing back a wavy lock of hair on his forehead. He glanced over my shoulder, then back to me. My name is Katy. I moved next door. I got that. Something glittered in his green eyes. Not anger, but something else. I took a deep breath. If this dude cut me off one more time…My voice took on the tone my mother used when I was younger and was playing with sharp objects.

He was laughing at me with a healthy dose of condescension. For a moment, all I could do was stare at him. Go figure. This is obviously a bad time. A dark, mocking eyebrow arched again. I was starting to hate that brow. Maybe thirteen, but my sister has this doll that kinda reminds me of you.

All big-eyed and vacant. I reminded him of a doll? A vacant doll? Warmth burned in my chest, spreading up my throat. Sorry to bother you. Trust me. Or cry. I stopped on the bottom step but refused to turn around and let him see how upset I was.

Takes you into Petersburg. Well, maybe you could. They should have things that go in the ground. That was it. How wrong of me to call you a douchebag. He laughed again and bent his head. A mess of waves fell forward, nearly obscuring his intense green eyes. When I reached my car, I yanked open the door.

Tears of anger and embarrassment burnt my eyes. I shoved the keys into the ignition and threw the car into reverse. Chapter 2 It took the entire drive into Petersburg for me to calm down.

Even then there was still a hot mix of anger and humiliation swirling inside me. What the heck was wrong with him?

I thought people in small towns were supposed to be nice, not act like the son of Satan. I found Main Street with no problem, which literally seemed to be the main street.

Grocery store options were limited. Saddened by that thought, I headed inside. I was a speed shopper, wasting no time strolling aisles. Soon, my cart was filled to the rim. I am so sorry! I startled you.

I do that a lot. She grabbed another one and held it in her slender hands. My first impression of the girl was that she was too beautiful to be standing in a grocery store with a carton of eggs in her hand. She stood out like a sunflower in a field of wheat. Everyone else was a pale comparison. Her dark hair was curly and longer than mine, reaching her waist. She was tall, thin, and her almost perfect features held a certain innocence. She reminded me of someone, especially those startling green eyes.

I gritted my teeth. What were the odds? She grinned. My name is Dee. A cell phone was lying on top of it. You stopped by…asking for directions?

Daemon—seemed fitting. And of course his sister would be as attractive as him. Why not? Welcome to West Virginia, the land of lost models. I was starting to doubt I was going to fit in here.

He told me what you looked liked. Curiosity filled her face as she watched me with her intense green eyes. I looked at her sharply. My brother is moody. Even I want to kill him on days that end with a Y. She went from one topic to the next like someone in bad need of Ritalin. I almost ran home to hug him. I followed her gaze.

The little boy now had a carton of milk in each hand, which reminded me that I needed milk. What are you—? Sometimes being around children was the perfect abstinence program. Then again, not like I needed a program. I carried my milk back to where Dee waited, staring at the floor. Her fingers twisted over the handle of her cart, squeezing until her knuckles bleached. Strands of hair had I expected to see someone else.

Except it was Dee and…me. Confused, I glanced at the woman.

I was shocked to see her dark eyes filled with disgust. Pure revulsion, and behind that, in the way her lips pressed into a hard line and trembled, there was also fear. And she was staring at Dee. Then she gathered the squirmy boy into her arms and hurried off, leaving her cart in the middle of the aisle. I turned to Dee. The locals are weird around here. Anyway, you must be so bored after unpacking and then grocery shopping. I mean, hell could be devised of those two things.

Think of an eternity of unpacking boxes and grocery shopping? Normally, someone like that would wear me out in five seconds, but the excitement in her eyes and the way she kept rocking back on her heels was sort of contagious.

I really came to catch you and was sucked down the ice cream aisle. It calls to me. We can check out together.

After a few minutes I got past the difficulty of keeping up with her and actually started to relax. I hoped she rubbed off on me. The checkout line moved quicker than it did in larger cities. Once outside, she stopped next to a new Volkswagen and unlocked the trunk. They had money, obviously, or Dee had a job. There was no telling how late Mom was going to sleep.

I sort of felt sorry for her, being that she was related to such a tool. Having a brother like him must suck. Maybe he was just having a bad day. I swear. Got any plans? You wanna help? I opened the car door and was about to climb in when the feeling of being watched crept over me. All I could think of was Men in Black. The only thing he needed was that little memory-wiper device and a talking dog.

