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Download [SWE13] Mask of the Pirate jinzihao.info Description. Download [ SWE13] Mask of the Pirate jinzihao.info Free in pdf format. Pursue a criminal mastermind across the galaxy in Mask of the Pirate Queen, an adventure for the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ roleplaying game!. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Mask of the Pirate Queen, an adventure for the Star Wars®: Edge of the.

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[SWE13] Mask of the Pirate jinzihao.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. MASK OF THE PIRATE QUEEN. In the far-flung reaches of the Outer Rim, a band of space pirates calling themselves the VEILED. SORORITY singles out the. [SWE13] Mask of the Pirate jinzihao.info M. Bookmark [ SWE14] Special Modifications - Technician jinzihao.info M.

This perpetual celebration is rarely interrupted, and both natives and visitors alike flock to it like moths to a golden flame. Introduction to Rpg. This campaign seems to be best for groups who: Their necks are long and topped by or lose his free maneuver for five rounds , Silhouette 2. Want to Read saving…. All in all, some good mental fodder, but for someone who is hoping for something fleshed out enough to play entirely or mostly out of the book this probably won't suffice. Blast Zevrix, too!

Sort order. Jul 24, Katie rated it liked it Shelves: Overall story: The majority of the story is predictable, with a few twists that, if pulled off well, are interesting. My main complai Overall story: My main complaint is that the book sets up a lot of interesting choices and potential hooks but then doesn't actually develop or provide information for those more interesting player choices.

The maps are good, though when they decide to provide them and when they don't thoroughly baffles me. The encounter design leaves a lot to be desired. The planet of Saleucami is very interesting and I can foresee going back there, but not really because it was well developed in this book. On the other hand, the information about Ord Mantell was much more thorough so if a GM wanted to return to that planet this book provides a lot of information on its different districts.

This campaign seems to be best for groups who: Are bounty hunters B. Are blood thirsty C. Are ready to make morally objectionable choices I should note that I'm running this with a modified goal since my group of PCs are not bounty hunters but members of the Rebellion, which has caused some issues but since the only goal given for doing this campaign is money, modifying it is the only way to get my group interested.

I am looking forward to bringing back at least three of the characters encountered in this campaign. All in all, some good mental fodder, but for someone who is hoping for something fleshed out enough to play entirely or mostly out of the book this probably won't suffice.

Mar 25, Bert Janssens rated it liked it. Some encounters in the players' investigation to find the pirate queen could work really well: This time, Fantasy Flight provided maps for the pirates' lair and the pirate flagship which is an improvement. Thomas Moffatt rated it liked it Apr 10, Tim rated it really liked it Dec 30, Mason rated it it was amazing Feb 20, Jason Carter rated it liked it Oct 16, Sierra rated it liked it Nov 18, Peat rated it really liked it Oct 16, Axel Birsf rated it really liked it Oct 06, Eric rated it really liked it Nov 25, Steven Pangerl rated it liked it Nov 13, Britty rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Petri Wessman rated it liked it Dec 06, Matthew Bane rated it really liked it Oct 13, Tomas Bjornstad rated it liked it May 23, Cameron marked it as to-read Nov 19, Brian marked it as to-read Jan 17, John Smith marked it as to-read Jan 19, Twan added it Feb 13, Keith Scherer added it Jun 07, Alice W.

Castle marked it as to-read Nov 12, Konstantin Karasik marked it as to-read Jan 13, Elizabeth Cole added it Jan 24, Ashley Roach marked it as to-read Feb 16, Mattias Karlsson is currently reading it Feb 28, Nick marked it as to-read Mar 13, Jake Dodd added it Apr 26, Jeffrywith1e added it Apr 29, Gabriel Davis marked it as to-read May 31, Justin added it Jun 04, Jean-Francois Boivin marked it as to-read Jul 08, Rollspelaren marked it as to-read Oct 31, Tyber Zann is none too fond of either organization, so he chooses to prey on both of them simultaneously.

This has made the Consortium few Rebel or Imperial friends, but both sides are currently too occupied with each other to focus their attention on a seem ingly insignificant criminal endeavor.

The Zann Consortium operates primarily in the Outer Rim, thriving in the relative lawlessness of the region. Though it has begun expanding operations toward the Core Worlds, perhaps in hopes of court ing the centrally located Crymorah syndicate, it continues to claim holdings on many Outer Rim worlds, including Ryloth, Hypori, and Saleucami. Zann has built opulent palaces on many of the Consortiums most profitable planets in order to demonstrate his organizations growing power.

Zann often approaches worlds with a signifi cant Consortium presence to offer military pro tection from both the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. Such extortion attempts are generally seen for what they are, but many planetary governments, lacking the military strength to fend off even the Consortium, can do little to resist.

Those worlds that decline these offers suffer from acts of domestic terrorism, as well as Consortium-sown corruption within their own government. She is secretly a mole for the Veiled Sorority and she has designs on the nascent Force sensitives. The Sorority could Queens Mask see page Venlanas male Twilek accomplice, who learned the Consortium plans to deal with the has been sent by Tyber Zann to spy on her and pirates. The PCs might even encounter this determine if she is a traitor see page A title more than a specific future campaign paths.

PCs looking to expand person, this identity shifts over the course of the their knowledge of the Force might be drawn adventure.

An Ubese named Noira is the true into this plot through rumors that the Soror Queen see page 91 , but the human Revah ity has uncovered ancient Jedi artifacts or is serves as her decoy on Saleucami page The clash between By the end of the adventure, Venlana or even the Sorority and the Consortium can draw in one of the Player Characters could take up the PCs with a wide range of backgrounds and mantle of the Queen.

