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Mark (NKJV) Jesus says, 'And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with .. Please read the book 'Open my eyes Lord' by Gary Oates. Open My Eyes, Lord by Gary Oates, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A Practical Guide to Angelic Visitations and Heavenly Experiences. Long-time pastor, Gary Oates, had a dramatic encounter with God that changed his life and .

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Open My Eyes Lord by Gary Oates - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Supernatural. Open My Eyes, Lord: A Practical Guide to Angelic Visitations and Heavenly Experiences. Long-time pastor, Gary Oates, had a dramatic encounter with God that. Open My Eyes, Lord: A Pratical Guide to Angelic Visitations and Heavenly Experiences - Kindle edition by Gary Oates, Randy Clark, Robert Paul Lamb.

The summer time was looming ahead. During her experience. Schooled in the Baptist "sword drills"—looking up a verse of Scripture the fastest way possible—he knew the plan of God for an individual's life was nothing to trifle with. I was desperate—great need or not—I had to have a touch from God myself. There was great brightness to their appearance and I noted they each had wings.

God immediately healed the man's lungs and he no longer needed a hearing aid. LORD the kind of effort only a pastor would possibly understand—people were now heading for the exits. I was finally able to talk Kathi into going. When a third Global trip came about for June In fact.

I went on another Global trip to Brazil and again. But the same thing happened when I returned to the states. Two years earlier. I had gone on my first Global trip to Brazil. That experience was like reliving the book of Acts again and again. That was always a slack time in the church for us any way with people on vacation. I really didn't understand what God was doing. In She agreed reluctantly but after the money came in for her ticket. The result was a gnawing frustration inside.

I subsequently prayed for another man in the latter stages of emphysema and also with a hearing problem. It went from telling God how I felt to making a request. I had never felt such desperation for God. How could I be of any value feeling as low as I did? What help could I be? I had hit rock bottom and something had to change.

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Everything about us would be different—forever. I know God was directing these prayers. I was desperate—great need or not—I had to have a touch from God myself.

I want to see angels. Between the struggle with finances and all the church departures in April and May. The Prayer she was committed. I want to see into the realm of the Spirit. God would soon be walking into our lives with great power. I want to see beyond the natural. Somewhere along the way. How will I be of any use on this trip? I want to see things from Your perspective. Kathi felt guilty about going and wanted to use her trip money for paychecks. It was a little prayer of desperation prayed by a man who was helpless without God.

It would not be the same for me. Should I go or not? How could I help anybody when my need was so great? The trip was only a month or so away and now we had missed six weeks of paychecks.. I didn't even feel like going myself. Life would never be the same again. I pray that You will open my eyes on this trip so that I can see what You're doing. God's Secret Agents uring our travels in Brazil on that trip.

He left his hand there for the longest time. Chapter 2 2 "Up Is Better. It was during one of those days as we traveled down a bustling Brazilian highway from Petropolis to Volta Redonda that I recognized Randy Clark was conducting an interview with Davi Silva.

Davi doesn't speak English but he seemed to grasp what I was saying. Sitting across the aisle from Davi. When he did. I was glued to their words. Our bus arrived at its destination. I tapped him on the shoulder when his conversation with Randy ended. The angels are nearer than you think. He reached over and placed his left hand on my right hand.. He has experienced angelic visitations on a regular basis. Davi had been healed of Down's syndrome when he was six years old and has been caught up before God's throne on eight different occasions.

I wasn't sure what was happening although I felt an impartation taking place I didn't fully understand. LORD leave. I realized our five senses are the entry points and the access points Tears began flowing down my cheeks. When I did. I found myself walking along with Mike Shea. An American who has lived more than twenty years in Brazil as a missionary. What can I do? Davi was standing there. Mike is both a gifted musician and minister of the Gospel.

Mike explained: I was puzzled. We're talking about eyes. As we were leaving the bus that day for a lunch stop. I thought. It's a matter of giving them over to the Lord. These are also the very places for the Holy Spirit and the power of God to be released in us.

