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The Principles and Power of Vision by Dr Myles Munroe, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Principles and Power of Vision book. Read 49 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Whether you are a businessperson, a homemaker , a. by Dr. Myles Munroe. Whitaker House Understanding the purpose and power of men / by Myles Munroe. p. cm. and principles of this book will become the quality of your character and Learn God's vision for their lives. • Continue .

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Myles Munroe stands as a pillar of strength in the midst of so much windblown confusion Spirit of Leadership text to Download The purpose of love and. Daily power and prayer devotional / by Myles Munroe. p. cm. April 4th, - The Principles and Power of Vision by Dr Myles Munroe 7 likes · 13 talkin. Principles and Power of Vision- - Myles Munroe - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. the power of vision study guide.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Know Your Potential for Fulfilling Vision 1. Edwin Abad. Myles Munroe was an international motivational speaker, best-selling author, educator, leadership mentor, and consultant for government and business. Writing Your Personal Vision Plan.

It comes highly recommended. Jul 05, Cheryl rated it really liked it. Myles Munroe is an expert on this topic. Jun 22, Trevor McCauley rated it really liked it. This book offers amazing insights onto the necessity to have a God-centered vision, and have a focus and direction in our lives. Jul 04, Eliyah Khumalo added it. With awesome lucidity Dr. Myles Munroe uses illustrations from every day life to explain the significance of Vision for both individuals and organizations.

Jun 15, Kiprotich is currently reading it.

Myles munroe pdf vision the of and power principles

Eye opener. Feb 16, Melissa Omolo added it. This is the greatest book that I have ever read It has changed my life. Not knowing that you don't know your lack of passion is dangerous! Knowing you don't have it is much better. Knowing that his or her passion is a dying is a good step, now the next step is for him or her is to soul-search away from all manner of distraction till the mind is absolutely clear, he or she doesn't need to look anywhere else apart from deep within himself or herself.

Many are the times we look to others to give us This is the greatest book that I have ever read Many are the times we look to others to give us all the answers to our lives, and they fail to give in a satisfactory way because only one person on this earth knows who you are and what you are made of That person is YOU!!

You don't need to look further KnowThyself That's the first step to knowing your purpose, your mission, your values, your vision I highly recommend it to everyone out there who is clueless about what they were born to do on this earth View 1 comment. Dec 11, Raye Cage rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you want to have an awesome plan for the next 10 years for your life, get this book.

The back of the book has action step worksheets to help you bring your vision to reality. You won't regret purchasing this book.

Apr 20, Stefan rated it liked it. I've read this book three times through and consitenly use it as resource some of the philosphies really stand out to me and ring home he still leaves something to be desired in the area of practicality. Mar 05, Kagaiw rated it it was amazing. How to realize your God given potential, being passionate about your vision, and working on your dream to achieve your desires vision. Jul 29, Alana rated it it was amazing. This book helped me to align myself with my personal vision Dec 23, Jacquie rated it liked it.

I learnt that its important to have a mission and vision and work towards identifying your mission to help you in achieving your vision. Apr 27, David added it.

If you don't have a clear and direct vision, you will after reading this book. May 16, Georgia Bryce rated it it was amazing. After reading this book, I conceptualized my first business; Building According To Pattern, LLC and set plans in motion to go back to school for a second graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am now starting private practice!

Jan 06, Chris rated it it was amazing. Absolutely one of the most powerful books on the planet! Jul 30, Michael Afolabi rated it really liked it. The author made it clear that it is not enough to only have the principles but one must be endowed with power to carry out a vision.

Men of vision go far. Jan 27, Gary rated it it was amazing. This book has opened my eyes to many things pertaining to true vision. Definitely a book to keep in my household. Dec 01, Tumi Mwendile rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. If you feel like you are lost Let me quote a passage of a book, that I believe highlights the whole essence of the book.

When the dream dies, the human spirit dies. The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without purpose. Therefore, the greatest injustice that can be imposed on the human spirit is the termination of its ability to DREAM and have a vision Jan 05, Gerald rated it it was amazing. I picked up this book at this time of the year for very simple reasons: Identify and discard unnecessary weights and time-wasting activities that often clog on us when we run lives without frequent checkup.