[SWE13] Mask of the Pirate Queen.pdf

GMs should not hesitate to alter any plot details that follow as needed to use Ryale Wei: As Noiras second-in-command, this this book to draw a variety of these PCs into human oversees her secret palace beneath Worl- the hunt for the Pirate Queen.

If the PCs spare her life, she may prove to be a useful ally see page A Herglic crime boss on Ord Mantell Queen. The secure comm channel leads them to dis and notorious gambler. He has valuable informa cuss the job in person on Saleucami, where the Veiled tion on the Pirate Queen, but shares it only if the Sorority is staging the bulk of its attacks on the Zann PCs do his dirty work first see page The Zann Consortium fleet com the contract.

She gives PCs leads to pursue as they mander aboard the cruiser End of Days, his flag hunt for the Queen. These ultimately direct the PCs to ship. A skilled ex-imperial officer, he arrives to the Sororitys supposed base of operations in Black- defend the smuggling convoy from the Sorority at wind Crater, known as the Vault.

The Player Characters plan and launch their raid, running into a few surprises along the way. Once the PCs reach the Pirate Queen, What begins as a simple dead-or-alive bounty soon they have to decide whether to deliver their target becomes more complicated: The Queen is not eliminated so easily, bounty on a person, but how does a hunter claim a however, as the PCs soon find out.

The true By the climax, the PCs may have proven themselves Queen has struck again, but the Consortium was able to Tyber Zann, joined up with the Veiled Sorority, or to trace the origin of a gloating transmission to Ord assumed the identity of the Pirate Queen themselves. Mantell, the PCs next destination. There, Venlanas contact Jander advises them to begin their investiga tion through lllo Vandin, a Herglic casino mogul and local crime boss in Woriport, the planets capital.

When the PCs com With the trickery of the Queen revealed, the nature plete either task, Vandin fulfills his end of the bargain. They and provides evidence to convince the man that she engage the Sororitys ships as they hunt for the Ren is playing him for a fool. Strategically disabling its defense and communication systems in combat greatly helps their Once convinced, her consort reveals the location attempt to board the ship and capture the Queen.

If Wei is defeated, the failing starship. Finally, they come face to face with PCs can discover the secret of the Pirate Queen in Noira, the true Pirate Queen, whp has a surprising addition to the location of the fleets flagship, the offer for the PCs: They soon rendezvous with the its riches. Once again, their actions decide the course bulk of the Consortiums fleet in space to begin their of the adventure.

In extended campaigns, their choice final attack. The exact method of introduc tive contract. A socially inclined party is more likely to tion and type of character that might logically be interested in the motivations and machinations of be available depends on the PCs current cir the Pirate Queen. Such a group should be offered the cumstances. Some suggestions include: With some help from the of Days. The more the GM personalizes M ask of the GM, a player could even adopt the P irate Q ueen to the players tastes, the more success role of one of the mercenary clone ful the adventure is likely to be.

The new charac the end of each episode. The GM should also con ter could be employed by Jander or sider granting XP during or after sessions in which lllo Vandin, and sent to help the PCs the PCs complete any of the objectives for the cur with their tasks. After each session, the GM also should The group could find sympathetic grant whatever baseline experience reward deemed characters from the Zann Consor appropriate typically 15 XP per PC per session.

The PCs might also ens of experience points is likely to frustrate Edge of find opportunists looking to literally the Empire players, because the games advancement jump ship when they see the Queens system is intended to promote incremental growth.

The Player I resentative of the Zann Consortium contacts the Player Characters regarding its exorbitant bounty on Characters investigate the leads provided to them by the Zann Consortium, and eventually the head of the Veiled Sororitys leader.

The PCs pro learn the location of the Veiled Sororitys base ceed to the planet of Saleucami, where they receive on Saleucami. A description of Blackwind base. Following their investigations, the PCs find the Crater, where the Sororitys base is located. Unfortunately, little is as it Raiding the Vault: The PCs infiltrate the Soror seemsbut is it ever?

This chapter includes: Information and background on this Dead or Alive: The PCs return to their Consor world, along with some of the more interesting tium contact with the mark, only to learn later and dangerous creatures the Player Characters that celebrations were a bit premature. The adventure may begin anywhere, as long as Wanted Disintegrations Optional: A repre the PCs have access to a secure comm system.

The sentative of the Zann Consortium wishes to offer Player Characters might even be on the planet of the Player Characters an opportunity to collect Saleucami alreadypicking up or dropping off on a verv lucrative bountv. Basic, Pantoran Terrain: Caverns, craters, deserts forests, jungles, mountains, volca noes, wetlands M ajor Cities: Taleucema capital and the main starport Areas of Interest: Magma caverns M ajor Exports: Botanicals, finished goods, medi cines, technology M ajor Imports: Foodstuffs, raw materials Trade Routes: Talcene Transit connects to the Per- lemian Trade Route The Imperial presence is felt noticeably only in Taleucema and some of the larger settlements on Special Conditions: Frequent meteor showers Saleucami.

This mostly consists of attempts to crack Background: The word saleucami means oasis down on Rebel sympathizers. For the worlds first Pantoran settlers, the name was apt, as it is the only hospitable world in its planetary system. They set tled inside the worlds numerous impact craters. The he many craters across Saleucami were cre geothermal vents and subterranean water within made these craters unusually lush compared to the T ated by meteorite impacts long ago.

Major impacts are rare now, as planetary defenses rest of the surface, resulting in a world of mixed ter destroy or redirect sizeable meteoroids. Long ago, powerful impacts formed huge Outside of the oppressive heat of the equatorial craters, uncovering geothermal vents, hot regions, Saleucamis climate is quite mild most of the springs, and fertile soil.

