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Corporation of Chennai – Payment Deposit Slip. Customer Details Cheque. ( Please attach Deposit Slip). DD Cheque No. Name of bank / Branch. DD. Cheque. Features and benefits of Kotak Mahindra bank Cheque Deposit Kiosk (CDK) in the bank to deposit the cheque; Customers will be provided with the receipt for. Kindly select Direct Bank Deposit and deposit the amount in any of the Kotak. Mahindra Bank branch Go to Kotak Mahindra Bank and fill the PAY-IN-SLIP available at their counters with the pay your fees either in cash / cheque. Our Billing.

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Cash/Cheque Deposit Slip (Foreign Exchange). Account Holder's Name l l. Please mention your account number on the reverse of each cheque. Foreign. Click here to download or print forms to apply for our products and services under Personal, NRI, SME and Wholesale Banking of Kotak Bank. Cheques issued by the customer from his/her existing Bank account and payable to Kotak Fixed Deposit (Premature Withdrawal not allowed).

Now, we can experience the benefits anywhere and anytime, without the need for a computer. The applicant needs to maintain the same signature throughout the loan period. Indian banks both public and private have not only been keep to tap the domestic market but also to compete with global market place. A visit to an ATM today can help you accomplish myriad value-added transaction services like utility payments, pre-paid mobile re-charge, credit card payments, tax payments and much more. Fast Approval Doorstep Facility:

Safer online transactions: Wealth statement: Travel cashless: Home banking service: This service is available in select cities. Cash back up to Rs 3. Customized cash delivery 5.

SMS to receive a call back 6. Health care for IHO. Option of maintaining balance in one account or spread across accounts. Dedicated relationship manager for the family. Free unlimited Demand Drafts payable at Kotak Bank branch locations up to 25 per month 3.

Free cheque payment and collection anywhere in India.

Free cheque collection through speed clearing. Free beat service daily visit to home or office for cheque pickup and deposit in your account.

Free mulity city cheque books at par cheque books upto 1 per month 8. Free cheque deposits and withdrawal at home branch locations. Dedicated Relationship Manager who will be a single point of contact at the bank. Free alerts through E-mail and SMS charges apply Business class gold debit card with enhanced daily purchase limit of Rs 1, 75, and daily ATM cash withdrawal limit of Rs 50, Kotak credit card access unsecured overdraft facility up to Rs 15 lac for business emergencies.

Cash management services available. Payment Gateway solution for quick receipt of payments from your customers. Better Forex rates and efficient trade services. Get flexibility to maintain minimum group AQB balance in any one or more accounts PRO Current account Features and benefits 1.

Free unlimited Demand Drafts payable at Kotak Bank branch locations up to 50 per month 3. Free mulity city cheque books at par cheque books 8. Free unlimited Demand Drafts payable at Kotak Bank branch locations up to per month 3.

Free Demand Drafts upto 10 lacs per month payable at non-Kotak bank branch locations. Free mulity city cheque books at par cheque books. Free outward cheque returns upto 5 instruments per month. Free cash deposit at non branch locations up to Rs 3 lac per month.

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Free cash withdrawal at non branch locations up to Rs 1 lac per month. Kotak active money converts savings account balance above a certain. Kotak also provides Astra 05, Astra 10, Astra 15, Global Trade current account, Trader pro current account, Trader classic current account. In todays day and age time is money. All of us work hard and have busy schedule. Doing our banking should be easy, quick and convenient and should not add to our worries.

At Kotak Mahindra bank they realized this has wide range of value added products and services to make our money work for us. These, coupled with the highest standards of customers values and make customer life easier and simpler. Following are various Branchless Banking facilities carried out by Kotak Bank: Net banking Helps to view details across accounts.

Term deposits and Demat Accounts- 24x7 Kotak Mahindra banks net banking services brings us the time world of instant banking. It is quick and easy available to us 24x7 and it is absolutely free. Key features:. Net Banking gives us a host of services, giving us complete control of your accounts:.

Download Form for Products & Services by Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak payment Gateway Instant, convenient and secure way of shopping making payments online. Kotak Payment Gateway enables us to shop online at over websites, make utility bill payment across more than 60 companies and 42 cities, following are some of the websites through which you cans shop online.

Kotak payment gateway is an internet based facility using which are can pay online merchants by debiting your select bank account. We can pay insurance premiums, magazines subscriptions, make donations to charitable and religious institutions and transfer money to Kotak securities for margin money, settlement transfer or IPO funding.

This service enables us to transfer money instantly to your account with Kotak securities, for funding your Margin money or funding our IPO account. This gives us the power of anywhere, anytime trading.

Mobile Banking Experience new- age Banking. Its all about convenience banking on our mobile phone. Now, we can experience the benefits anywhere and anytime, without the need for a computer. All this convenience comes to us in a secure and user friendly application for phones and tabs on the is and android platform.

Experience the benefits of banking on the move using USSD. We get latest updates on our account balance, salary credits, large credits, large credits, holding values and much more on your mobile anytime, anywhere.

It is quick and easy, available to you 24x7 and its absolutely free. Key features. Alerts We can get alerts on our mobile or by email for events that we would like to keep track of we can subscribe for automatic updates for our account either on our mobile phone or email address. These alerts are sent on occurrence of particular transaction. For example, if the balance in your account falls below the average quarterly balance, we get more informed through ALERTS.

Phone banking Kotak Bank 24hr customer service centre is at our service. Our nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank Branch is on your phone. They have a hour customer center to offer us personalized service round the clock. Just pick the phone and please call their centre. Whether it is something as urgent as stop payment, cash or cheque pickup or we simply want to know our balance to give the call.

Their toll free number gives you access to our account, from anywhereanytime and whats more, this facility comes to us absolutely free of cost. Best compliments card It lets our loved ones choose their own gift or shop or enjoy at any place that accepts Visa cards, be it a shopping mall, a restaurant or a multiplex.

Kotak Netca d Page Kotak Netca d is a single use limited validity online card created by us, from our bank accounts, at the time of online shopping and cannot be used after your first payment. It combines the benefit of using your bank account and the universal acceptance of VISA Card in a highly secure environment.

It is one-time credit card. It is only offered by Kotak Mahindra Bank. Kotak world Travel card Kotak Mahindra bank brings us the Kotak Travel Card, a prepaid travel card that allows us to forget the hassles of carrying the foreign currency and Travellers cheque. Cash deposit Machine Cash Deposit Machine CDM is self-service terminal that enables us to deposit cash without any manual intervention of the branch officer.

Now no need to fill deposit slips and stand in long ques at each counter. Deposit cash through simple and fast CDM installed in branch and we get instant credit in your account.

To use CDM, we need to have Kotak bank debit card or know the Kotak Banks account number in which we wish to deposit the money. Cheque deposit kiosk Cheque deposit kiosk CDK is a self-service terminal that enables us to deposit cheque without any manual intervention of the branch officer.

Now there is no need for us to fill deposit slips and stand in long ques at the counter. We can deposit our cheque through the simple and fast CDK installed in the branch.

Group transfers to accounts with other Banks, online standing instructions for periodical transfer for the above, request for issue of Demand Draft, Request for opening of new accounts, request of closure of loan Accounts, home insurance, health insurance, Travel insurance, Motor insurance card protection plan. Also Websters dictionary defined Branchless Banking as an on-line only bank with service representatives available by phones or internet for extended hours. Branchless Banking may not necessarily be an alternative to branch based banking system.

It can be either serve as a complement to an existing branch based system or it could be channel that is not in any way related to bank branch. In Nigeria branchless banking only operates within existing branch networks. Presently there is no form of Branchless Banking entirely independent of a branch For literature reviewed, the major reason for the introduction of Branchless Banking in many nations of the world is that, it is seen as a way of reaching the unbanked.

The unbanked can simply be described as those individuals that do not have form of account with a bank. Anderson defined the unbanked as diverse group of individuals who remain outside the banking mainstream for many reasons.

Gautam stated the Africa has about million unbanked household. The study revealed further that about 40 million other adults have left the banking system. Gautam The issue of having unbanked individuals is not limited to the developed or developing nations.

Even in developed countries, many people still remained unbanked. Anderson stated that there are about two million unbanked families in United Nations. Different authors have citied reasons why people still remain unbanked despite the trend in development across the globe.

Simeon, Pedro, Enrique and Siddharth conducted a similar survey on 5, households in Mexico. This was done by comparing savings accounts in formal financial institutions to their neighbor who do not have such accounts. The result of study shows that education levels and wealth play a major role in determining who is banked. The findings further revealed that most of the rural people tend to be mainly or almost entirely unbanked whilst their wealthier urban people tend to be banked.

Chong also stated that low income earners see themselves as incredible for bank accounts. According to Anderson , people remain unbanked in the U. S due to reasons which include: Anderson further noted that the common groups of unbanked people in the U. Many of unbanked people who are usually low people are less exposed to technology Coetzee, In India, vinayak cited an Indian lady who claimed that she has never entered a bank in her life due to fact that nearest branch was 8km far away from the village.

The benefits of branchless banking cannot be overphrasized. Through all these delivery channels, banks will increase their outreach to the unbanked, provision of banking services will not be limited to working hours and week days, long cue that are rampant in banking halls will be reduced, loss of customer due to relocation of the customers from one area to other will be averted.