The problem is we're yielding our five senses in the wrong areas and not to the Lord. That very afternoon—before the meeting where I had my first angelic visitation—I took out my Bible and read Romans 6: God, I give You my whole being. I withhold nothing from You. Everything I have is Yours. Everything I am is Yours. I give it all to You. I lay my life on the altar before You. I yield myself totally and completely to You Somehow I felt I had connected with God's heart.

Later that night, we gathered for the church service in a huge tent that seated some 3, The worship at the service was simply awesome. It was what I'd call "off the charts". The place was electric with the Presence of the Lord. It was while I was worshipping with my hands raised and praising God that He began to speak to me. It was a dusty, dirty concrete floor. I didn't really want to take my shoes off.

I continued worshipping. A few minutes later, the Lord spoke again. I'd better do this. It was a small act of obedience—obedience in something that seemed insignificant—that set the stage for the miraculous to follow. God requires obedience in the small things before He will entrust greater things to us. I honestly believe that what followed would have not happened if I hadn't obeyed the Lord in taking off my shoes.

As I looked up at the worship team, the Lord opened my eyes and I saw two Brazilian dancers with three angels dancing around them. Right behind them were two more dancers and three angels around them. On the other side, there were individual dancers and each one of them had a big angel arched over them. The angel followed the dancers' every move. I surely didn't know what it was going to be like. They appeared in a white transparent color.

I could see their form and what they were doing. There was great brightness to their appearance and I noted they each had wings. As a natural response, I looked up above the platform and it was just full of angels and they were all worshipping the Lord. Light danced and swirled about them. There must have been a hundred of these worshipping angels. They were singing, playing instruments, and dancing. The worship was reaching a level of intensity that I hadn't experienced before and the Presence of God began to fill the auditorium.

Standing there with my hands raised worshipping the Lord, I suddenly began to feel myself somehow expanding—getting both bigger and taller. I felt 15 feet tall. I found myself looking down at everybody worshipping the Lord.

Then, I started going upwards, leaving the floor and also my physical body behind. I was not aware of my physical body or any physical limitations. It was as if my physical body was nonexistent. I went higher and higher into the peak of the tent. I was floating there in the top of the tent looking down over the worshipers. Fear jumped on my insides. Somehow I was resisting what God wanted to do and immediately I started to descend.

Realizing what had just happened, I cried out, "No, Lord, forgive me, forgive me The fabric of the tent was no obstacle as I passed I was resisting what God was doing. I came all the way down just inside the tent. I was not living under the bondage of a physical body It was an incredible feeling as though nothing were impossible.

Open My Eyes, Lord : A Practical Guide to Angelic Visitations and Heavenly Experiences

LORD straight through it. I have always been one of those guys who likes to have everything under control. I realized He would only take me as far as I was willing to allow Him.

I had somehow drawn a line in the sand with God. It was much like the experience of the prophet Ezekiel in only going part way to God's throne. My head was right in the top of the canvas. A big hole opened in the tent's roof and I saw people worshipping the Lord and the glory of God being poured out in that place.

I like to have all my ducks in a row. I honestly believe I could have gone all the way into God's throne room if I hadn't resisted.. He didn't go all the way. Only now.. I put the brakes on. Because of insecurities or a fear of the supernatural. There was a divine radiance at the top of the tent. It seemed as if I was living in a limitless state— not bound by time or space.

A sense of regret came over me. I was the one who would determine how far I went with Him. I am really out of control. I found myself looking down over part of the city and I could see the top of the tent glowing with the Presence of God.

Somehow I had zoom vision and could see right through the tent. I was way. It was as if I had landed on a bed of feathers. I couldn't move. I had no understanding of what had just happened to me. The shock of coming back into my body catapulted me backwards as if I had done a backward swan dive. I just want more of You. Nobody caught me.. I hit three rows of chairs and then the concrete floor. I was glued to it. I want more of You. He was full-bodied and wearing a robe.

I felt so little and insignificant in the presence of such a holy God. I didn't feel a thing.. I didn't find myself turning away from His face. His hands were extended out as my hands were turned up. I was able to rouse myself.. He took my hands and held them tightly as if to say: He released me back into my body. When He took my left hand. I virtually exploded when I came back.