These features, in year. The temperature rises dramatically during the addition to a constant influx of volcanic ash, summer months, however, and remaining indoors is gave rise to lush oases within the craters, the only remedy. Because of this, most pursue their which became successful communities. The largest impact crater contains the plan etary capital of Taleucema. Originally estab The Pantoran colonists originally established the lished by Pantorans, it is now a cosmopolitan Eventide as a holiday of sorts.

Lasting a little over settlement with a full-service starport. Nearly three standard months, it is marked by long, lazy anything can be bought or sold in the capital, days and active nights.

Schedules are reversed, with including less-than-legal commodities. Given the many fertile crater basins across Saleucami is currently under Imperial control. Nevertheless, a number payroll, though, which guarantees that business is of villages and towns have taken root in these rarely disrupted. As the cami brought their cultural heritage with them. As population grew, so did the worlds political clout and a result, Saleucamis culture is based on freedom of economic potential. As additional species brought their own ful trading hub prior to the Great Galactic War.

The cultural values to the planet, the disparate beliefs and planet remained loyal to the Old Republic through traditions began to intermingle. Weequay also make up a full eight percent ance. These doubts were later assuaged, and Saleu of Saleucamis population, but they tend to be insular cami reaffirmed its loyalty to the Republic. As such, Weequay neighborhoods and settle the Outer Rim, but this would not last forever.

The ments are self-contained. Despite this apparent xeno Clone Wars were a trying time for its people, but they phobia, Saleucamis Weequay hardworking colonists weathered the storm, and much of their economy and are just as willing as others help their non-Weequay infrastructure was spared from devastation.

Following neighbors in times of need. The population wel rule of the Separatists during the Clone Wars. Though comed the Republics clone troopers as saviors, and it their desire for independence made the planet ripe appeared that peace had once again returned. The planet had been peaceful for The presence of so many verdant craters across the hundreds of years, and its settlers and resi planets surface has caused a number of unique eco dents preferred that it remain that way.

War, systems to spring up. Amid the vast tracts of wood with its destruction and intrigues, was anti land and arid deserts are sultry swamps and thick thetical to the average Saleucamians way of jungles, fierce predators and stubborn settlements. Blackwind Crater is one of many isolated craters host Despite the care the natives took to remain ing a wide variety of life.

Formed millennia ago by a uninvolved, the war did eventually reach series of devastating meteorite impacts, the resulting them when Jedi Master Eeth Koth was cap crater is deep, with treacherous walls that prevent all tured by General Grievous.

Following Koths but avian species from escaping its stifling interior. Though the Sepa ary patterns of the craters animals. The Separatists a decade before it was abandoned, and Blackwind eventually returned to Saleucami, using it as Crater faded from notice again due to its inaccessibil a staging area during the Outer Rim sieges.

This changed when the Separatists took control of Saleucami during the Clone Wars. They established ike many other natural medicines, bubse a comm station in the ruins of the old research facility, fortifying it with weaponry and defenses.

L root extract has illicit uses. One such chemical, known as bubse spice, is a concen When the Republic troops defeated the Separat trated anesthetic. Though dangerous if taken ist forces holding Saleucami, they also destroyed in large quantities, it is a common addition to the comm station in Blackwind Crater.

Once again, many Outer Rim medpacs. Those under the the craters microcosm was ignored, though rumors influence of bubse spice become numb, both of pirates, smugglers, or even Rebels in the stations physically and emotionally.

They feel little to remains have cropped up from time to time. However, settlers. Indeed, the cra he suffers before the end of the encounter. A Saleucamis largest starport was established here dose cargo container of bubse spice averages prior to the Great Galactic War, and it has grown to 17, credits. Offworld trade is an important element of the econ The bubse tree, a bulbous plant common across omy; the city is known for its production and export of the surface, is well known for its roots miraculous pharmaceuticals, medical products, and technology.

Taleucema features the only planet-side mass production of bubse tree extracts and medicines, and not surprisingly bubse root extracts are the citys principal export. Calva herds wander the planets equatorial regions, seemingly oblivious to the heat, Skills: Brawl 4, Discipline 3, Perception 3, Resilience while packs of thaelos hunt prey from the treetops. Silhouette 3. They travel in large herds Damage 8; Critical 2; Range [Engaged]; Breach 2, of up to one hundred individuals, feeding off of desert Vicious 3.

Thaelos are simian predators that dwell in the jungle trees common to Saleucamis many craters. They are Galva are often hunted for their skins, which can be excellent climbers, moving with a speed and grace tanned into a supple leather that has grown increas that belie their bulk, especially when hunting prey.

To ingly popular an undamaged hide goes for 1, make matters worse, they hunt in family groups, or credits, rarity 6. As a result, many of the largest galva prides, and have been known to bring even the largest herds have been depleted by overhunting. Though thaelos can move on two legs, they are much swifter when using their long arms for sup port. The greenish-brown fur that covers their bodies provides camouflage in the treetops, and their large red eyes easily penetrate Saleucamis near-constant Skills group only: Athletics, Perception, Survival.

They attack their prey with their powerful Talents: Athletics 4, Brawl 3, Coordination 3, Percep named after the Pantoran word for stone. When tion 3, Stealth 2, Survival 3.

However, they can react to prey in Injury results inflicted on opponents. Excellent Climber once per game session, and claws that can snap durasteel bars. Fists Brawl; Damage 5; Critical 4; Range settlements. Tales tell of entire villages and crater [Engaged]. Fortunately, the creatures are solitary and rarely work together, though sibling pairs are occasionally encountered in Saleucamis deeper wastes. My name is Venlana, and I am con they have access to a secure comm channel.

It is tacting you on behalf of the Zann Consortium. We more convenient if they are already on Saleucami, are experiencing shipping losses that exceed our but this isnt strictly necessary. In either case, they projections. These challenges to our bottom line soon notice an advertisement, or receive an incoming are due to piratesrather, one pirate in particu transmission from Venlana, a female Pantoran in the larand we would like to contract you as part of employ of the Zann Consortium.