Ensure that eyes are locked on target for the year. Make the right plan, refuel passion and drive, and make the go. Well, Myles didn't disappoint. He loaded the book with tips, wisdom words, insights and principles that will keep your neurons firing in all the right directions and keep you on you I picked up this book at this time of the year for very simple reasons: He loaded the book with tips, wisdom words, insights and principles that will keep your neurons firing in all the right directions and keep you on your toes.

The book will help your eyes to stop looking and start seeing. He said, "if you are merely interested in your dream, it will never come to pass. However, if you are willing to put all your energy into it, then nobody can stop it from succeeding. You must realize that when you set your mind on what you want to do, all the other business of the world will try to get in the way of it.

Having a clear guiding purpose will enable you to stay on track when you are tempted to be distracted by lesser or nonessential things. Highly recommended! Jun 01, Sylvia rated it it was amazing. Sincerely I say, this is one of the best books I've ever read.

I love how he presents the information and supporting examples and scripture. I trust that Dr. Munroe was truly anointed as he wrote this. I felt as though God was talking to me through the pages of this book to motivate me to seek out my vision and boldly plan for my future.

Vision power pdf the myles of and principles munroe

This has touched me so that when I 1st started reading it I was doing the study guide at the same time. I decided by chapter 3 that I wanted to read it through s Sincerely I say, this is one of the best books I've ever read. I'm looking forward to giving some of the recommendations and exercises a try to see if I can get a clear idea of God's vision for my life. GREAT book! Jul 26, Christopher Lewis Kozoriz rated it it was amazing Shelves: It weaves godly principles in every chapter, unlike secular books that keep God out in respect to Dreams, Visions and Goals.

I encourage you to do the questions after every chapter. These exercises will help you get you closer to discovering the purposes and visions God has for your life. Jun 03, Jeanette rated it it was amazing Shelves: Myles Munroe did it again. Myles Munroe. The Library of Congress has cataloged the trade paperback edition as follows: Munroe, Myles. The principles and power of vision. ISBN pbk. Success—Religious aspects—Christianity.

Self-realization—Religious aspects—Christianity. M84 Please direct your inquiries to permissionseditor whitakerhouse. This book has been digitally produced in a standard specification in order to ensure its availability. How to Use This Study Guide. Myles Munroe may be used by either individuals or groups and can be easily adapted to suit the needs of both.

For your convenience, an answer key is provided in the back of this study guide. Each chapter review includes the following elements: Chapter Theme: The main idea of each chapter is summarized for emphasis and clarity. Questions for Reflection: One or more questions are given as a warm-up to lead into the study or discussion of the topic. Exploring Principles and Purposes: Page numbers corresponding to the book are listed for easy reference.

A summary or implication statement is included to put the chapter theme into perspective. Applying the Principles of Vision: No matter who you are or what country you live in, you have a personal purpose, for every human being is born with one. God created each person with a unique vision. He has tremendous plans for you that no one else can accomplish. The tragic thing is that many people live their whole lives without ever recognizing their visions.

A lack of purpose and unfulfilled potential is epidemic in our world. I travel to many nations speaking to various groups, and I meet people on every continent who have no sense of personal, corporate, or national purpose.

I see them struggling with aimless or misdirected lives. I wrote The Principles and Power of Vision the result of thirty years of my research into purpose and potential to show you how to discover, develop, and fulfill your personal vision.

Now, this study guide companion will help you capture your vision and put it into practice even more fully in your life. Vision is a conception that is inspired by God in the heart of a human.

The greatest gift God ever gave humanity is not sight, but vision. You can have sight but no vision. Vision is seeing the future before it comes into being. It is a mental picture of your destiny. God gave humanity the gift of vision so we would not have to live only by what we see.

What have you always wanted to do? What is your dream? The essence of vision is the ability to see farther than your physical eyes can look—to see not just what is, but also what can be and to make it a reality. Consider this analogy: The destiny of an acorn is a tree.

By faith, you can see the tree within the seed. The same thing is true for you and me. God has given us birth for a purpose, and as far as God is concerned, that purpose is already finished because He has placed within us the potential for fulfilling it. We can see that purpose through faith. To paraphrase the Bible, faith is the substance of things you hope to accomplish, the evidence of things you can see even when others cannot.

