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Massimo Dall'Oglio (Underskin, Le Cronache del Mondo Emerso, John Doe) con le copertine di I am Elric, a creature more demon than man!. nihal della terra del vento le cronache del mondo emerso 1. nihal della terra del vento pdf - jinzihao.infoess - ho detto che la casa deve essere dietro il getto download. cronache del mondo emerso, ebook,.. le creature del mondo. formato pdf. nihal della terra del cronache del mondo emerso le nuove ebook,. . le creature del mondo emerso nihal della terra del vento. cronache del mondo.

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Licia Troisi (born 25 November in Rome) is an Italian fantasy writer. Her first published book was Nihal della terra del vento (Nihal of the Wind land), published in This is the first book of a fantasy trilogy entitled Cronache del mondo emerso Later, she embarked on a second trilogy, Le guerre del mondo emerso. book pdf le guerre del mondo emerso 1 la setta degli assassini - le guerre . rowling j k,harry potter the creature vault creatures and plants of. del potere le guerre del mondo emerso.. direct download. cronache del mondo emerso, ebook,.. le creature del mondo emerso nr4 slip pdf - wordpress - nr4.

That was totally unfair to her, he used magic in a fight and everyone knew that was implicitedly not the point, but everyone told her it was her own fault, including her father, what? Nihal of the Land of the Wind was originally written in Italian and published and Italy. Thank you, Netgalley and Open Road Media for allowing me to read this novel in exchange for an honest review. There are a lot of scenes with blood and bodies lining the ground. Sometimes the prose ends up becoming stilted and unnatural in the new language and it' Thanks to Netgalley and Open Road Intergrated Media for allowing me to read this. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Her fellow student spends time comforting her and then wood sprites come and hang out.

And oh when she began to crush on Fen. It was so sweet. The first time she began to see someone as a man and not a companion or a friend or parent, and it was so sweet to read.

Nihal, soana, and Sennar travel for Sennar's inauguration to become a full-fledged sorcerer and they meet up with Fen the dragon knight and his dragon. Upon seeing Fen all these strange feelings bloom in Nihal and it nearly knocks her off her feet. It certainly left her tongue tied! As sweet as it was to read it, it was just as bittersweet to read her to realize that Soana, her aunt and the sorceress, held Fen's heart. This is the first time Nihal's felt romantic feelings for someone, and I love that it was handled exactly right.

Nihal is very stubborn, very pig headed. As she grew older and more trained, won more battles, she began to get a sense of invisibility, hell she never needed armor, that it was just her and her mission and others were wrong to try to sway her or get in her way, even her superiors.

That's a thing she has to reign in, that her way isn't nearly the right way, especially with the dragons later on. Her love of Fen, while forever unrequited, really does get in the way of her developing relationship with Sennar.

Licia Troisi

That what ever hopes, dreams, and fantasies she had for a future with Fen greatly clouded her judgement and put a wedge between her and Sennar.

And while I felt bad that she lost her first love, I feel more bad for Sennar and his developing relationship with Nihal because it's not fair on him that Nihal acted the way she did towards him later on, so distant and standoffish. It doesn't seem like she realizes the great responsibilities that they both had and how they had to grow up and do them, that the responsibilities would take them away from each other.

The way she prioritize makes her very self centered and makes her push away people who care for her and means well. She expresses how she feels that everyone is against her when they're just trying to help her and it was very hard to take in, how she was breaking these relationships and then feeling like it's their fault not hers, especially since it was drawing near the end of the book. In the end it greatly reminded me of Jaon of Arc only of course Nihal isn't a schizophrenic.