Should you be interested, please meet with me on the planet of Player Characters who are bounty hunters in one of Saleucami, in the city o f Taleucema. Alternatively, bounty hunter PCs with access to bounty boards could be contacted directly At this point, the PCs likely have questions.

Venlana by the Zann Consortium or could find an open ad on attempts to answer them, but she politely insists that their bounty board of choice. The ad is vague, reading she can only disclose the full details in person.

She is something like the following: As a symbol of "Hunter of masked prey required. Lucrative con good intent, she has been authorized to offer them an tract for individuals and groups of sufficient skill advance of credits each if they agree to meet with and reputation.

IPKC optional. Provide contact her. Should they accept the contract, the credits information and qualifications to HNA via per PC is deducted from their final compensation. If pressed by the PCs for answers Venlana is not inclined to give, she ends the conversation. Read or paraphrase the following aloud: If the Zann ment, and you notice a predatory glint in her eyes Consortium is not seeking out the PCs specifically, that wasnt there before.

Such circumstances might prove problem 7 guarantee this contract is quite lucrative, she atic for the PCs over the course of the adventure, and says. Unfortunately, incorporate PCs backgrounds and Obligations. It is my time is rather precious, so I must see to other possible the PCs have previous ties to the Zann Con tasks. I hope you consider this offer, as well as its sortium for good or ill , are already dealing in bubse rewards, and meet with me on Saleucami.

The transmission ends, leaving you to contem plate your next move. When the contact takes place, read or paraphrase the following aloud: Ultimately, it is up to the PCs to follow up on Ven Your viewscreen flashes, revealing a poised Pan lanas communication. If they agree to meet, she toran woman with blue skin and dark hair.

Her tells them that she plans to contact them again once voice is melodic, and she speaks with confidence theyve landed on Saleucami. Once they are on the and authority. This is as far as she bends, however, and they must either take the bait or find something else to do. Assuming the PCs arent already on the planet of Saleucami, they need to travel there.

Venlana Sipal is a Saleucamian native descended from Read or paraphrase the following aloud when the the original Pantoran colonists. She wears a mask of Player Characters vessel comes in for a landing: Ambitious and merciless, she does anything to ensure her own advancement.

Her As you break through the heavy clouds o f Saleu skin is blue and her hair a dark shade of blue-black. A She generally dresses in conservative suits. To the north, ships land and take off in smooth patterns, disappearing through the clouds or taxiing to one of the many available docking bays at the bustling spaceport below.

Charm 3, Coercion 3, Decep Taleucema is a large city built within a massive cra tion 3, Knowledge Underworld 2, ter measuring nearly sixteen kilometers across at its Melee 2, Negotiation 3, Ranged widest point. The spaceport, which dominates the Light 2, Streetwise 3. Adversary 2 upgrade dif with vessels landing, taking off, and loading or ficulty of all combat checks against unloading cargo.

Security droids, as well as guards, patrol Abilities: Holdout blaster within the bays arent maltreated by Ranged [Light]; Damage 5; scofflaws, thieves, or ship-jackers. Venlana smiles pleasantly. Welcome to Saleu cami. I look forward to meeting you all and have arranged for a private conference room at the Paradise, a cantina on the edge of the spaceport. Once you arrive, preferably within the hour, I will ensure you are properly re freshed before we get down to business. Once more, Venlana refuses to discuss the contract, The Twileks name is Porel, and he acts as Venlanas saying that there is plenty of time to discuss business personal assistant and bodyguard see page 93 for once the PCs arrive at the Paradise.

Should the PCs his profile. He stays quiet if the PCs attempt to speak have any basic questions about Saleucami or the city to him, and he raises his finger to his lips to silence of Taleucema, Venlana is happy to entertain a handful them. Should they refuse or hesitate to follow him, he of questions before politely excusing herself. As the PCs approach him there, Porel opens the metal door and stands aside to let them pass.

The part of the city bordering the starport, known col loquially as the Traders Belt or, more simply, the The room beyond the metal door is lit by a series Belt is a mix of cantinas, gambling dens, overpriced o f carved crystal globes hanging from the ceiling.

To your left, a bar gleams with glasses and Unless the PCs have their own ground transporta a wide array of bottles. Dur Venlana stands to greet you, a welcoming smile ing daylight hours, both pedestrians and landspeed- on her lips. At last, she says, inviting you with a ers crowd the streets. After dark, the atmosphere is gesture to refresh yourselves at the bar I thought more sinister: Your reputations cer wandering the streets aimlessly or standing on street tainly precede you.

PCs traveling by foot at night risk attracting the attention of a Weequay Youre uncertain whether her comment about your gang, unless they appear well armed or particularly reputation is a compliment or a veiled insult. The Paradise cantina is inside the Belt, and is well As the PCs see to their drinks, Porel enters the room known by anyone familiar with the city. From the out and closes the door behind him. He stands next to side, it appears to be just another cantina.

A large the portal, his hands behind his back, and stoically Aqualish bouncer in a dark green suit stands near the observes every move they make.

If anyone asks Ven entrance, observing anyone who enters, leaves, or lana about him, she introduces him as her assistant. He doesnt give the PCs any trouble, but he does stare at them intently as they enter through the Before the conversation can begin in earnest, Ven cantinas bubse wood doors.

Even if she did When the PCs enter the Paradise, read or para not make the offer during her initial communication, phrase the following aloud: The interior of the cantina is dim and smells of Once the pleasantries are out of the way, Venlana smoke and distilled drinks. Though the Paradise is explains the contract in greater detail. Read or para furnished like any other cantina in any other Outer phrase the following: Rim starport, there is a subtle buzz of business in the air. The patrons seem to concentrate more on While some losses in transit are expected and their hushed conversations than their drinks.

