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Eclipse phase pdf

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Eclipse Phase is a trademark of Posthuman Studios, LLC. Some content licensed under a Creative Commons License (BY-NC-SA); Some Rights Reserved. PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (19 ratings). These are the Open Playtest files for Eclipse Phase Second Edition. The Open Playtest will. I think that you should consider creating an official free download source for the PDF - maybe even on this page? I fully understand that you can.

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The Eclipse Phase roleplaying game is released under a Creative Commons license. after looking at the pdf of several books I went and bought books for the. Eclipse Phase is a trademark of Posthuman Studios LLC. Some content licensed under a Creative Commons License (BY-NC-SA); Some Rights Reserved. Eclipse Phase is a pen & paper roleplaying game of post-apocalyptic transhuman conspiracy and horror. I have recently compiled together jinzihao.info flies including sourcebooks, adventures, character sheets, and more. This is extremely strange because I have never actually played a.

Browse Categories. The tweaks we made to EP2 over the last week have necessitated some Nano Ops tweaks! They are extremely compartmentalized in order to avoid the House of Cards situation, to the point that it is more accurate to say that there are lots of different groups that identify themselves as Firewall who are barely connected with each other and then only by equally loose councils. For printed books, we have performed high-resolution scans of an original hardcopy of the book. Post to Cancel. Obviously we gave her this very early because it's cozy and fall is here. We did some great work over the last 10 years, and it feels weird becoming a sort of Jack Kirby figure, but there we are

If you're a freelance writer with an established gaming or technical writing background and you're interested in working on Eclipse Phase, email us at info posthumanstudios. Please do not send us any Eclipse Phase -specific material. While we look for a new staff writer we'll be pulling one of the original Eclipse Phase designers, Brian Cross, in to help out alongside longtime collaborator Davidson Cole.

Rob and I spent last week hunched over the same desk on a page-by-page pass through Eclipse Phase Second Edition. A lot of our week was spent nailing down table styles, formatting of stat blocks, and other layout choices. We also re-organized several sections and pushed more of the actual manuscript into layout. Working on this book has been strange and difficult. The new presentation style—compartmentalizing each section to be increments of two pages—was more challenging than expected.

Eclipse Phase

Now that things are falling into place the results are looking excellent and, more importantly, the book is far easier to navigate than Eclipse Phase first edition or anything else we've published. With less page-flipping needed, we've also condensed cross-references: Far fewer than EP1 due to the visual design changes!

Eclipse Phase Second Edition is shaping up to be a page book—the largest book we've produced at Posthuman. The above TODO list feels big—and it's not small—but it's at the point where all the tasks are discrete, manageable chunks. Rob will be out of the country from October 15th to 25th. This Backer Preview won't contain any artwork, it won't be CC-licensed, and some sections like the Index and Bookmarks won't be included in their final form.

It will be great and you will be able to start your campaigns! As a part of that update we'll share the process for submitting corrections, which Adam will compile for Rob's approval when he gets back from Europe. Once Rob returns we wrap this baby up like puppy Pacey in a festive sweater! We've already reprinted Sunward several times; the print on demand version does not contain any additional corrections.

Our next update will be no later than Wednesday, October 17th. Thank you for sticking with us! The last ten years working on this game have been awesome, and I've loved the interactions and support that have come out of the EP fan community. Not long after Gen Con, I learned that Rob Boyle had committed a breach of my trust that would have ended our friendship, and would've meant I never worked on EP.

We did some great work over the last 10 years, and it feels weird becoming a sort of Jack Kirby figure, but there we are I can't work with Rob anymore. The other details of my departure are now a matter of legal non-disclosure, so please don't ask us about them. I'll be back at some point with a web URL for Giantkiller, my new company. We added a bunch of additional games this year, but demand is high. Drop us an email at info at posthumanstudios dot com. It is now available. Thank you Rob for keeping up the good work.

The X-Risks book is what I have been waiting for since Transhuman book. Just ordered the physical book. Now I can easily make characters and not kill them by accident. Links for everything can be found at http: My group is having a dispute on a certain ruling, and seeing you are a co-creator of the game, I was wondering.


What is the ruling on called shots and armor. The DM ruled that the total armor rating goes to the affected area while a player argues that the called shot should only have armor based on the affected area.

The situation is that the player made a called shot for the head and made 44 damage with -2 armor piercing. The morph had 35 durability and 12 total armor but only has around 2 armor for a helmet. How would you handle the situation? FYI, you can send rules Qs to info at posthumanstudios dot com. If I manage to get a game running depending mostly on whether I can wrap my head around the concepts!