My left hand began to burn in a little spot that got bigger and bigger until the whole palm of my hand was on fire. I saw Jesus at a distance coming down towards me. For about an hour. I didn't know if I could take it any more with the power and Presence of God working within me.. They seemed to be a mile long as I stretched them through the tent into the sky. Having been in the Presence of the Lord. I raised my arms as an act of surrender.. I found myself crying out to God..

I lay mute on the floor. His features seemed to be hidden in the brightness of His glory. I began to cry out to the Lord. At that moment. It seemed my body could not contain my spirit after such a heavenly experience. I felt physically drained and emotionally depleted. LORD a chair and put my shoes back on. Are you okay physically? I'm through the roof! I was still trying to grasp what had happened. I didn't know if I could find the words to explain what had happened. I could hardly speak.

I was crying. Kathi was bewildered at what had happened to me. We went back into a room for refreshments after the service but I could hardly talk. The next morning I was dragging around as if I had been in a drunken stupor the night before.

Somebody would have to take my hand and direct me to where we were going. If I had. People were asking me questions—nonstop. That comes very close to what I had experienced. The prophet Isaiah described himself as "undone and ruined" after he had seen the Lord Isaiah 6: One of the women in the team came up.

Shortly afterwards. It is an awful condition to be satisfied with one's spiritual attainments. By this time.. I want more of You..

I took a seat on the front row. Above that.. Chapter 3 3 "God. All the while I was crying out. Davi Silva walked up and sat down one seat over. God was and is looking for hungry. I felt like I was being pressed against the floor.

All of a sudden. It seemed as if my body weighed ten tons. I want more of You". I Want More of You. When he did the power of God surged through me and I fell like a dead man on the chair between us.

I saw a golden path coming down the aisle and leading up some golden steps onto a gold platform.. He smiled at me and then placed his hand on my left shoulder Several guys saw my predicament.

I honestly felt this was the end. Don't even look at him. There was no way I could survive this. I felt like I was going to die. Kathi got scared looking at the terror in my face. I was twisting in anguish with my arms around my midsection. The brilliance of the Lord's appearance agreed completely with the words of Mark 9: It is nearly impossible to describe how bright and how penetrating the light was. I had become acutely aware of my sinfulness in the Presence of a Holy God.

The throne was a large ornate chair but I saw nobody sitting in the chair. They could have hardly known the reason for my terror and agony. I thought maybe I had died and gone to heaven.

Terror flooded my being. My mouth was open trying to scream but no sound was coming out. I saw a throne and Jesus standing on the right hand side of the throne with a scepter in his hand. A divine radiance or a divine light was emanating from His head to His waist. The Lord was my focus. It was so bright it could pin you to the wall with its clarity. I came back to myself writhing in agony on the floor. It was that real. I was in torment. But neither the scepter nor the throne drew my attention.

I saw the glory of God like I had never seen it He didn't appear in the robe I had seen Him wearing before but it appeared to be some kind of pants. LORD On top of the last platform. I was so shaken by what had just happened it seemed too soon to even talk about it. I began to relive all these experiences that had just occurred with being taken into God's Presence. I was later told I had been on the floor for two hours. I continued vibrating under the Presence of the Lord..

I was shaking and trembling so much I could hardly sit in the chair. Later they brought me back inside where Kathi and I took an empty seat on the back row. I needed to "process" it before I told anybody—even my wife.

The angel would lean down and whisper into Randy's ear.. Since I couldn't walk. I felt I was about to explode on the inside as he preached. They were literally holding me up by the elbows. Randy Clark was preaching about a time his mother was taken up before the Lord. Chuck Snekvik and Marcus Morris. As I looked up. As he shared. I lost all sense of time. I saw a big angel standing beside Randy as he preached.