Despite the name, it have come to see Venlana, he states. The Twilek turns on his heel and walks However, only females are permitted to assume slowly toward the rear o f the cantina. Once the PCs are committed, Venlana provides We are interested in bringing this band o f pirates them with the most promising leads she has.

Each to its knees. To do this, we are issuing a bounty can be investigated separately; only two of them are for its leader, referred to as the 'Queen.

Should you agree to take the contract, it will be your responsibility to bring her to our jus tice, dead or alive, with proof that it is indeed the Venlana removes a small datapad from a pocket Queen that you deliver. She activates it, scanning its screen briefly before she begins. Venlana prefers to know immediately whether the PCs plan to take the contract.

They may ask ques Your first lead is an individual named Graf Lind. She begins to grow impatient if the PCs favor with them six years ago. Though nearly killed continue to dither, at which time she presses them for by his former associates, he managed to escape.

We have discovered his current whereaboutsa dwelling in a local slum. His information is surely Examples of some questions the PCs might ask, and outdated, but he may have valuable intel. How much does this contract pay?

Should your perfor The second lead is Krezo Wasanti. He is a fence mance be exceptional, a variety of bonuses may who operates his business near the starport. He also be applied to your final compensation. The first one of our agents some o f our own goods, pillaged attack occurred nearly a month ago, but we in one of the Sororitys recent raids. He must have assumed it was an isolated, random event. Since some connection to the pirates, given he is obvi then, there have been three more attacksone ously dealing in goods they have stolen.

We expect a fifth attack soon, and pre fer that this contract be completed in short order. As before, Venlana pauses to field any questions. What have the pirates taken? As you may Once ready, read or paraphrase the following aloud: We have been unable to The last lead isnt a person so much as a re determine a specific link between the contents of source.

Our slicers uncovered a data node called the stolen shipments Should Of course, which is another problem entirely. While embarrassing, this is not unexpected. Once we find the offender or offenders, they will regret With that, Venlana reminds the PCs that the Consor betraying the trust of the Zann Consortium.

She provides the proper question, though the GM may allude to the PCs with a datapad loaded with all the information Consortiums suspicion of a mole in their organization, pertaining to the leads she mentioned, as well as with and thereby cause the PCs to broach the topic. This is a comlink code through which she can be reached. They can remain in the Paradise and enjoy the deal with the Consortiums mysterious traitor.

The easiest approach is to knock on the door terious data node. The lock is also easily picked with an Average Skuldug gery check. If its any time between Warren. It is an overcrowded slum that clings to the noon and two in the afternoon, Graf is out running his eastern wall of the citys crater like a cancer. The daily errands. If the knocking continues, The Warrens population includes many of the citys he answers the door, his angry eyes bloodshot from poor, unwanted, and homeless; crime and casual vio drinking.

The PCs may try to use a believable story in lence are incredibly common at all hours of the day. Confrontations between the gangs are check, modified with if Graf has been drinking commonplace and deadly, and unaffiliated citizens which is a sure bet, unless hes just returned from sometimes get caught in the crossfire. Grafs residence is a single-room, prefab house that When the Player Characters look into or enter Grafs shows decades of wear.

The exterior is scrawled with home, read or paraphrase the following text aloud: The stink of sweat and the stinging odor of raw Any PC succeeding on an Average t t Knowledge alcohol assault your senses, causing your eyes to Underworld or Streetwise check realizes that the water.

The single room is small and strewn with X indicates that Graf is under a gangs protection, trash, debris, and empty liquor bottles. The cen though which gang is not immediately obvious.

Mask of the Pirate Queen

He observes a simple routine, leaving dingy, flickering lamp. Once the door is open, Graf loudly protests the intrusion. If drunk or hung over, he epending on the Game Masters plans, the suffers on any checks he attempts to make. D PCs may be approached or harassed by the Warrens gangs.

The largest twothe Yel If the PCs keep things civil, any mention of the Sorority or Grafs prior affiliation with it causes him to low Thaelos and the Stoneskinsclash over wake up.

Queen pdf mask the of pirate

His eyes, typically dull, become focused and control of the region but always have time for interested. He answers honestly, but with little infor attacking others who venture into the War mation of worth. Its been years since he was active, rens. Many other gangs and petty criminal and he has no idea where its current base of opera groups operate here as well, should the GM tions on Saleucami is.

That said, Graf can provide gen desire to use another or to include an organi eral information about the Veiled Sororitynothing zation the PCs have had dealings with in the more detailed than what a simple success would have past. Members of these gangs conform to the provided using the results listed on page 6 but Street Tough profile, on page of the E dge he feigns ignorance as to its actual hierarchy, outside of the E mpire Core Rulebook.

Should Graf learn that the PCs are attempting to Graf has largely given up on life, whether he admits find and capture or kill the Queen, he immediately it or not, and has decided to drink himself to death.

Read or paraphrase Despite this, he fantasizes about returning to the the following text aloud: Sorority someday, for he believes the best years of his life were spent there. I know I m outta the loop these Despite his bad attitude, which is especially promi days, but I can help ya.

I want to help ya, blast nent when hes drunk as he often is , Graf is actually it! After what those cutthroats did to me Graf a fairly charismatic fellow. His run-down appearance pauses and grimly rubs his prosthetic leg.

When sober, he can be seri queen and her crew. It aint about moneyI dont ous, competent, and above all things, cunning. All I be wantin is justice! Despite Grafs apparent sincerity, his ultimate goal Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl 2, Charm 3, Deception is as far from revenge as can be.

If Talents: Natural Brawler once per game accepted into the PCs ranks, he plays the loyal cohort session, the character may re-roll one and partner until he sees an opportunity to turn the Brawl or Melee check , Quick Draw PCs over to his erstwhile comrades.