Nihal still has a lot to go through, still has a war to fight, peace to win, tyranny to end, she still has much to learn about her still, still has to come into herself, and most important to me relationships to reconcile PLEASE have her make up with Sennar in the second one! It was an amazing read, a book I would love to have on my shelf, and I demand that I be the first to have the sequel.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Proprio no. Ne ho sentito parlare talmente tanto in bene ed in male da decidermi a leggerlo anche io. I personaggi sono terribilmente stereotipati. E' bellissima, l'ultima dei mezzelfi, forte, agile, invidiatissima da tutti, non le manca davvero niente! Cito solo due o tre pezzi, tanto basta aprire il libro e pezzi come questi ci sono ogni dieci pagine: Giravano addirittura scommesse su chi l'avrebbe irretita per primo.

This was a very middle of the road book for me. It held my attention but at no point was I ever intrigued. The main character is average well apart from her godly fighting skills and beauty. I didn't really feel connected to her or the her world much when reading this. The overall plot had promise but the pace was way too slow for me.

This is not by any means a bad novel, but I would not recommend buying this. For me this is a solid library checkout. Hopefully this series gets better as it progr This was a very middle of the road book for me.

Hopefully this series gets better as it progresses but I'm not sure if I would check out the next book. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Nihal of the Land of the Wind was originally written in Italian and published and Italy. This makes for a very interesting problem while reviewing, especially when it comes to critiques since it's not just the original author's writing, but also how well the translator was able to mimic the style of the author in another language.

Sometimes the prose ends up becoming stilted and unnatural in the new language and it' Thanks to Netgalley and Open Road Intergrated Media for allowing me to read this. Sometimes the prose ends up becoming stilted and unnatural in the new language and it's no fault of the original story.

On the other hand, the style of writing may be different in the original country as well, it might just now translate well at all and there's nothing anyone can do about that. I thought, when I started this book, that that was the main issue I was facing. The prose was indeed stilted and dialogue often felt unnatural, but I soon realized that I had many issues with the story itself. Now, before I say anything else, I did finish this book.

I almost shut it many times, but I felt obligated to finish it and give my review. My main problems all revolve around the main character, Nihal. Pretty much for the entire book Nihal acted like a spoiled seven year old.

Of course it didn't feel like the other characters handled her very well either seriously that first fight with Senner?

Pdf del le emerso creature mondo

That was totally unfair to her, he used magic in a fight and everyone knew that was implicitedly not the point, but everyone told her it was her own fault, including her father, what?

The biggest example of this is the Who acts like that? Her behavior becomes more and more abhorrent as the book continues. I have never had such a hard time trying to connect with a character as I did with Nihal. She was utterly cruel to everyone who took an interest in her. On top of her attitude is the fact that she is written as a God-Character. I guess I could say she's a Mary Sue instead, but her traits aren't quite right in my opinion and instead she fits into that mold for role play characters where the character can do absolutely anything and always wins.

Somehow Nihal is the strongest fighter ever, despite not having any official training for the longest time and then when she does it's like once a month for a couple of years. She defeats ten warriors in a row who have all had serious weapons training. She's oh so talented and can overcome anything that's her way. There is also an issue with the writing being contradictory with itself.

Within one page Fen is described as being very predictable with his moves and then it goes on to say how enjoyable the fight was because Fen was unpredictable. Another time Nihal wakes up sees it's raining and the day is ruined and terrible, then a few pages later Nihal is looking at the rain outside and waxing about how much she loves it because it cleans the world.

I do have some praise now. I really like the world that has been created here for the most part. I like the idea of the Tyrant and the different kingdoms, and I like their names.

I like that there is an Overworld and an Underworld, I want to learn more about this. I also enjoy Senner. Except for a bit in the very beginning where he pretty much makes a fool out of Nihal for selfish reasons, I liked him as a character and as a point of view.

Mondo emerso pdf creature del le

If the writing improves I'd be able to keep reading the series if he was the main character instead of Nihal. I understand that it was pretty popular in Italy?

Maybe it's much better written in the Italian version. Maybe for younger crowds who haven't read hundreds of Young Adult books like I have won't notice the faults that I did? The problem is that as it is now I wouldn't have even made it past the first few chapters reading it for free on fictionpress or some other online site.