Even though the building was packed and running over with people. Chuck and Marcus. By this time. Randy sent word that he wanted me to come up on the platform and assist him during the ministry time. I slowly became strengthened. I could barely stay in the chair where I sat with my arms bent over and my hands dragging the floor. I was in no condition to do what Randy had just announced. Kathi began asking again about what had happened. I didn't know if I could walk that far I felt so weak and wasted.

I was still trembling and vibrating as they picked me up and carried me onto the platform. I felt utterly The same two guys.

It was as if I was hearing the voice of God speak through Randy in a way I had not heard His voice before. I could just barely speak but I finally said. I was again shaking and trembling intensely. I had prayed for a young man on the way to the front and the Presence of the Lord overwhelmed me again.

LORD Every word carried such weight and was penetrating my whole being. You'll have to give me the strength to go down there. Gary Oates is going to come up and tell us what has happened to him. Seeing me bent over in the chair. God was doing a spontaneous. As she began to tell what had happened to me. Tears were flowing. I had no strength in my hands and I couldn't stop shaking..

I couldn't even straighten up.. The first pastor walked up to be prayed for. As soon as my hands touched the pastor's head. I couldn't do anything at that moment. People were crying out. The ushers dragged him off and brought another pastor forward. The same happened to every pastor in that line. Randy walked over trying to get me to explain what had happened.

Some were getting healed. Inside I was saying Kathi took the microphone and then suddenly remembered she'd promised not to say anything. Randy instructed my two helpers. I couldn't get my hands off the floor. She came over and asked if it was okay to tell. In truth. I felt absolutely stupid.

I was bent over with my chest on my knees. Randy said "I want all the pastors to come up because I want Gary Oates to lay hands on them and pray over them. Since I was shaking so vigorously with my head bobbing up and down.

He crawled underneath my hands and went out. It wasn't that I didn't want to pray. I was shocked at what I saw!

Lord gary pdf oates open eyes my

A man poured a bottle of anointing oil on my right hand. My right hand was extended outwards. LORD to the Lord. After each pastor had been touched..

I don't understand this stuff but I'm just yielding to You. When he finished.. A girl followed him. I couldn't move my hand but I felt people touching it..

Oates lord my pdf eyes gary open

I was able to move my head to a place where I could see my right hand. Taking matters into her hands. With all the strength I could muster. I'm an introvert. I was stretched out on the floor for some time when I overheard Kathi's voice praying for people. I want You to do whatever You need to do. I was having a hard time thinking. I can't move it. I could raise my hands up enough that I could actually lay hands on them and pray for them. I grabbed onto a chair and ultimately seated myself again.

In hindsight I realized it was not about me. Almost everybody I prayed for indicated they were healed. By then. They manifested the Presence of God so strongly with many of them falling down.

I was able to get myself into a sitting position on the floor. I was merely a contact point. I knew it was truly a ministry of the Holy Spirit. I resisted temporarily but a divine energy came into me and I stood upright. People saw me sitting up and came forward for prayer..

I began praying for people and a long line formed. All kinds of healings were taking place without any effort on my Part. I had never seen such hunger in the hearts of people that they would do such foolish things themselves. Goose bumps broke out on my body.. He said: Lucio de Paula. Brazil's second largest city and its former capital city. These were war angels wearing pewter-looking armor and carrying two-edged swords in their hands that were just glistening.

While we were worshipping the Lord. The drums kept building and building in intensity.

Open My Eyes, Lord: A Practical Guide to Angelic Visitations and Heavenly Experiences by Gary Oates

The angels were all different Their appearance was so vivid and distinct. The place was overflowing with people. It was almost like seeing another person —but not quite. It was the first time I saw them in an appearance other than a milk-like transparency. Davi Silva motioned to the drummer.. The reality of that invisible dominates the natural world we live in. Standing there in the midst of this drumming.

The angels then marched behind two doors on the church's stage. Behind the two large doors was the throne of God and the four living creatures. I questioned Davi about what happened during the drum solo. I didn't understand immediately what the angels were doing until later when the church had a drama skit. Thank God. Actually they were not as large as I would have thought war angels would have been.

