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Kinobody greek god program pdf

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Greg is the guy from youtube channel "kinobody", and his program is called the " greek god". This guy has amazing physique and his workout. My Personal Kinobody Greek God Program Results. The Kinobody .. This is a PDF that lays out the progression for The Greek God Program. View jinzihao.info from HISTORY at Lake Nona High. Greek God Muscle Building Program Bonus Routine: 3-Day Workout Split by Greg.

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Hence “kino‐body”, or Kinobody. Greek God Muscle Building Program | Greg O' Gallagher Page | 5 Think of me as Michelangelo and by following my workout. Kinobody Greek God jinzihao.info Download ( MB) · English · 日本語 · Português (Brazil) · Deutsch · Русский · Français · Svenska · हिन्दी · Español . Greek God Muscle Building Program PDF Download. I am 45 years old and Strong Lean Muscular Body Are you wondering what Kinobody is about? Are you .

Frequently Asked Questions When does the course start and finish? That's because they put on fat to go with the muscle. It's not going to fluctuate because you've taken three days off the gym. Day A and B switch every 2 days, 3 workouts a week A Incline press: Where are the squats? They struggled to put on muscle. That was fast.

You can't help the hopeless.

God kinobody program pdf greek

Fat Girl Gets Fit: Where are the squats? Originally Posted by sleefa. My Log - https: Originally Posted by magician Originally Posted by chawin Greg seems to know his stuff so I'd be very surprised if he'd make a routine with deadlifts as only leg work. Alan Aragon https: Well, there ya go!! This is the routine he put out there.. It is actually pretty good IMO, I just think training three times a week sucks, I'd rather be in there My lifting log: Doesn't squat,eats a ton chocolate and claims if 16 hrs a day will get you like this.

Also,viewing his vids,he claims on how to get stronger is to start heaviest first set then lower weights pyramid ,then on another vid,he's doing the 5x5 program for inclines. Just really pisses me off how people go by this,and claim great results etc when in reality they are noob gains.

For gods sake their not even doing squats!!!!!! He's a huge misleader just like his friend tai lopez. He's probaly injecting his ass right now with test and deca. Last edited by wellshii; at I would to like to learn more because do not looks like scam but also difficult read the forum because instead explain why you think this not work or its not good enough people just insult.

Can someone elaborate?

GGP-3DaySplitBonus.pdf - Greek God Muscle Building Program...

Last edited by ironwill; at It's popular to hate on anyone who goes against the grain of traditional bodybuilding protocols. The proof is in the pudding though.

Greg has built a huge business on the success of his programs with many, many people. There are countless youtube testimonials, interviews, and transformations from people on his stuff. The thing you have to understand about Bodybuilding. From what I've seen Greg talk about on the matter, he used to do squats and all the standard compound heavy lifts regularly, but ended up getting too bulky in the thigh.

He said he doesn't like monster thighs, so he tends to sub out heavy squats and leg presses for things like pistol squats, bulgarian split squats, leg extensions etc. But he has also said that if you want to swap out a quad dominant excercise for barbell squats, then that's totally fine. Originally Posted by Shlokda.

No he doesnt squat and he talks alot about why in his videos. He wants a "hollywood" physique where you have a strong upperbody and then train your legs for explosivity and balance.

He doesnt want big legs so ofc he doesnt do alot of leg work in his programs.. It's actually a push pull legs program without legs.

Kinobody Greek God jinzihao.info - AnonFile

They're doing tons of squats and deadlifts. They're adding size to their legs and hips but their upper body still kind of looks more or less the same. What's going on is that most people don't focus on what's really, really important, and that's three things, one of which is staying lean.

You want to make sure that nutrition is dialed in to support the maximum rate of muscle growth without causing fat spillover. Once you start putting on fat, your entire look is going to be destroyed. You don't want to have to spend three months cutting for summer. You want to look great year-round. The second thing that happens is people, they focus so much on volume. They focus so much on the pump and the squeeze and the feel.

They don't get stronger. What creates muscle growth? Well, really, it's progressive overload. If you go from doing a hundred pound bench press to two hundred pound bench press, your chest is going to grow a lot.

That's the bottom line. The cool thing, when you build your strength and you build your muscle off getting a lot stronger, that muscle is there to stay. It's not going to fluctuate because you didn't have a big meal the other day.

It's not going to fluctuate because you've taken three days off the gym. It's there. It's almost permanent, whereas when you do tons of volume, the pump and squeeze stuff, it kind of just fluctuates. You go in on chest day, your arms look small.

God pdf program greek kinobody

You go in on arm day, your chest looks small. You're constantly a slave to the gym to have a certain look. The third thing, really, is that people don't know how to structure their training in a way to achieve the look they really want. If you a movie like Troy with Brad Pitt, that physique, people are zoned in on that physique because it has that proper proportion.

It's a proportion game. It's not about weighing two hundred fifty pounds. It's about having that right waist-to-shoulder ratio, the perfect amount of muscle in your chest, your arms, sleek, defined legs. You see the guy from James Bond, Daniel Craig. They all are achieving a certain look.

I call it the Greek god physique because it just makes a massive, night and day difference. My Greek God Program is honed in on how do you achieve that look? How do you build muscle off staying lean? How do you build muscle in a way that's going to give you the absolute best proportion? How do you make that maximum rate of strength gains on the key lifts to really support that amazing physique?

I have amazing people that have gone through the program, put on a ton of muscle, and they look downright amazing. They were never able to do it before. They struggled to put on muscle. They struggled not to gain fat.

Greek God Program

They struggled to add muscle in a way that actually made them look way better so people are like, "Holy crap, that's how I want to look. The Greek God program is really that missing link. Very few people have actually tried to address how to gain muscle in a way that will make you look better, how to build muscle without gaining fat, and how to get strong as heck, because if you want to have a great physique, you're going to have to get strong as hell.

That's why when people see my videos, they're blown away at how much I'm able to lift. Building your muscle that way is going to make a night and day difference. Your Instructor Greg O'Gallagher. So join Greg on this adventure and transform your physique and live the life of your dreams! Section 1: