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Werewolf 20th anniversary pdf

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Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary - Tribebook - White jinzihao.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition is a revised rulebook for the Werewolf: The Apocalypse line, celebrating its 20th anniversary in the same vein as its Vampire counterpart. From the Onyx Path PDF: $ Deluxe Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition project video . a new W20 Werewolf the Apocalypse novel to be delivered in PDF.

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World of Darkness/Werewolf (c)/Werewolf 20th Anniversary/ 14M W20 - Pentex Employee Indoctrination jinzihao.info Jan 9M W Items 1 - 23 of 23 Search. Hottest PDF Changing Breeds for Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition is here! Everything you need to play any of the. The PDF version of the W20 book, first released to relevant Kickstarter backers on 5 March Distributed via DriveThruRPG, with no watermarking.

Kenneth Holt. It is for this that we live. The Apocalypse Revised tabletop rules. Cc-rac k! They followed however. Revered Elder:

A full-grown bear or boar might be the match for a single wolf. They keep to themselves. Their fur is as silver-white as ours is in our pelted forms. While that is rare in these times. They are adventurous. Better to assume there may be others beyond my ken. The information is sparse. Some call themselves the Carnonacae. They were scattered or Caledones: I in the far northeast coastline of Caledonia.

After all. Once a peace-loving tribe of farmers who branded upon us. Romans built their northern wall. As their name indicates. Their people build huge hillforts. Since their arrival. Of all the tribes of our Kin, perhaps those great Moray Firth take great pride in their ties to the faeries. While all of our Kinfolk tribes utilize horses links with their shapeshifting cousins.

They say they learn to ride before they can and estuaries made it difficult for the Roman invaders walk, and to be able to speak with their horses as we can to strike as hard at them as the Taexali to their north. The Votadini dwell south of Bodotria, the great Novantae: The Novantae dwell near the southern firth where the Romans built the northern Antonine Wall.

Their Roman wall, along the western sea. There is some talk lands extend all along the eastern coast and into the south-central of them having sold their children and wives to the Ro- heart of the Caledonia lowlands, although their capital is the man invaders in exchange for their armies passing them hillfort of Traprain Law in Lowthan.

Some of the other tribes by unscathed, but jealous neighboring tribes such as the look askance on the Votadini for agreeing to a truce with the Selgovae and the Damnonii who were not so fortunate in Romans; but were it not for their acting as a buffer between escaping the foreign invaders likely created such stories.

Caledonia and the Roman army, far more of our tribes would Orcadii: One People, ing of islands off the northeast tip of Caledonia. Now, Many Faces Just as our human Kin are diverse and yet still one they exist predominantly as a farm-slave population, with people, so is there a great deal of variety amongst the Garou the foreigners stripping away all but the subsistence-level of our Tribe. We are one, closer to one another than any of fruits of their labors.

Yet, Selgovae: They took great losses during the early Roman invasions, and as the invasion became occupation, they found themselves largely forced to a nomadic lifestyle. Far Breeds from broken, however, they turned their tragedy upon Perhaps the clearest difference between members of their attackers, adopting an attack style based around our Tribe is that of our birth, some to the wolf, some their knowledge of their former territories, which they to woman, some to the ill-fated pairing of shifter and use to harry the Roman troops occupying the area.

All have a place and a purpose, and all serve an Smertae: Few Caledonian tribes are as widely known important role in our sacred duties. Caledonia became. This drove them and the Garou who Taexali: We mourn the loss of the Taexali, a peaceful protected them, their family members, and the Mactire tribe of herdsmen and animal handlers who once lived camp, away from their native homeland for millennia.

And for our Kin-tribes dwelled in. That choice, along with their millennia, while most of our tribe was scattered to the peaceful nature, led to the Roman forces targeting them four winds, our lupus endured endless winter and un- when they redoubled their invasion efforts. They were yielding cold in order to protect our homeland. In that burned out of their homes and driven into the hills by time, they grew stronger, wilder, and fiercer. Moon-calling Because of this, we accord to our wolf-born great respect.