For some I wasn't losing my mind after all. It was just like dive bombers going through that place cleaning it out. LORD sizes—some big. Bigger angels had larger swords.

The next night in the same church. They were swinging those swords as they moved through the room. Their gleaming swords were all proportionate to the size of the angels. These worshipping angels came part way down the aisle. The angels would hit those blobs with their swords and they'd literally disappear. As I looked. Although the angels were moving so fast you could hardly see them. I could see this man's countenance soften even though he didn't know what was happening. Oil splattered and ran everywhere—down his forehead.

This angel must have been big because the wings were especially large even though they didn't cover the man completely. He's had brain surgery and the doctors are saying he doesn't have long to live. I suddenly noticed a second. In the past my approach had always been "a little dab will do ya. I was standing a little to the left of the man as I was praying for him. As I did I saw two white. I took my hand full of oil and placed it on the man's head. He may be trying to figure all this out.

A day later in another church in Rio. It was a touching scene as the angel put his wings around the man. Randy Clark asked me to pray for a man in his seventies who was suffering from brain cancer.

One of the team members got paper napkins and wiped the man off and then I began to pray. When I saw the fire. He looked at me and said "no.

With the help of my interpreter. I think you are too.. One of the team members spoke up. LORD smaller angel to the right of the other angel. I did a double take. I'm healed. I never expected to see anything like that. I'll have to attend here.. I know I'm healed. Go back to your doctor and have him verify the healing.

Most of the team members had tears in their eyes as we finished praying. Instead of strumming it. If you get saved here. Although Kathi had reluctantly gone on the trip. That afternoon she was determined to be prayed over. One afternoon after I had been caught up before the Lord. We had enjoyed a meal in the church's cafeteria. Mike Shea began to blow the shofar over people. She could not speak intelligibly for several hours. It's important that you find a good church that believes the Bible and that includes a belief in healing and miracles.

I'll get saved. It was a precious moment that pulled at the strings of our hearts as the couple held hands and gave their lives to the Lord. Unable to stand. People began to leap and dance before the Lord. After that prayer. It seemed the angels were joining together with us in this chorus of percussion. By the time the wave of percussion had subsided. A few minutes later he blew the shofar over Kathi. She went "out". Lucio the drummer grabbed some drink coolers and began to drum them.

Kathi saw Davi across the room and crawled on her hands and knees to reach him for prayer. I was already down on the floor when he blew the shofar at my side sending a reverberation into my spirit. Kathi's new unction began the very next night in a Baptist Church in Rio de Janeiro. God opened Kathi's eyes—for the first time—to see angels.

Kathi made her way down through the crowd and met the woman backstage. She motioned for the woman to come downstairs although Kathi felt she could be healed where she stood.

Open My Eyes Lord by Gary Oates

As we stood on the platform during an altar call. She turned to me and said. Somehow—whether "from Mike's blowing of the shofar. In obedience she did. In the vision the Lord asked her to empty her pockets of what she thought were shiny prized possessions. LORD She told me later that when she was on the floor under the Holy Spirit's power she had a vision of standing before God's throne in heaven.

She found herself lying at the Lord's feet where a great cleansing was taking place. The anointing was so strong when she prayed for the woman she was "out" instantly But the possessions were literally junk—defense mechanisms. Then the Lord handed her a gold coin. It was an overflow crowd of perhaps people jammed into a building that would normally seat over The conference. Kathi saw the angel standing behind the woman. It was uncanny. Kathi and I were not only united in marriage as one.

The woman in her fifties suddenly began twisting around. Randy Clark. Randy Clark commented a number of times how unusual it was for both husband and wife to have such parallel experiences. Every time Kathi saw an angel behind someone.

The results were amazing: In a meeting in South Florida. Pastor of the second largest church in the Ukraine. But we did! Two months later Kathi and I were attending a conference sponsored by Nehemiah Ministries in Atlanta. Kathi returned to the auditorium and began praying for every person who had an angel standing behind him or her. She acknowledged the angel's presence and then began praying for the woman. The woman's pain totally left her.