Only by seeing what is not yet here can you bring something new, creative, and exciting into existence. Your dreams, talents, and desires can be refined in a process of discovering and fulfilling your vision so that your unique and personal gifts to this world will shine forth. I believe with all my heart that when you have no vision, you will simply relive the past with its disappointments and failures.

As long as a person has vision, however, there is always a chance for him to move out of his present circumstances and toward the fulfillment of his purpose.

Therefore, vision is the key to your future. You will come to understand the principles of vision as well as the practical tools and skills necessary to bring your vision into reality. God has placed within each person a vision that is designed to give purpose and meaning to life. Chapter Theme. One of the dilemmas of contemporary society is a lack of meaningfulness and purpose in everyday life. Many people are also struggling with job and life satisfaction issues.

Some people are fairly content with their lives, but they have a vague sense that there should be more significance to life than they are experiencing. Still others live on a surface level, pursuing a series of emotional highs that leave them empty and constantly searching for the next thrill that might satisfy them.

Do you have a sense of personal purpose? Do you know why you were born? Does your purpose give you a passion for living? You can know why you exist, fulfill your God-given purpose, and experience a remarkable life in light of that knowledge. Hidden within you is the key to living a more fulfilling life than you ever imagined. That key is vision. Questions for Reflection 1. What do you especially like or not like about it? How do you wish it were different? Do you feel that you are fulfilling your potential in life?

Why or why not? What can happen when people have no vision beyond their current circumstances? Although people often have all kinds of ideas in their minds, what pattern usually occurs in relation to these ideas? What are some reasons why a person will abandon or get sidetracked from his or her dream? Fulfilling our visions or dreams brings what to our lives? How did Dr. What was every human being created to accomplish? What will make a way for you in the world and enable you to fulfill your vision?

Why did Dr. Munroe say that education, in itself, is not the key to success? While the gift is in you, what responsibility do you have in regard to it? What role does education have in relation to your gift? Circle one: True or False By a certain age, we are too old to use our gifts. How can a person realize his dream and not let that dream become a nightmare of unfulfilled hopes?

Your success in life depends on— [choose one] pp. In terms of fulfilling our visions, what are we the sum total of?

Most people do things because they have to. Vision enables you to do things because you have decided to, based on your purpose. You were created to accomplish something that no one else can accomplish. Dream big. If not, begin to write down any thoughts you have regarding your purpose; keep refining them as you progress through this book.

Has your goal changed since reading this chapter? Then note whether or not there is a strong connection between these gifts, personal qualities, and interests and the primary work and activities you are involved in.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm The first step to fulfilling your reason for existence was realizing that you have been given a vision.

Yet how exactly do you receive, recognize, and activate your vision? When you understand the source of vision, you will learn the secrets to its origin and working in your life. This knowledge will help you to take your dream from initial idea all the way to fulfillment.

Question for Reflection 1. Why or how did you become involved with your job, major hobbies, and other important activities in your life? In other words, what was your motivation for or the circumstances surrounding your choices? What does vision always emanate from? Why is this so? In what sense is your purpose already completed? How should the fact that God always accomplishes His purposes affect the way you carry out your vision?

What is the difference between recognizing your purpose and having a vision? At its essence, what is vision about? What is the key to recognizing personal vision? Why do we have thoughts that keep coming back to us and desires that never leave us throughout our lives? What is one way to discern whether or not something is a vision from God? What is a second way to recognize true vision? Name two things that indicate a person is pursuing selfish interests rather than true vision.

What is a fourth way of knowing that a vision is real? What is a fifth key to understanding true vision? How does the process of this fifth key work? God brings corporate vision into your life in order to— [choose one] p. Why are you a leader in the specific purpose God has given you to accomplish through your gift s? In what way does vision generate vision? What will help you to keep stirring up your vision?

God has been speaking to them since they were born, and He is still speaking to them now through the thoughts, ideas, and visions they keep having in their minds. Likewise, God planned in advance all that you were born to be and accomplish. Not only does He establish your end, but He also gives you a glimpse of it through the vision He has put in your heart.