When I stepped outside, I found her standing near the steps, rolling back on the heels of her wedge sandals. The sun cast a halo around her dark head and she had an impish grin on her face. In that moment, she reminded me of a fairy princess.

Or maybe a cracked-out Tinker Bell, considering how hyper she was. I shook my head. She looked timid, hugging her elbows.

My hips and butt could attest to that. I eat a bag of chips and gain five pounds. Never been there. Oh, but the beaches. Of course when I first found out, I was like, you have got to be kidding me.

We were shocked when we came here. But…a lot of freedom, I guess. My mom is rarely here either. I used to think that. I knew exactly what she meant. Dark clouds seemed to roll in out of nowhere, casting a shadow across the yard. Dee frowned. They usually last a couple of hours. I guess we better plan to garden tomorrow instead.

Are you available? Dee jumped up from the swing, wiping her hands on her pants. Well, I think your mom is up, and I need to wake Daemon. Mom was in the kitchen, coffee in hand. As she faced me, steaming brown liquid sloshed over the counter. The innocent look on her face gave it away. Grabbing a towel, I walked over to the counter.

His name is Daemon. Mom blew softly and then took a sip, eyeing me over the rim. You were listening. That is what we do.

How else am I supposed to know what is going on? I rolled my eyes and turned to go back into the living room. Chapter 3 The day my Internet was hooked up was better than having a hot guy check out my butt and ask for my phone number.

It was like coming home. They had everything needed for me to fix that gross flower bed out front. Back home, we each grabbed a side of a bag and hauled it out of my trunk. She wiped her hands against each other and nodded. Moving stuff sucks. Dee laughed and twisted her sweat-soaked hair from her neck. She still looked gorgeous, even red- faced and tired. At least now we knew I was too weak to do any real damage.

Our idea of a gym is dragging your garbage can to the end of a dirt road or hauling hay. I glanced at her, surprised.

Not likely. Dee and I attacked the weeds with more energy than I thought we had. Later, Dee stared at her chipped nails. Lifting my dirt-stained hands, I winced. My nails were usually chipped. She looked funny in her skirt and wedge sandals, which she insisted were the height of gardening couture, and dragged the rake over to me. She seemed to consider it seriously, scrunching her nose.

Obsidian Butterfly

He had a green thumb. We made a garden up there, together. Did your parents get divorced? Like ever. Dee paused. When I looked up, she was leaning the rake against the porch. Her entire left arm blurred. I could see the white railing through it. I blinked.

Her arm was solid again. You okay? It was whole. Um…my dad, he got sick. It was terminal—in the brain. Seeing things like I did? They started him on chemo and radiation, but everything…went to shit so quickly. He died about two months later. A new start and all that jazz. In the sunlight, her eyes glistened.

Knots formed in my stomach. Dee twisted around, letting out a sigh. His jeans were rumpled, hair tousled and all over the place. He was on the phone, talking to someone as he rubbed a hand along his jaw. And he was shirtless. Not even in the winter. And hot damn for me. I started digging several holes in strategic places. My throat felt dry. Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys. Daemon stayed on the phone for about thirty minutes, and his presence had a swamping effect.

There was no ignoring him, not even when I had my back to him—I could feel him watching. My shoulder blades tingled under his heavy stare. Once I glanced over, and he was gone, only to return a few seconds later with a shirt on.

Obsidian (Lux, #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I kind of missed the view. She tried to wiggle free, but he held her close. A look of hero-worship filled her eyes as she gazed at him. He should try it more often. Then he glanced over at me and his eyes narrowed, as if he just realized I was there, in my yard.

The smile was completely gone. It seemed pretty obvious considering I was covered with dirt and there were several plants scattered around me. I shrugged and picked up a potted plant. Yanking the plant out of its container, I ripped roots right along with it. Be nice. I think I have a hidden talent. If I had to pick a dream job right now, it would be working with landscaping and the outdoors.

Yeah, I sucked butt in the wilderness, but I was at my best with my hands sunk deep into the dirt. I loved everything about it. The numbing it brought, the way everything smelled earthy and rich, and how a little water and fresh soil could bring life back into something that was faded and dying. And I was good at it. I watched every show on TLC. I knew where to place plants that needed more sun and ones that thrived in the shadows.

There was a layered effect, taller and leafy, sturdier plants in the back and flowers in the front. All I had to do was put down soil and voila! Daemon arched a brow. My insides tightened. I guess. We rocked this project. Well, Katy rocked it. I kind of just handed her stuff.