If he is drunk, the PCs gain on their Abilities: Discipline check. Success indicates that Graf isnt sin Equipment: Holdout cere, though the reasons behind his insincerity are blaster Ranged [Light]; unclear. If they notice and confront 1 concealed in cane, him, Graf sticks to his story.

His hair is long, gray, and unkempt, and his blue eyes are dullunless hes interested in something. His cheap prosthetic legall he could afford following the tender mercies of the Veiled Sororitymakes him walks with a noticeable limp, and often uses a polished bubse wood cane for support.

The CM is free to further develop his background and the reasons for his ejection from the Sorority as desired to best match the style of play and personality used for him. Perhaps he was expelled for hesitation in combat, or embezzlement, or even unsanctioned killings. He deals with anyoneprofit is profitand Krezo isnt expecting trouble, and he assumes the he isnt shy about dealing in less-than-legal or hot PCs are just another group of customers looking to merchandise.

Unfortunately, greed often clouds his satisfy an exotic vice or shopping for a unique gift. If limited common sense, especially when dealing with any of the PCs are conspicuously armed, he attempts stolen product. In such a case, any PC This poor judgment led Krezo to sell three disruptor succeeding on an Average Perception or pistols to one of the Zann Consortiums agents.

After Streetwise check notices that Krezo is made visibly acquiring the pistols, the agent easily determined that nervous by the obvious firepower. Krezo is blissfully in buying or selling, but are instead looking for leads unaware that the Consortium has uncovered his con relating to the Veiled Sorority, Krezo comes to the nection to the Veiled Sorority.

If he did know, he would conclusion that hes in big trouble. Any mention of the have left as quickly as possible, having gathered all Zann Consortium by the PCs only increases his level of the wealth he could and left Saleucami far, far behind. Krezos shop is neat, organized, and well presented, and resides in a relatively sparse area with few sur Outside of its reinforced manipulators, Koochoo rounding buildings.

Though serving as an importer is a isnt designed for combat. Krezo assumes he has only legitimate cover for his illegitimate dealings, he takes a few seconds before the droid is out of commission, pride in his reputation as an honest businessman who and he takes advantage of the opportunity by making goes the extra kilometer for his clients, no questions a break for the nearest exit.

Unless he is stopped or asked. The interior of the shop is clean and features incapacitated, Krezo does his best to escape into the all manner of luxury goods, from bottles of exotic streets, seeking refuge wherever he can find it. Instead of taking a direct approach, the Player Char acters may decide to break into Krezos shop after If the Player Characters arrive at Krezos Imports hours.

Forcing the door As you enter the import shop, you ore greeted trips a silent alarm that alerts Krezo to a break-in, by o soft chime and o pleasant gust of environ unless one of the PCs succeeds at a Hard mentally conditioned air scented by exotic goods.

Computers check to detect and circumvent the secu The shops shelves and counters are spotless, well rity system before they break the door. As they enter knacks from all over the galaxy. A short, olive-skinned Rodian with red-gold eyes The import shop is dark and quiet, the air still and sitting behind a polished metal counter raises his cool. The shelves lining the walls are stocked with gaze from a datapad and briefly sizes you up.

Of the queen pdf pirate mask

His luxury goods, trinkets, and unidentifiable knick- face suddenly lights up with a welcoming smile. At the rear of the Greetings, my friends, he says in thickly-accent shop, a sliver of light can be seen coming from ed Basic. With a small amount of Coercion check. He responds best to applications or threats of forceany mention of the Zann Consor tium, or any presentation of items usable as imple footwork, they discover a security door in a ments of torture, grants the PCs on these checks.

The door is made from heavy This bonus is cumulative. If Krezo is threatened with alloy and does not feature an external han death outright, the PCs gain an additional to any dle, keypad, or other mechanism for opening Coercion checks made to interrogate the Rodian. Krezo explains that he knows very little about the Given its construction, the door is nearly Veiled Sorority, other than that it is a pirate band impossible to physically break down.

His contact with the Sorority is O Athletics check in order to do so. Though he attention might consider using weapons or isnt familiar with the Sororitys organization on Saleu- explosives in order to breach the security cami, he did hear Mandi mention a placeBlackwind door. In such a case, the door has a soak of Craterto one of her associates, and he assumes 4 and a wound threshold of However, thats where the pirates are holed up.

If the PCs con within 5 minutes. Use the Spaceport Security tinue to press him, he begins to make things up in Detail profile on page of the E dge of the order to escape any immediate repercussions. If the Empire Core Rulebook if needed. PCs allow him to live, his first inclination is to leave Saleucami behind in order to escape the wrath of Regardless of what time of night the PCs break in, both the Sorority and the Zann Consortium.

In fact, Krezo is in the shops stockroom with a human client. This depends, in large part, on how many Krezos shop for money and valuables.

Krezo has assumed thieves are in the shop, how well armed they 3, credits stashed away in a hidden compartment are, and whether or not Krezo can identify them as behind the showrooms counter, but finding it neces possible allies, associates, or enemies.

All of break for the nearest exit. This follows much the same these items have value for someone, though many of pattern as the daylight encounter described above. If the goods are esoteric enough that it may take time desired, he can activate a hidden alarm as he runs out to locate someone willing to buy them. Should the that calls in local security forces these can be por PCs wish to satisfy their own vices by stealing liquor, trayed using the Spaceport Security Detail from page cigarras, or small art objects, they can, but most of from the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook.

A number of crates marked with Krezo isnt stupid. Once the PCs have him in their Consortium symbols are stacked in a corner and cov custody, he implicitly understands that his life is in ered with a tarp. If the PCs return the crates to the danger. He attempts to wear a brave mask, but in Zann Consortium, Venlana happily rewards them with reality, hes terrified of what the future holds for him.