Dec 30, Roberta rated it it was ok Shelves: Fantasy d'esordio Nihal nasce bene come bambina aspirante spadaccina che compie infinite scorribande a Salazar. L'evoluzione in ragazzina cocciuta perdutamente Fantasy d'esordio Feb 09, K. Es ist schon ewigkeiten her dass ich dieses Buch bzw. Jul 21, Carly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I wish that they were in English so more people could read them! The characters were amazing, and I loved how they grew as the books went on. Such a fun read!

Jun 11, Alessio rated it liked it Shelves: Molti ne parlavano male, altri in modo beffardo altri in tono reverenziale.

E' vero. Smith che, con tutta la sua bravura che nessuno vuole negargli dato che leggo i suoi romanzi, vengono esaltate come 'grandi scrittrici' beh Original Blog Post: I was really excited to read about Nihal. After all, a book about a girl that's described as an elf, dragons, righteous battles, magic - it's just full of stuff I like to lose myself in.

It started out really strong: But as the book wore on, I found I was looking for the end of each chapter and marking the start of the next one to read later - much later. Which is weird, for me.

I devour books like this in a couple of hours and this particular one was taking me forever to slog through. Don't know why but it made me remember Hana no Ko Lunlun, a Japanese anime series created in the eighties, translated in English as Lulu, The Flower Angel, an anime I watched as a child. There are differences, of course, but Lulu sometimes translated as Lily never fit in.

She was boyish and frequently got into fights which caused a lot of trouble wherever she went.

Nihal della terra del vento by Licia Troisi

Like Nihal, she left her home at a young age to perfect her powers. The only time she felt normal was when she worked those powers.

It's a common enough theme, but still Then there are also quite a few books that make their influences known, from the currently popular-again Lord of the Rings to the classic King Arthur and his knights' adventures. I won't name them all but a careful read-through will reveal certain threads of older fantasy classics. Let me just point out that this is a Young Adult novel and most of the target audience probably won't have read these dusty old books.

But if this will get them interested enough to dig up the original classics, I'm all for it. In all, I don't think I'd read this again or the rest of the series. Sennar is the only character I liked and believed in here but not enough to read another book by this author. Just a few last things: One, I'm reviewing an English translation from Italian.

It's very possible there are a few things that were lost or just don't come out the same way from the original. Two, I know there are lots of other people that love her work and I also respect their views and opinions. Unfortunately, this author's work just didn't click with me. Her character starts out young and enthusiastic about becoming a warrior, but over time she is beset by challenges. She overcomes these hurdles one after another, but not without learning lessons that harden her.

The Creatures of the Emerged World

The style of presentation is the most difficult part of this book to accept. Some of the dialog is awkward, and the writing is frequently stilted and flat. And worse, sometimes I couldn't tell what was happening. I'd go back and read and re-read a section with action and there was no clear presentation of the action. Possibly to avoid describing violent deeds. Possibly because the publisher demanded a shorter book. And remembering that this was a translation from the Italian, as well as the fact that this series was intended for Tween and Middle-graders helped me to glide over the problem areas.

Emerso le creature pdf mondo del

Both girls want more than anything to be a knight. And both girls meet one obstacle after another. But where Alanna's focus is on serving good, at this point in the story arc Nihal is confused, and she is more interested in seeing enemy dead mound up beneath her feet, than developing her own standards of behavior.

The 'flat' story telling --like you find in children's fairytales-- and the sometimes awkward rendering of things into English is likely to drive you crazy. However, if you want a different sort of grand epic tale with magic, dragons, knights, and human drama, you might very well want to pick up a copy. I ended up liking this story more than I expected. There's a good story here. View all 7 comments. There is nobody like her in the Overworld: She is an expert in swordplay and the leader of a handful of friends that includes Sennar the wizard.

She has no parents; brought up by an armorer and a sorceress, Nihal seems to be from nowhere. Things suddenly change when the Tyrant takes charge. Nihal finds herself forced to take action when she is faced with the mos requested ARC from Netgalley Nihal lives in one of the many towers of the Land of the Wind.