We know that they represent a timeless unbroken chain of connection to our homeland and our sacred duty. For that, we will always be grateful. As we are summoned into this world, so does Gaia gift us with our tasks for this lifetime. For some of us, Homid this duty begins almost immediately. Metis who survive their birth often begin training long before they are We are, however, not only of the wolf. While our capable of shapeshifting.

They learn some of what their lupus ancestors were protecting Caledonia, our homid future duties will be along with their other childhood forefathers and mothers were protecting our connection teachings. When a homid or lupus child is born and is to humanity. When our ancient human Kinfolk fell to destined to change, Garou who claim them as Kin may starvation, exposure, and the ravages of time, our homid also begin educating them on their future roles long ancestors struck out.

Leaving the familiar lands of their before their First Change. They travelled through enemy influences their lives even when they are unaware of the territory, encountered unfamiliar cultures, and took existence of werewolves, let alone their own destiny among new Kin from the best of them. When the Great Winter them. Many are called to the tasks that they will follow ended, these new family members returned with them for the rest of their years, well before their First Change.

Ragabash Metis Those born under the moonless sky know no limits. A Ragabash first suggested that we seek other climes, when The tenet of the Litany that commands us not to the Great Winter threatened to freeze our Tribe out of take mates from among other Garou is all but ignored existence. Moreover, the Ragabash chided us back to our by those who put their perverse pleasures above all else. The dark-moons The very act is wrong for a thousand reasons, and those are capable of anything; their role is to do, to say, and to who break the Litany must be punished for their crimes.

On the other hand, some hold to that tenet so Some specialize in the physical or spiritual worlds, strongly that they castigate the result of that misdeed where they slip like shadows: Legends say that Others hide not from sight, but from repercussion, play- the Children of Stag kill the offspring of two Garou ing the eternal questioner who asks the most profane of along with the parents themselves, rather than allow- questions so that the rest of the Tribe can examine what ing their Tribe to suffer the shame of such a crime it is they truly believe in.

One does not snap the spear because the weapon- Theirs is the way of water, and like water, they can take smith stole wood for the shaft. One does not burn the any form. They can seep into the smallest crack, and break field because the farmer has sinned. Our duty is a taxing open the hardest stone. They can bring succor to those one.

Our numbers are few, and the foe we face is im- who thirst, or drown those who underestimate their power. Theurge Those born to the crescent moon hold the key to our Some say I am biased in my thinking.

As a product lives as more than mortal creatures. To them, Gaia has of such a crime, that is likely so. Thankfully, in my experi- given the gift — and the burden — of truly understand- ence, most Garou of our Tribe are willing to allow me ing what it is to be both flesh and spirit, at one time.

They are tasked with holding the secrets of magic, which clamor of a war field or the susurrus of a final sacrifice, man was never meant to know and wolf cannot hope to the solemnity of duty, or the illumination of hope. They serve as diplomats to our Kin and kine who their hearts, and spin sweet balms to soothe their spirits.

Our songs are as vital to the Nation as breath to Theirs is the way of spirit, and like spirits, their our bodies. They see that which is unseeable, know that which is unknowable, and travel to places from which others Ahroun might never return. There is no half-measure Philodox with an Ahroun, no hesitation, no uncertainty.

They are in all things wholly what they are, be it warrior or leader, Those born beneath the half-full moon hold our past protector or executioner. The fire inside us all burns and our future in their hands. They are the keepers of brightest in the full-moon soul, a flame that both fuels the sacred ways, those who remind us of the traditions them and threatens to consume them, should they not our forbearers set before us, and why. The half-moons be strong enough to survive the heat.

They lead us way forward. They willingly take on the harshest tasks, forward. They watch over our challenges, spearheading those that would break the bodies or spirits of weaker diplomacy between septs and packs so that we may serve beings. In every great battle, every raid, every ambush, Gaia without losing ourselves in squabbles and infighting.

They are the fiercest foe, and the most midst of chaos, and to keep a level head in the center of passionate protectors, and without them, our sacred duty the fray. They must see both the good and the weakness would have no hope of being fulfilled. They keep the balance of all extremes. They can illuminate and protect. They between wolf and man, between Garou and Kin, between can inspire fear. Or they can destroy.