Curious PCs who decide to Depending on the methods the PCs use in extract examine the contents of the crates find a smattering ing information from Krezo, he either attempts to talk of proscribed goods, such as spice, light weapons, his way out of his predicament, or he breaks down and cybernetics details are at the CMs discretion.

In entirely and spills his guts. His more physically capable siblings and their friends bullied Koochoo Huttese for idiot or moron is Krezos him for much of his youth. Despite his shortcomings, labor droid.

Krezo has had Koochoos programming he was extremely bright, and was successful in every modified, making the droid completely loyal and inca business endeavor he chose to pursue. Once Krezo pable of intentionally causing harm to its master. This had accumulated enough capital, he abandoned his does not apply to others, and Krezo is happy to use homeworld in search of his next big opportunity.

Koochoo to keep enemies at bay while he escapes. His path took him to Saleucami, where his initial Like other ASP-series labor droids, Koochoo is only pursuits were entirely legal. Over time, however, he capable of speaking two words: Affirmative and began to see how easily a businessman could profit Negative, both spoken in very mechanical Huttese. Krezos profits swelled as his moral compunc tions shrank.

He became increasingly complacent, greedy, and overconfident. It is for precisely this reason that Krezo came to the attention of the Zann Consortium in its current battle with the Veiled Sorority. Seeing an opportunity Skills group only: Brawl, Melee. Droid does not need to breathe, eat, or be caught, Krezo broke his promise to hold the goods drink and can survive in vacuum and underwater; until the fallout from Sorority raid on the Consortiums immune to poisons and toxins.

He made a sale that he should Equipment: Reinforced manipulators Brawl; Dam have considered more carefully. Krezo can be charming, and he often feigns naivete when dealing with new clients. He affects a strong Rodian accent and pretends his fluency in Basic is less than ideal. Hes small in stature and weak of body, but he is highly intelligent and astute. Nevertheless, his avarice gets the better of him more often than not. He dresses in fine suits tailored to his physique, and keeps an ASP-series labor droid in his shop to do all the heavy lifting.

When dealing with Krezo, it is possible for anyone to play on his greed in order to gain an advantage. When appealing to his desire for money and profit, PCs gain to all Charm, Deception, and Negotiation checks made to influence Krezo. SororiNet is a secured computer network used by the To slice into SororiNet, the first step is to locate the Veiled Sorority to disseminate information, track ship front. This can be done via a business search on ments, and communicate internally. Several nodes Taleucemas public network using a Simple - Com are maintained, and there is generally one for every puters check.

Terminals can be found in many loca world where the Sorority maintains a significant pres tions, including public kiosks, inside most local offices ence. These individual nodes are part of a system and cantinas, and even within Krezos establishment that allows members with the proper access codes see page Each planets SororiNet it. Though the node is public, it is encrypted and node consists of three nested subnodes.

These front nodes are used as masks to hide the Read or paraphrase the following aloud: Most are easily accessible, especially if they are dis guised as the nodes of legitimate businesses. Security The external security folds away, allowing you ac on these is universally light, though sufficient to dis cess to the SaleuQuest Overland Adventures busi courage casual access from unwanted parties.

Though you see many options open to youprompts to request a quote, schedule an ex The second node is hidden within the front node, pedition, or review the many distant locations that often in plain sight. Anyone wishing to access it the company visits regularlynothing appears to directly must either present a complex access code, be out o f the ordinary.

You get the distinct impres or slice through the nodes active and passive security sion that if there is a secondary node tied to this systems.

Within it are kept a number of iow-security database, it must be hidden. The third and final node is protected not only by Though the link to the secondary node is hidden, a active software defenses, but also by a full-time slicer canny slicer can locate it easily enough using one of who monitors overall security. If necessary, the slicer the following options: The most rity elements, especially if passive and active security direct route, this requires the slicer to succeed programs have been breached.

Within the third node, on an Average Computers check Suc only the most sensitive information and data is kept, cess reveals the precise location of the second and it is often encrypted with high-level ciphers. On ary nodes access point, allowing the slicer to Saleucami, activity on the SororiNet is actively moni attempt to access it. Manually selecting all options: No check is required, but it takes guised as a small business, SaleuQuest Overland an hour or two to locate the secondary nodes Adventures, which offers tours of the planets more access point.

Costs for such expeditions are exor The secondary node access point is disguised as a bitant, purely to discourage outside use. SaleuQuest link to an accident indemnity form that connects to often disguises shipments to its base at Blackwind an empty file.

The empty file, which also includes an Crater as chartered trips. PCs wishing to charter an expedition are unable Bypassing the security, which is much tougher than to speak to anyone immediately. Persistent PCs eventually hear back PCs may search the secondary node for informa from an operator, who tells them that charters are tion on the pirates base on Saleucami by attempting filled for the next three months.

The slicers access is denied, and I V node, that PC must attempt a Computers the PC is immediately kicked out of the check with a difficulty depending on the level of system entirely.

This requires the slicer security being bypassed. Use the following to to start over again. Additional suc made aware of an intrusion attempt. Every O resulting from this check made during this session. If the slicer is discon of the intrusion. The PC gains immediate access to the slicers equipment. Not only does the secondary node and may upgrade this kick the Player Character out of the next Computers check made in the system, but the slicer is unable that node once.

The CM can provide to utilize the affected gear until it is insight into the SororiNet as desired. The level of security utilized by the gateway is suspi puters check to resist the trace. With a success, ciously high, and the slicing character may guess cor Lathes trace attempt fails; otherwise, Lathe succeeds rectly that the required information is located behind in tracing the intrusion back to the PC.