Many other benefits can be derived from Branchless Banking. A study on customers satisfaction on Branchless Banking facility of Kotak Mahindra bank. To study and to make Branchless banking users aware various e-banking risks like phishing, identity theft, Frauds of plastic Money, Trojan, and Malware etc.

Methodology in the applied sense refers to various methods used by the researcher right from data collection and various techniques used for the same for interpretation and inference. Methods and techniques are often used synonymously in research literature.

When we talk of research methodology we not only talk of the research methods but also consider the logic behind the methods we use in the context of our research study and explain why we are using a particular method or technique and why we are not using others so that research results are capable of being evaluated either by the researcher himself or by others. Descriptive studies attempts to determine the frequency with which something occurs or the relationship between two phenomena.

In general as the data obtained by descriptive research is put to much statistical analysis it is essential to determine the list of variable to be investigated and state how these variables to be measured. A population can be defined as including all people of items with the characteristics one wishes to understand. We have selected the users of Kotak Mahindra bank of Faridabad city. For our research purpose we have selected respondents who are phone banking, net banking and Sms banking banking users of Kotak Mahindra bank.

Deposit slip pdf kotak bank cheque mahindra

A form containing set of questions will be submitted to the respondents to gain statistical information. Secondary data: The scope of study was limited to the Kotak Mahindra bank and Faridabad city. As per survey we came to know that respondents in age group of and are more active in digital banking, whereas the responding comprising of and above 50 are not comfortable with branchless banking as they prefer to go to bank.

From the response of the individuals it was observed that the number of male users is more than female users with response to the use of Branchless Banking services of the bank. One of the reasons could be that men are into commercial use of Branchless banking Products than the females. It could be possible that there may be a limited use of the Branchless Banking services in case of females. In this scenario as per the analysis by researcher conclude that the salaried class people are making more use of Branchless Banking.

The above figures shows that the people comprising of 5, 00,, 00, annual income are more using Branchless Banking services compare to all other income levels people. In scenario as per the analysis by researcher conclude that the bank official user of Branchless Banking is more increasing.

Customers are more and more conservative regarding banking transactions. As per research customers are not prefer less transacting through Branchless Banking services except doing transactions within the bank and customers prefer more to go by manual process. As depletion in equity market and crises for same have motivated customer for making invest in equity market.

The above figures clearly show that the people who are using Kotak app for e-banking are satisfied with the services and finding it easy to access. The above figures clearly show that customers are getting immediate feedback from bank at any transaction.

The above figures clearly show that respondents are clearly satisfied with the privacy policy of bank. It is observed that AGE plays an important role with respect to the use of Branchless Banking services.

It is found that senior citizens are less comfortable with the use of these services. With respect to the literacy level it is observed that majority of customers have knowledge of limited aspects of information technology. From the study it is observed that customers are willing to use modern banking facilities having given them adequate guidance and securities measures by bank.

With respect to frequency of visits it is observed that customers make frequent visits to banks which can be minimized with optimum provision of Branchless Banking facilities. From the response of individuals it is observed that the no of male users is more than female users with respect to the use of Branchless Banking services.

It could be possible that there could be limited use of Branchless Banking services in case of females. So the female Gender should be made more and more aware of Branchless Banking benefits, ease, convenience, precautions, risk, threats etc. The respondents restricted themselves from answering the questions mentioned for the fear of letting their views disclosed to others.

BOOKS Mobarek, D , e-banking practices and customer satisfaction, international journal of bank marketing, vol 2, Arumugaperumal, D. Branch less Banking service of Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Faculty Guide: To know the current market situations,prevailing competitions,behavioral environment of different people etc.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Home Loan

Launched by Midland Bank now part of HSBC in , First direct accounts are operated solely by via the internet, post, or telephone and they do not themselves operate any retail branches although HSBC branches can be used to make deposits while at the same time offering the full range of banking services.

Key features: Net Banking gives us a host of services, giving us complete control of your accounts: View account balance account activity, place standing instructions and cheque status. Pay your utility Bills on Kotak bill pay. Online Trading This service enables us to transfer money instantly to your account with Kotak securities, for funding your Margin money or funding our IPO account. Banking services b.

Credit card view summary of your credit card. Pay your credit card bills. Regenerate debit card pin Register for e-statement of your debit card. Bill Pay Register for bill pay using Add biller Pay due bills Make instant payments to your registered billers. Page 42 Set up auto-pay to make payment automatically using manage auto pay. My Kotak Select widgets to personalize your home page and get all the information in one place. Service Requests Request for bank account statement Request for cheque book Status enquiry of your cheque Stop cheque request Request for debit card PIN Report loss of card Switch primary account of your debit card.

Stop cheque payment. Links to follow kotak mahindra bank on social media sites Fcebook, You-tube,twitter etc 5. Key features We can access our bank account on mobile phone. We can get latest updates of our account balance, salary credits and more.