Theirs is the way of stone, and like stone, they endure all things, and form the foundation upon which the rest Tribal Camps The Boderia of the Tribe rests. To us falls the duty of timeless- White Howlers and the dead: Our minds must hold fast the tales of the ancients, fallen comrades, and even slain enemies. While all of the the songs of a thousand generations, and ensure that the Tribe shares a sacred duty to give honor to those who have past is never forgotten.

Our eyes must bear witness to come before them and to ensure that the dead do no harm all that happens around us: Our voices must be capable of carrying the to those who have gone before, supervise burials to help 40 White Howlers. The ways of the dead can be confusing to the living.

Almost all White Howler septs contain at least one member of the Boderia camp. Another might carve mystical sigils into her flesh. When I asked why he would do such a thing. One of the Silent Ones might brand himself with white-hot coals.

The Boderia do not hide their camp affiliation. They claim their founders were members of packs. The Boderia who serves our sept is blind in one eye. The ties that hold a human or Garou spirit to the mortal world can be as simple as the need for revenge against their killer. Entering into the camp includes a ritual wherein the newly inducted member undergoes scarification or other forms of extreme body modifications as a symbol of their dedication to this path.

I first thought the wounds to be battle scars. Because of this. We might not have survived the Great Winter Tribal protectors. I have only ing caerns that were abandoned in the Great Winter. Few ever return from such a quest. Fianna The Toutates Our cousins to the south are so like us. Gaia made us of both man and beast. While legends tell of many Tribes. Wolven instinct and human logic. It is While individual septs have customs and laws that his roar that we echo when our howls carry across the are unique unto themselves.

It is his bravery Litany that shields us when we deal with the restless dead. Wolven speed and human the defiling of our Kin that happened in our absence.

Deluxe Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition by Richard Thomas — Kickstarter

We expected them at least to humans they are dedicated to. Less a cohesive group than the Boderia. Legends say they never back down from It is a point of honor to the White Howlers that every a fight. It is his pride that reassures us that no matter those who join them often can trace their ancestry back the odds we shall persevere.

While they do not hate humans or homid Garou.

Anniversary pdf 20th werewolf

Once there. These rules are not the purview of any individual or 42 White Howlers. When many packs sent at least a portion of their members away from their human wards An entire tribe such as our Mactire? It seems unlikely. His patronage is the con. Lion is a force to be reckoned with. Red Talons tribe of Kinfolk in Caledonia has at least one Toutate pack watching over it. Most are lupus.

One must leave all belongings behind. While a single over both. He is proud To join the Mactire is half spirit-quest. It takes both. He embodies our sage. Wolven pack may not have been enough to completely prevent cunning and human intellect.

Those Who the wildest depths of Caledonia. I guess the legends were wrong. Some still watch over slumber. It is the way of the Wyrm. If our ancestors were willing to give everything. Without them. But she also made us strong of will that we might stay our claws and jaws.

Gaia made us full of Rage that we might fight and Do Not Allow kill. To slay one too far gone to disease or age who remained behind would dedicate the rest of her life or taint. We served our Honor Those Behind You duty. But Gaia does not ask of us the easy behind at each of the strongest caerns to protect them. We struck back at them. Even when our tempers are high. Not content to keep to to us. Respect Territory back to the first of times. A mercy as well.

Gaia created places for all her children. Then the Romans Our Kin serve Gaia. Caledonia would have fallen before we were even thought of. Our young step up willingly to a duty that may cost their own lands. It is right paid an awful price. The harm studied the old ways and the new. Accepting this fact. This is the way of the foreign army that tramples all Legends say that when our people left Caledonia beneath its heel. After the end of the Great Winter.

It is right that we give honor to them for their own worth. Driven by our fear. They are our sacred mandates. The one That is a mercy. Our cubs dedicate themselves to study should. Be Merciful group of Garou to alter or ignore. The guard. To to that caern. Our teachers respect or thought for the impact of our actions.

Almost These things are also merciful. Until she restores that All aspects of our life are a part of a cycle. When one abandons the territory she has to Tend Thy Sickness been given. Our elders When the Great Winter pushed us from our home. And for that action.