You are not an experiment. God created you for a purpose, and He will bring that purpose to pass. Has this been your perspective on fulfilling your vision? In what ways has your perspective changed since reading this chapter? Munroe said that others can confirm your vision, but that they do not give you your vision. Have you been looking to others to give you a vision rather than to God and the ideas and desires He has put in your heart? If so, what will you do to seek your true vision from now on?

Yet sometimes people try to fulfill their visions by themselves instead of working with those who share the vision. How can you work more harmoniously with them?

Have you been listening to what God has been saying? If not, make a point to begin to do so today. To start, take half an hour and allow yourself to dream about what you would like to do in life. What ideas and desires do you have? Write these things down. In what ways do these fit together with the ideas, dreams, and desires you just wrote down? Are they what I really want to do? If the answer is no, continually think over and pray about your purpose until your vision becomes clear to you.

What is your relationship with God? Are you connected to your Source of life and purpose? We also learn to discern true vision through our relationship with God and by reading His Word.

Make it a practice to pray and read the Bible every day to help you stay connected to your Source. Do you know that your life has a purpose? If you are unclear about your vision, ask God to reveal to you the deepest desires He has placed within you.

The Principles and Power of Vision : Keys to Achieving Personal and Corporate Destiny

Then trust Him to help you fulfill your vision. Munroe said that if we pursue visions that we were not meant to pursue, we will not only cause ourselves trouble, but we will also cause others to have problems.

If this has been your experience, tell God today that you want to return to Him and what He has purposed for you to do.

If you have caused your family members or others turmoil because of selfish pursuits, ask for their forgiveness and seek to restore these relationships. Purpose is the source of your vision.

Ephesians 2: Mediocrity is a region bordered on the north by compromise, on the south by indecision, on the east by past thinking, and on the west by a lack of vision. You must be aware of potential obstacles in your life that can derail your vision so you will be prepared to recognize and overcome them.

Munroe gave three major obstacles to fulfilling vision. What is the first obstacle? Confusing mission with vision can often prevent people from defining a specific vision and fulfilling it. What is the difference between mission and vision?

How should we measure the success of our visions? Name a fourth reason people do not pursue specific visions. What does it mean to have true balance in life?

What important truth set Dr. Munroe free from both indecision and ineffective busyness? If you have many gifts and interests, how can you pursue a specific vision?

The first obstacle to fulfilling vision was not recognizing the specific nature of vision. What is the second obstacle? What is one way this attitude is manifested? Name two kinds of outside forces that people blame for the failure of their visions. How do you know that your vision can be fulfilled even though you have made mistakes or experienced setbacks in the past?

When the winds of adversity blow in your life, what will be your anchor? What is the third obstacle to accomplishing vision? If not, what do you now think is your greatest hindrance? What will you do to keep focused on your own vision from now on?

Will you stop blaming others for the way your life has turned out and start thanking God that He will enable you to complete His vision for your life? Take the first step today. Do you fear failure? Are you worried about what other people might say or think about your idea? Write down the specific steps needed and begin to address them. Munroe said, you cannot try to meet every need around you and still be effective in helping people. The purpose God has given you is meant to keep you centered on what is most important for you to be involved in.

If so, evaluate your commitments and activities. Remember that God is a restorer and that He will put back in you what life has taken out.

Ask Him to renew His vision within you, and to help you lay aside the past and move forward in His purposes. You are not defined by your past or confined by external factors.

Be Directed by a Clear Vision. To fulfill your vision, you must have a clear guiding purpose for your life. Every effective leader or group of people in history has had one thing in common: They were directed by a clear vision. Having a guiding purpose for your life is perhaps the single most important key to fulfilling your dream.

You personally, as an individual, must have your own guiding life vision. This vision must be absolutely clear to you because, otherwise, you will have nothing to aim at, and you will achieve nothing. What is your personal vision? Try to write it in one sentence. What did Dr. Munroe say he discovered was the key to life?

If you are lazy or bored, what does this show about you? What is the difference between having a true work and having just a job? Once your vision becomes clear to you, how will you feel until you are able to take action on it?

What is one of the most significant questions you must answer for yourself? What is the first thing you should do in answering this question? In order to find your vision, what must you be in touch with? Give a definition of vision that expresses its forward-looking quality. Although vision is often associated with solving problems, why will vision be active in your life even when things are going well? Because vision involves change and new ways of thinking, it can keep you constantly unsettled.

Even when you do set your mind on what you want to do, all the other business of the world will try to get in the way of it. A clear guiding vision will enable you to have focus in life and to move forward toward a specific purpose when you are tempted to be distracted by lesser or nonessential things. What would it take for you to be able to answer it? What do you need to do to get ready for your true work?

What can you invest in that will outlast you? Make a plan to refocus on your vision. First, think about how tradition and memories of good things are affecting your progress in your vision. Then, glean the good from the past, but make plans to move forward in your vision. Learn to appreciate this role of change in your life. Your vision will bother you until you take action on it. Know Your Potential for Fulfilling Vision.

When you discover your dream, you will also discover your ability to fulfill it. In order to fulfill your vision, you must also come into an awareness of your potential. Potential is who you really are, in accordance with your vision.

The Principles and Power of Vision by Myles Munroe

Potential is hidden capacity, untapped power, unreleased energy. God has created you to do something wonderful, and He has given you all of the abilities and resources you need to do it. How much potential do you think you have for fulfilling your vision? What determines your potential for fulfilling your vision? What has God placed within you that is more than enough potential for the needs of your purpose?

What you are able to accomplish has to do with— [choose one] p. What will God do for you in terms of what you can ask for or imagine? Once Dr. Munroe learned the truth of what God could do for him, what did it enable him to do? Why did God give you the gift of imagination? What should you be doing on a regular basis to help you achieve your vision? God designed and built you for the fulfillment of your vision.

Why did God give you dreams for your life? Why does God appoint, anoint, and distinguish people? When is the ability to accomplish your vision manifested? What might your present job contain in terms of your vision? If you understand this principle, no one can stop you from fulfilling your vision. You were born with the potential for the fulfillment of your destiny, which has already been established within you. When you discover your dream, you will also discover your ability.

You can always determine what you can do by the dream that is within you. Have you been allowing another person to judge your potential? What is the criteria for your potential in achieving your vision? Imagine all the details of the completed vision. Then let God know that is where you want to go.

Ask Him to enable you to take your idea from dream to full-fledged reality. Take each requirement or need and thank God that He will meet it at just the right time. Whatever God calls for, He provides for. Whatever He requires, He enables you to do. Develop a Concrete Plan for Your Vision.

To man belong the plans of the heart. People often think their dreams will just happen. They find out later, after they have sadly wasted many years of their lives, that this is not the case. God Himself had a plan when He created humanity. None of us can move toward our dreams without a plan.

Ideas are seeds of destiny planted by God in the minds of humankind. Yet how does that destiny come to pass? When ideas are cultivated, they become imagination. Imagination, if it is watered and developed, becomes a plan. Finally, if a plan is followed, it becomes a reality. Does planning currently play a role in your pursuit of short- term and long-term goals? What two verses from Proverbs indicate that God wants you to make a plan for the vision that is in your heart?

When you receive an idea from God, what must you soon do with the idea? What will happen if you never take action on your idea? When you lack a plan, what will you likely miss out on? A contractor continually consults his blueprints to see if his building is being constructed correctly. Developing a blueprint for your vision begins with answering two vital questions. What is the first question? What is the second question you must answer? When does a vision become a plan?

Your part is to write the plan. What has God given you that will enable you to develop a plan for your vision? Why is your dream worth writing down?

When Nehemiah gave credit to God for his vision and how it was coming to pass, what was the result in the lives of those who were going to work on the project? You were designed for destiny. However, it also implies that God will direct your steps once you make a concrete plan to move toward what you desire. Have you expressed to God what is in your heart, and have you presented Him with your plan for accomplishing it?

What are you waiting for? What have you learned in this chapter about the significance of planning? If so, how did you feel when you saw that happen? What will you do with the ideas God gives you? If God gave you your vision, it deserves to be done.

To help you do this, answer the questions on pages —19 of chapter seventeen and write out a mission statement for your life based on the guidelines on page of The Principles and Power of Vision. Remember that it is knowing your true identity that will give you the ability and courage to write your life plan. Jot down your ideas and continue to refine and pray about them. The Lord will work out the details of how and when the plan will be accomplished, and He will direct you in carrying out your vision.