Key features Get automatic updates of your account on either our mobile or email. Get immediate update on large debit or large credit in to our account.

List of Alerts Given below are the Alerts that Kotak offers: Key features Quick and easy access from anywhere PIN based security Customer care officers available 24x7 9.

Cards Simple transparent Powerful secure. Debit Cards Business class Gold debit card classic Debit card platinum debit card Best compliments card It lets our loved ones choose their own gift or shop or enjoy at any place that accepts Visa cards, be it a shopping mall, a restaurant or a multiplex. Access any ATM in the country absolutely free. Immediate receipt No need to fill cash deposit slips No need to stand in long ques. No need to sort and arrange cash denomination wise Key features Immediate receipt No need to fill cheque Deposit slips No need to stand in long ques.

To study the reason for limited use of Branchless Banking services. To create awareness among customers towards Branchless Banking services.

Kotak Mahindra Bank (PRATEEK JAIN FINAL) 1586

Research methodology is what must be done, how it will be done, what data will be needed, what data gathering will be employed, how sources of data will be selected and how the data will be analyzed and conclusions reached.

Some respondents hesitate in providing information. The information provided by respondents may not be reliable. During the data collection the respondents did not fill the questionnaires genuinely. Ahmad Lokman Alias. Rashmita Bhatt. KR Burki. Dennis Jabagat. Please select current city. Mobile No. We may verify this number later using OTP. Please enter valid Mobile Number. By submitting this form, I agree to Terms of Use Proceed. Kotak Flexi Home Loan flexi home loan is a unique product offered by Kotak bank.

Fees and Charges The bank levies certain types of charges on all loans that it issues. The list of charges is given below: Loan Processing Charges: Nil if applied online.

These charges are levied at up to 1. Documentation Charges: The bank levies a documentation charge at an interest of 0. Stamping Charges: Credit administration C harges: The bank levies no credit administration charge.

Credit appraisal C harges: The bank levies no credit appraisal charge. Commitment Charges: Over Due Interest: Collection Charges: However, these charges are inclusive of service tax and other applicable statutory taxes.

Cheque Dishono u r Charges: The bank levies a cheque return charge of Rs. These charges stand at Rs. Prepayment is a facility offered by the bank wherein the customer can repay the entire loan amount before completion of the original tenure.

However, certain things are to be kept in mind before opting for this option. In case, the applicant is an individual having applied for a loan under floating rate of interest, the bank allows the foreclosure of the loan without any prepayment charge.

However, for every non individual loan under floating rate of interest term loan, the bank does not allow prepayment before the expiry of a period of 6 months from the date of the first EMI. The applicant can also apply for a no Due certificate, if he so requires, he can obtain the same by paying Rs. The bank also issues a solvency certificate, if required by the applicant.

The bank charges Rs. The bank also issues a copy of the credit information report, if required by the applicant at a minimal charge of Rs.

Amortization S chedule: However, such an amortization schedule is issued once on a yearly basis without any charge. APAC Re-schedulement: Part foreclosure charges: The bank also allows for part prepayment of the loan. However, a minimum of 6 months gap has to be kept between the part payment and the first EMI date. However, in case of individual borrowers having availed loan under floating rate of interest the bank does not levy any charge.

Re-booking of loans: The bank allows this facility at an interest of 0. Change in installment due date: The bank also facilitates changes in the EMI date. The charges for this service stand at Rs.

Re-issuance of Pay order: The bank also extends this facility at a minimal rate of RS.

Slip deposit cheque kotak bank pdf mahindra

Owing to lower rate of interest, the loans offered have lower EMIs. Kotak Ltd. Home Loan Amount: Maximum loan period is 20 years. Simple Documentation: Kotak home loans are issued easily with simple documentation.

Fast Approval Doorstep Facility: A dedicated executive is given the charge of taking care of all the loan requirements and formalities. Kotak Mahindra Bank Home loans can be applied for by individuals either jointly or solely.

The bank generally keeps the property under mortgage, as security till the maturity of the loan period. However, in certain cases, the applicant can also provide additional securities. The Kotak Mahindra Bank home loan offers a free personal accident insurance cover up to Rs.

Pre-approval facility: It means that an applicant can avail for a loan based on his current income, assets and employment information even before having actually purchased a property.

This facility is extended to the customers in order to enable them to close a deal as they come across a good property. However, these sanctions are only valid for a period of 6 months. The amount of home loans sanctioned is subject to the value of property as judged by the bank. The individual can apply for the loan maximum period of 15 years. This loan can be applied for by individuals either solely or jointly. The bank decides the amount that an individual can borrow, based on the repayment capacity of the borrower.

Loans are issued at an interest rate that is lower than the existing home loan interest rate. It also provides extra cash in the form of top up loan, to secure some extra cash if required.