When we and spirit. They went mad mind begins to wander over the years. It is unfair. When we played with our human Kin as if they were toys for our entertainment. But just as clay fragments remained cracked once reunited. Grant The Mercy of the Veil Thus do we give the kill.

Without a strong leader. Without Greatest in Station them. Even the wisest their lives were kept only at our whim. Those times are no more. What deer would go willingly. If danger looms. Men trembled at the sound of our songs on the wind. Flesh of Your Kin Man and wolf are our kin. In times of traditional sacrifice. We broke them. They must know they are safe.

They no longer remember the wrongs we committed against Leaders Must Be Obeyed them. If we go on. A young cub may covet the of those breedings. Gaia created us to cooperate. It is unjust. We are no monsters to do the same. A tree can reach for at the sight of us. If our Kin believe may give the heart to a warrior. When our ravages that a ghost can wreak upon those who still live.

When he or she themselves or their children. We focus should be on Her enemies. In Times of Peace. It is the right and responsibility of those with experi. It is selfish. Most have. We ask of them a sacred The Kill Belongs to the duty: Weak When some Tribes forced humankind into servitude. We have seen what comes they will do the most good. It is the right.

Even the greatest hero may be brought We are not the masters of humankind. We are no fomori. To turn our back on that is protect humanity. The cama. We were made to follow this rule. It is our duty not to lives or command us to avoid actions that would harm the make it worse. I have told all that I know. From Your Own It is for this that we called to every werewolf we knew when we found the Black Spiral.

Our Kin are our lifeblood. It is for this that we live.

Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary - Tribebook - White Howlers.pdf

While other parts explain how we go about our daily We have done the damage. Not the death of the individual. And part of that protection is to keep them unknowing. And when the time comes. Gaia has tasked us to every new generation born. It is for this that we Our journey can be a hard one. Until Take Not Mates the Wyrm is dead — or we are — we shall continue to fight it. Dawn raderie and closeness we share with our own kind can be easily mistaken for other things.

We Combat the Wyrm Where It Dwells must avoid deepening the cracks that our ancestors put in their hearts.

As Lion has tasked me. I can only entire tribe. This can create a faux amalgam Howlers far differently than they are represented within of very different cultures. Alternate Expansion Era America. Telling a story historic movies often color our perceptions of what the of the Warders of Men in the Middle Ages or modern days gone by were like.

As well. US soldier wearing the uniform of a nineteenth century Mexican soldier while wielding a Civil War saber and a Chapter Three: The White Howlers' World Stories focusing on the core for an archeological dig on second century A. Only that modification affects the reality of the characters and a dozen people may have access to the documentation the world they exist within. Historic settings. Chapter Three: Stories set in historic eras pose a unique set of chal- lenges for Storytellers and players alike.

Scot- aspects of the Warders of Men. When running games in a modern setting. Fantasy novels. Men are. The time and place a chronicle is history or original settings allow the troupe full creative set in can reinforce the overarching theme. It includes both human and Garou cultures as well as other While the focus of this chapter is on running significant happenings that Storytellers and players may a White Howler campaign set during a particu.

Some folks always want to create something unique and different with the core ideas of a game. Much like the Tribe itself. The World of the lar period. It explores the contributing factors that the death of a millennia-old Tribe.

While entertaining. By summing tory of the Garou Nation. In emies the Garou Nation would ever battle. While personal sacrifice for the greater good Our focus for this chapter is specifically on the White is a vital element in the telling of Garou tales. The Myths of the Picts the Romans. It stretches more than 70 miles long. Garou Names with warrior Kin likely have very different views than those whose people are pastoral. The first recorded usage of tainous. Since the people of Iron Age Scotland left no southwest-to-northeast diagonal across the island.

Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

Caledonia has two distinct terrain regions. Modern Channel. Lacking any data on what they called Roman invasion comes into play? Individual tribe nia. These walls and the described in nature and locale as well as possible with the fortresses situated every mile or so along them.

Construction on Inner and Outer Hebrides. To the west. The overt written record of their culture. The Fianna homeland One of the first challenges when exploring Pictish is less than 20 miles to the southwest across the North culture is the myths of the Picts themselves. Septs separated by environmental indigenous people living in the northern parts of what is barriers develop different traditions and hold their own now called Scotland.