For each O it. Accessing the gateway requires an upgraded Hard generated during this check, the slicer has two addi Computers check tional turns to act before Lathe shuts the node down The final SororiNet gateway is where the Veiled entirely, locking the PC out. A PC may spend to dis connect Lathe from SororiNet and thus prevent her Sororitys important data is kept, including the coor from shutting down the node.

While such information could also be found via investigating fur information wont identify the PC outright, it provides ther in the SaleuQuest office, or through additional enough information for the Veiled Sorority to inves questioning of Krezo and Lind. If she can force the intruder out, Lathe shuts the shutting the node down, assuming she is able to do node down entirely so that she can inform her supe so.

Of queen pdf the pirate mask

If her trace attempt is successful, Lathe sends riors and diagnose any damage that might have been the data to a Sorority kill team in Taleucema, and its done. Any subsequent Computers checks attempted members waste little time converging on the partys by the PC, even those made to resist Lathes trace location. Unless the PCs think to run some type of attempts, receive diagnostic test to see whether their signal was traced which requires an Average Computers Lathes attempt to trace the slicers signal is more check , they may have no idea that a group of unex problematic for the party.

The slicing PC must make pected guests is on the way. Shes been assigned to monitor the planets shock gloves Brawl; Damage 4; Critical 5; Range SororiNet node, and the job couldnt suit her better. She is a short, slight wisp of a human woman in her early twenties, Coming from various species, genders, and back with short-cropped red hair and hazel eyes. They are well paid and live reasonably good lives in Taleucema. Skills group only: Defensive Slicing 2 when defending com Melee, Ranged Light , puter systems, add to opponents checks.

Brass knuckles Brawl; Damage 2; Criti Abilities: The GM could also have the kill team or even a local gang see the side- bar on page 20 menace the PCs while their slicer is occupied, to heighten the tension during the scene.

Disgraced, he turned to drink and spice until he met with a Sorority recruiter in a cantina. He has since recovered from his shame and addiction, and dedi cates himself to the Sororitys business on Saleucami.

Because of its subterranean hot springs, the craters interior is a mercenary unit, though, and finding work that doesnt violate their sense of honor has become harder and sweltering combination of jungle and marshland. Its harder. It is not as honorable as their previous long been isolated from others of their kind on the jobs, but their numbers have dwindled over the years, planets surface. The crater is roughly six kilometers east to west, Unfortunately for the clones, they have aged at an fourteen kilometers north to south, and nearly accelerated rate.

Despite their chronological a g e - meters deep. A large pride of thaelos makes its home near to forty years oldthey are physically closer to in the thick jungle canopy that shields the majority of seventy or eighty years old.

The fact that the clones the craters floor from the dubious light of Saleucamis were created to be healthier, stronger, and faster than sun.

[SWE13] Mask of the Pirate jinzihao.info | Piracy | Meteoroid

A number of colorful avian species have found the average human has served them well, but they their way to the crater, and the air is often filled with are no longer in their prime. In addition to casualties the sound of bird calls. T prevents the PCs from cate with the other. The troopers view the Sorority as igno the Piloting check, the PCs ship suffers one ble pirates and criminals, but with no other prospects point of hull trauma as the hull is dented and for better service, they have resigned themselves to torn by the trees.

Piercing the jun gle canopy at the floor of the crater is a much The clone troopers make their home within a series simpler operation in a small and maneuver- of tunnels in the eastern wall of Blackwind Crater. Non-combat air- been unable to discover any other egress from them.

Star Wars : Edge of the Empire - Mask Of The Pirate Queen

A The Barracks entrance is well-disguised and highly defensible. Some went on to form tion check to notice it. This group, which kept its original formation name of the 1st Platoon, grew a reputation across the Outer Rim as a reliable fighting unit.

Rumor has it that members took their final retirement pay by making off with caches of armor and weaponry. The clones rarely visit the Mausoleum, Oake began as the platoons medic, but when its last for they have come to consider it to be a sacred but gunner was killed, he was promoted to fill the gap. Zeke was a junior sergeant at the end of the Clone Wars and became a valued part of the mercenary band of retired platoon comrades.

In the years that followed, he found himself rising in rank as other members fell in action. Just prior to landing on Saleu- cami, he became leader of the group. Zeke is an excellent commander, but over the years Skills: Athletics 2, Discipline 2, Medicine 2, Melee 2, he has grown distant and cold as more and more of Ranged Heavy 2, Survival 2, Vigilance 3.

He was nearly killed by a pride of Talents: Point Blank 1 add one damage to one hit of thaelos in Blackwind Crater; if not for Oakes medical successful Ranged [Heavy] or Ranged [Light] attacks skills, Zeke would have lost more than just his left arm.

Despite this, he is still a capable and deadly trooper. Adversary 1 upgrade difficulty of all com bat checks against this target once , Point Blank 1 add one damage to one hit of successful Ranged [Heavy] or Ranged [Light] attacks made while at short range or engaged. Squad Leader spend a maneuver to direct one clone trooper within medium range. The clone trooper may perform an immediate free maneuver or add to the troopers next check , Teamwork add to all checks during combat while within medium range of one or more clone trooper allies.

Light repeating blaster with sling Ranged ter is suspect. They mobilize immediately and seek [Heavy]; Damage 11; Critical 5; Range [Long]; Auto out any intruders, observing from a distance before fire, Cumbersome 3, Pierce 1 , blaster pistol Ranged deciding what to do. If the PCs display Republic insig [Light]; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Stun nia, or clone trooper armor or armaments, the clones setting , vibroknife Melee; Damage 3; Critical 2; attempt to make contact with them in order to learn Range [Engaged]; Pierce 2, Vicious 1 , worn clone more about these possible comrades.

Unless the PCs display obvious evidence of Sorority allegiance, the clones correctly assume they Jayk, Rafe, and Tojo are the last remaining rank-and- are enemies and set out to attack them.