As you develop and refine your plan in the weeks, months, and years ahead, keep offering it to God and trust Him to work out all the details of how the vision will be accomplished. Your plan will enable you to fulfill your destiny. Possess the Passion of Vision. For the people worked with all their heart. Are you hungry for your vision? You must have a purpose that produces passion.

On a scale of 1—10, ten being greatest, how would you rate your current desire to fulfill your vision? What have passionate people discovered? What is one reason Dr.

Munroe kept stressing the need for a clear guiding purpose in life? Why did Paul give a list of problems and tribulations as part of the proof that he was a genuine apostle? If you can stop working on your vision and still be happy, or if you can be so discouraged by setbacks that you give up on your dream, what does this show about you?

Why do many people fail to win at pursuing their visions? No matter how tough things are, what perspective does a passionate person have? What is passion willing to do? Passion is an urge that is deeper than any resistance it might encounter.

It is a goal to win that is bigger than the desire to quit. Capture your vision and stay with it, and you will be rewarded with seeing that vision become a reality, no matter who or what might try to come against it.

If you lack passion, might you still be trying to follow a false or self- serving purpose in life? In what ways might you have become discouraged or complacent about your vision? What will you do to regain your passion for your dream and remain faithful to it? Go on continual tours of your dream. Imagine it until it is so clear and present in your mind that it produces a passion that makes you move forward and persevere to its fulfillment.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.

Colossians 3: One thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3: Ask Him to lead and guide you during the day toward His purpose for you. You must have purpose that produces passion. Develop the Faith of Vision. Sight is a function of the eyes, while vision is a function of the heart.

Most people have physical sight but no vision. Physical sight is the ability to see things as they are. Vision is the capacity to see things as they could or should be, and that takes faith. You must develop the faith of vision if you are to fulfill your dream. What is sight a function of? What is vision a function of? According to Hebrews Munroe define faith, based on the answers to the previous two questions? Why is sight without vision dangerous? How were you designed to operate in life?

How does God function in faith? When you speak words expressing what you see in your vision, what happens? What is one way you can undermine your vision? What does faith see problems as? To do great things, you first need to— [choose one] p. Complete the following: Why is the faith of vision crucial? Faith is vision in the heart. Proverbs The success or failure of your dream will be determined by how you see.

Do you have sight or vision? How might what you are thinking and speaking be undermining your vision? What can you do to focus more on the opportunities than the problems? Write down great thoughts about your dream and repeat them aloud to yourself daily.

As Dr. If you have been speaking negatively about your vision, choose one aspect of it and begin to speak words of faith regarding it. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8: Philippians 4: Continue to define and refine your vision until it is very clear to you. Express your vision not only to yourself but to others who are close to you and support your vision. Mark 4: Then put your faith into practice in regard to your vision.

Faith is seeing the future in the present. Understand the Process of Vision. In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. He leads us step-by-step, day-by-day, through tribulations, trials, and character-building opportunities as He moves us toward our dreams.

Why does God lead us in this way? I have qualified for it. How long do you expect it will take you to fulfill your vision? God has a plan for each of our lives. How does He usually bring those plans to pass?

While God tells you where you are going with your vision, what will He rarely tell you? The process God is taking you through to arrive at your destination is designed to do what? What are two things that the process of vision will do for you?

What might happen if God showed you exactly what is going to happen in your life as you progress toward your vision? When we go through difficult times, what do we often think is happening? What is really the case? What does purpose give to your present job? As you wait for your dream, how must you live?

The vision that you have received awaits an appointed time.

And pdf vision of munroe power principles myles the

It will occur through a process of character development, which will come about as you live by faith and inner vision—not by what you see right now. If so, has this unexpected route caused you to become discouraged or even to abandon the vision? If so, how will you respond to these feelings based on what you have read in this chapter?

What have you learned about the value of hardships in the process of fulfilling your vision? As you write, try to answer these questions: What character qualities has God shown me that I still need to work on? What experience, knowledge, and skills am I gaining through my job and other avenues in my life? How have I seen God help me in the midst of my struggles?

In what ways have I overcome temptation in my life? Write down the lessons you are learning and what God is teaching you. Keep an ongoing record of the process of your vision so you can see the hand of God in your life.

Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew Hebrews Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands. Isaiah Jesus is now interceding on your behalf see Hebrews 7: God prepares you for the purpose through the process. Set the Priorities of Vision.

If you want to be successful, you must set priorities for yourself in relation to your vision. Both successful and unsuccessful people alike make decisions every day that influence their chances of achieving their visions.

Whether they realize it or not, it is the nature and quality of the choices they make that determine their success or failure. Think of the most significant decision you have made in the last three years. Was this decision beneficial or harmful to your life and vision? Why will understanding priority help you to accomplish your dream?

What do your choices and preferences reveal about you? Munroe say has significantly contributed to who you are today? What is that truth? True or False Even if something is a good thing, it is not necessarily beneficial to you. How do you determine what is beneficial to you? Why might you keep drifting off in the wrong direction in terms of your vision? How can you make sure you will hit the mark?

Why do people sometimes become involved in too many things? If you are afraid to take decisive action to move toward your vision, what should your perspective be? What do people who succeed do?

You must come to the point where you focus on what is necessary to fulfill your dream. Refocus on your vision and make strong and specific decisions that will lead you there. Add any other categories that apply. Then do the next exercise, below. What will move me toward my goal? Then let His yoke guide you by reading His Word, staying in step with His ways, and following His guidance in your life.

Ask Him to help you to stick to the priorities you have set and to recommit to your priorities whenever you start to stray from your vision. Choose to live well. When you begin to act on your vision, it will stir up both those who want to help you and those who want to hinder you. God has people who are prepared to work with you and encourage you, and they will be a blessing to you. The principle of influence has a twofold application, however, because people can have a negative impact on us as well as a positive one.

Whether you realize it or not, the influence of those you spend time with has a powerful effect on how you will end up in life and on whether you will succeed or fail in your vision. In what way? If you have no dream or do not begin to act on your dream, what will happen to the people who are supposed to help you with your vision? When you begin to act on your vision, what will it stir up? What is the law of association? There are two words that most accurately describe influence: What do people have the potential to create?

In general, what kind of friends should you choose? What three questions of influence should you be asking yourself truthfully and regularly as you progress toward your vision? Why may certain people become angry with you or even begin to hate you when you step out and do something that they have never done? Who can sometimes be the most detrimental to the fulfillment of your vision?

Why is this the case? When people oppose you and your vision, what should you do? In regard to the problems that come with the law of association, what three things should you do to protect your vision?

Whom should you disassociate yourself from? Why are there some people you should just be acquainted with have limited association with? How can you protect your mental environment? What type of people should you expand your association with? Therefore, it is crucial for us to guard our hearts, thoughts, attitudes, and ideas from being sabotaged by those around us. We must increase the positive influences in our lives and decrease the negative ones as we pursue our individual goals in tandem with others.

If not, are you willing to forfeit your true purpose and vision because of their influence? What have you learned in this chapter about how to respond to this situation? Who are the people you are confiding in? Where do they have you going? How do they have you feeling? What do they have you settling for? Above all, ask yourself: What person can I get close to and learn from? Then think about what kind of influence you are being on your family, friends, and others.

What kind of legacy are you building for the next generation? What kind of nutrients are you leaving in the soil of life? Protect your mental environment.

Employ the Provision of Vision. Many people stop dreaming about what they really want to do in life because they know they have few resources with which to do it.

They believe they have to pay for their visions with their present incomes when sometimes they can barely make ends meet as it is. We must understand the power of provision if we are to fulfill our visions. God will never give you a vision without provision.

The ability and resources are available for whatever you were born to do. Does your vision sometimes seem unreachable because of all the resources it will take to accomplish it? What are your major concerns in achieving your vision? What is it about these concerns that seems most difficult to you?

True or False Our provisions are never equal to our visions at the moment we receive our visions. What does this arrangement free you to be?

Why does God often give us dreams that confound us at first?

Principles and Power of Vision- - Myles Munroe

When does God manifest the provision for your vision? What has God already blessed you with? Munroe mentioned two misconceptions of prosperity. What are these misconceptions?

What does it mean to have true prosperity? What is the nature and degree of your prosperity determined by?