While these are also Latin terms.

Series: Werewolf the Apocalypse

The ers. To begin with. How do inter-sept a useful catch-all term to talk about the people of Iron relationships react when an outside threat such as the Age Scotland. Before that. While many of these elements have their roots in truth.

This made them better suited for agriculture. Highlands contain several mountain ranges that traverse At least. As old territories turned to bog. Sustainable Because the native tribes did not create elaborate burial farmland was significantly reduced by drought in the mounds. The building of either of these walls could be a start. How do the White Howlers and septs they related to were in greater competition for the their Kinfolk feel about the construction of the longest same. The building of this wall Highlands and increased moisture in the Lowlands which is likely one of the triggering factors that encouraged the converted former farmland to peat bogs.

The various tribes of White Howler Kinfolk and the ing place for a story arc. Will they passively stand by as the Roman Army tribes go to war. The tension result- structure their people had ever seen? What do they ing could form the basis for a White Howler chronicle believe the purpose of these walls are. They held land. Technology land? What spiritual ramifications might come about by such a strong Weaver-outpost being created in a mostly and Culture Wyld territory? Climate Archeologists have uncovered very little evidence After several hundred years of fairly mild weather about the cultures of human tribes that inhabited patterns.

Caledonia experienced significant climate Caledonia during the era before the Romans invaded. As such. Animal Husbandry This rustic lifestyle gave White Howlers and their Kin a much deeper connection to the land. A wide range of fowl culture of the era. While smaller. Most and their Kinfolk possess. Iron ploughs tilled the fields. Red deer and the White Howlers. Iron pots and cookware were common. Bread could be unleavened. Farms were generalized.

While it may Along the coastlines. Vegetables may have been a boiled oatmeal-like sustenance food. A much larger proportion of the people were farmers. Cooking and Preservation corn.

Players want to know what sorts of roe deer provided leather. Also important. Skills that might seem hyper-specialized to rather than specialized. Common field crops included barley. Either most baking was man consumption and to use as fodder for domesticated done on a stone on or near a fire. While ovens existed in Iron Age Scot- Tribes gathered acorns and hazelnuts both for hu. Grains were ground into gruel.

In fact. The Romans introduced walnuts. These included.

Anniversary werewolf pdf 20th

Shellfish like limpets. The Romans recorded Sheep and goats provided not only meat and milk. The internal organs. Above the ground level. Barley was also a staple component in beer making. Ensuring that their in the wilderness. Sometimes they stand alone. An enemy — supernatural building materials. While the wooden tion from outside invasion by man or beast. Hillforts Sadly. Some hillforts became permanent. Most are somewhere between 15 and 50 as well as a seasoning.

Since the cli. Even before the Roman invasion of Caledonia. The word for sept buildings. The Apocalypse is Now Available Pingback: And, I DID put in my order! I pledged on Kickstarter for W20 and received a link to download the pdf preview but the last update on drivethrughrpg is dated and your news is more recent, how can I get the final pdf version?

You did an awesome job with this guys, it was VERY hard to surpass the v20, but you nailed it with this rendition of the classic Werewolf game, which feels powerful, definitive, and epic in theme and mood.

I truly hope you will keep this level in Mage 20, my personal favourite from the classic World of Darkness Triunvirate, and also want to raise a question: Cheers, Onix Path! Anything beyond that is too far down the road to be anything but speculation.

Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path. Template tips Learn more about working with templates. How to change this sidebar. So yesterday I was whining that Onyx Path's kickstarter for the 20th Anniversary Edition of Werewolf said to expect the book sometime in February, and here it was March, and I was only getting regular messages from developers saying what exactly was being worked on at that moment and that it would be going out as soon as things like the index were done.

It is like they were trying to torture me with the lack of information. Not only does it cover everything that the Revised core book from 13 years ago covered, but it has a ton more details about the Spirit world, which is vital in a game like Werewolf, which is necessary for a game all about people torn between two worlds.

Anniversary werewolf pdf 20th

Man vs. Wolf, Urban vs.