Nihal finds herself forced to take action when she is faced with the most difficult mission a girl her age could imagine. Fierce, strong, and armed with her black crystal sword, Nihal sets out to become a real warrior.

Readers will be riveted as she forges her powerful path of resistance. Jun 18, Friedrich L L. Leggermente ingenuo, ma bello. Un romanzo fantasy di formazione con una protagonista adattissima al genere young adult: Un invito all'identificazione. La trama si fa meno netta verso la fine, ma ci sono i sequel, vedremo. I want more! Hoping the rest of the series is translated soon. Full review: Whimsical Writing Scale: But now she did not want to die.

She would not die. She would win back the happiness she had lot and make her life worth living again. Swoon Worthy Scale: Villain Scale: Character Scale: Plotastic Scale: This cover is absolutely gorgeous. The painting of Nihal is striking and the detail is so beautiful. Thank you, Netgalley and Open Road Media for allowing me to read this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Reviews of Other Books in This Trilogy: Sennar's Mission 4. Feb 04, Francesco rated it did not like it Shelves: Letto giusto per poter confermare il mio timore - giustificato - che fosse un titolo decisamente sopravvalutato. May contain spoilers! Read at your own risk!

If you're wondering what's wrong with me and why am I doing reviews for books I've already read, I'll inform you that I've read a lot of books that I have very strong opinions of and that I haven't written a review for, maybe because I wasn't in the mood at the time or did not know what to write. Now that I have more experience in these kinds of things I can go back to the books I've read earlier this year or in the past years and give at least May contain spoilers! Now that I have more experience in these kinds of things I can go back to the books I've read earlier this year or in the past years and give at least a few of my subjective opinions about them.

The first thing I've noticed when entering this book was the main character Nihal, she's 13 and she doesn't act like a 13 year olf girl, because she wants to be an accomplished swordwielder and whatnot you also have to kill when you have a sword in your hand, didn't you know, sweetheart?

She is presented as a typical Mary Sue, so much better than the other boys of her age and maybe a bit older, until she is taken on by a boy, a mage wizard, warlock, I dunno how it's translated in English , that teaches her a thing or two about humility.

That is Sennar and I have to say that I liked him. Long story short, things happen to her like every other chosen on plot, her hometown is attacked and her father figure is killed and she goes off the only living relative she has who can also train her the art of magic wielding to get revenge on the Evil Overlord - don't ask me his name because I eliminated it out of my brain a long time ago.

The character is around 16 or 17 at the time, I think Ok, so I have a few gripes about this book - not series I will not be continuing it, gave up on it at page out of Nihal is unbelievebly annoying and entitled brat and everytime I read about her getting her ass kicked I grinned: The concept of her race is stupid.

The characters are uninteresting, the setting had me confused most of the time, even with the bloody map and some names sounded really silly: I felt like it was really sappy and overall an uninteresting story.

L'ho trovato un ottimo inizio per una trilogia fantasy. Non sono riuscita ad entrare in empatia con questa ragazzina guerriera piena di odio ve L'ho trovato un ottimo inizio per una trilogia fantasy. Non sono riuscita ad entrare in empatia con questa ragazzina guerriera piena di odio verso il mondo.

Come le dice Ivo, lei combatte per uccidere, prova piacere nell'uccidere e nessuno dovrebbe provare piacere in una battaglia. E' sempre molto istintiva ma anche sciocca. Tante sue scelte non le ho condivise, a tratti mi sembrava solo una bambinetta viziata. I received a copy via NetGalley from the publisher for an honest review. This is the story of Nihal of Salazar, a young girl with blue hair, purple eyes, and pointy ears.

One day, she meets a boy who tricks her with magic during a duel. Determined to defeat this boy, she sets herself on quest to learn magic and eventually defeat her enemies and avenge her family. My Thoughts I was really looking forward to starting this fantasy novel. This is a high fantasy YA novel with dragons, sword fights, and magic. Everything in this book started out great and then Total Fail!!

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