During Randy's time of ministry. Some theological books have suggested "their angels" are likely guardian angels of the highest rank because they "always see the face of My Father.

I began to accept the belief God had provided a guardian angel for my benefit and assistance. Why is he doing this? Davi Silva had commented several times that he had seen my guardian angel. During the ministry time.. Pondering over the possibility of having a guardian angel. This particular angel has become my friend. I couldn't recall seeing this angel. I came across Matthew I was standing there when suddenly my guardian angel surrounded me with his arms and was holding me very tight.

I had been seated on the front row during the worship service and I suddenly saw this I began closely examining the Scriptures. The word "their" suggests a personal connection between an individual and an angel. According to Davi. While in Brazil. The angel had never done this before. He would be standing with the worship team or beside the podium. I was just standing and waiting on the Lord when my angel came over and held me again seemingly in a lock grip—only this time. They were eyes that nothing could possibly hide from—not in heaven or earth.

I was awed by what I saw. I began to trust the divine flow of God in my life when I saw that angel appear. I just wasn't sure what. I saw these dark gray clouds—like storm clouds—swirling around. It was a form I would see him in at times when I was due to minister. In a moment's time. Eyes of fire—deep red. But that day in Atlanta.

As I looked through the clouds. There were bright lights flashing like strobe lights and lightning. I was overcome with a respectful fear of the living God.

I was the space shuttle and he was the booster rocket. In a blur the angel and I passed by creatures that were bowing down and worshipping God. I saw this angel in a white transparent form with his wings extended outward. The only thing I can compare it to is the space shuttle and the booster rockets. I knew this was my guardian angel. I momentarily had the thought that must be the four living creatures. It seemed like the angel wanted to show me around or tell me more but it never happened.

Clouds and thick darkness surround Him. I came back into my body standing at the altar with my hands raised—the very same position I had been in before my experience with the angel.

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His The Lord reigns. I wanted a biblical confirmation of all that I had experienced.. I continually cried out. It was at that very moment Pastor Madava laid hands on me as I came back into my body. For a long time. The next thing I knew. The moment was overwhelming.

I struggled over the awesome experiences of what happened to me in Rio and Atlanta. Soaking in the Lord's Presence. I am probably one of the least likely people to be having these kind of supernatural experiences.. Let the many islands be glad. Because of my Baptist background.. He alone knew it was the perfect way to settle my heart about this new dimension of His Spirit working so mightily in our lives.

I felt a deep peace and a sense of comfort that I can hardly describe. LORD Then. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again.

Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Open My Eyes, Lord: Robert Paul Lamb. Randy Clark Foreword. Long-time pastor, Gary Oates, had a dramatic encounter with God that changed his life and ministry.

He was caught up into the Presence of the Lord to see the ministry of angels. Today, he and his wife, Kathi, travel the world using their unique gift of discerning angelic activities to br Open My Eyes, Lord: Today, he and his wife, Kathi, travel the world using their unique gift of discerning angelic activities to bring salvation, healing, and deliverance. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published January 1st by Open Heaven Publications. More Details Original Title.

Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Open My Eyes, Lord , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jul 26, Jean Pierre rated it it was amazing. This book is doctrinally sound but also holds valuable information for the Christian who desires a deeper more intimate walk with Christ. I am happy to have found this book and will put it's suggestions to practice.

For those who thirst for the Lord and want a more personal and tangible relationship with the Lord this is the book for you. I will never see Romans 6: Jul 04, Sue rated it really liked it Shelves: In the spring of , while part of a team on a ministry trip in Brazil, and out of a hunger for more of the Lord, Gary Oates had several incredible encounters with the angelic realm.

These encounters radically affected him and his pastoral ministry here in the States. The first part of the book is a recounting of those experiences, the remainder is a teaching on how we can each put ourselves in a place to experience our own encounters.

Open my eyes Excellent book I considered this book because I'm on a path to know the Holy Spirit and God more intimately. The information given in this book was what I was looking for. I would love more angelic visitations. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to become more intimate with Holy Spirit. Angelic visitation Great book. It's worth the read. I pray you receive an importation as you read.