Just a few words to thank you for your job.. Eclipse Phase is a very good game!! We love you, Rob! Thank you for your generosity in sharing these files with us! I was so happy to back the Kickstarter for Transhuman. This has become my favorite RPG! Just love the setting! Will finally get to play it, this autumn. The PDFs are extremely handy — browsing them in the first place not only made me go out and buy the whole line of books I prefer the printed version, but use the PDFs for quick reference — and to lure in new players , but also to preorder the next edition of the core rules at my local games store.

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Eclipse Phase: Transhuman - Rob Boyle

The Inner System sourcebook torrent magnet link Rimward: Like this: Like Loading Rob, I just discovered your amazing game. Long III May 27, at Thanks for sharing your work with us. Hope I can use it with my group.

Bought the book from amazon today.

Great book — and one of the most interesting sci-fi universes. Rob, Thank you for providing these materials. Imagination is free: Share it! You rock. Thanks again for everything you do. Bought not Book: Your approach to marketing is as lean and cutting-edge as a hypercorp. Oooooh, more toys! Thank you! Eclipse phase has to be one of the best RPGs I have ever seen and, indeed, played! Thank you sir. Make sure to up he RPPRs crew rep. They were the gateway drug to your game for me.

Landaker May 15, at 9: Thanks for your great work! Thank you for providing a wonderful game, that will provide countless evenings of entertainment. I downloaded the core book here and loved it. Next day, I went out and bought a hard copy, cause you guys are awesome and deserve every cent. Thanks much. This gift has convinced me that I should buy some more Eclipse Phase hardcopies.

I have a hard copy of Core rules and Panopticon. Thanks for all your hard work. Fortunately ours is almost completely different I just wanted to say that this game looks really great and its certainly something for you guys to be proud of.

Eclipse Phase PDFs | Rob Boyle

Thanks so much! Thanks Rob! You guys keep being awesome! Bought most of your stuff as dead trees, never regretted it.

Pdf eclipse phase

Just posted it. Rob— Will you be updating this with Firewall sometime soon? Perfect, thanks! Also, bravo on your licensing model. Rob— Please let us know when X-Risks will be available! Got it, thanks for the heads-up, Thunderer, and thank you Rob!

Give this to me straight, Where do I buy these where you get the most money? There's an odd thing called the Exsurgent virus mostly thought to be left behind by the TITANs, but some think they only found it , that's basically everything horrible about nanoplagues and the Warp that you could ever imagine, rolled into a single ever-changing threat that seems guided by unknowable intelligences to better improve itself and screw with everybody else through intense body horror and mental reprogramming.

On the other hand, it's so incredibly advanced that understanding it would be a huge leap forwards for science, and the Watts-McLeod strain might just be a relatively safe and easy path to functional psychic powers.

Or it might all be an even more insidious horrible trap. The solar system alone contains more factions and sub-factions than your average Drow city, and they trust each other about as much as the Drow do. Or maybe they're all wrong, and everything will end in a huge war throughout the solar system. It's full of the stuff! If the ethical and practical implications of some of the stuff that can be done with transhumanity's technology doesn't scare you, the Exurgents and TITAN threats will.

And the setting itself is absurdly full of plot hooks and conspiracies to get repeatedly killed by have fun with. Also there are space-whales living in the sun, and all kinds of weird ass fucking to be had. Especially if you join a Scum swarm, or any of the other groups who use the incredible potential offered by transhumanity's technology to do weird shit going from absolutely crazy sex to pseudo-Darwinian "enhanced natural selection" through cannibalism and fighting to the death repeatedly.

Phase pdf eclipse

This game's setting is incredibly well developed and thought out aside from maybe one massive hangup; see below and overall it's quite a nice read. The core rulebook itself isn't an awful way to expose people to transhumanist ideas and implications, either. The fact that the PDFs are free is nice too. In case you haven't noticed, there's a pretty big pulsating nodule in the setting's premise and logic, it's infamous for tying the Eclipse Phase forums in intellectual knots.

Pdf eclipse phase

You see, the centerpiece of the Eclipse Phase version of transhumanism is the ability to translate human consciousness into data and copy it between bodies and across interplanetary data links. The operative words here are translate and copy. It's the same philosophical issue that people have been raising with Star Trek transporters for decades; you're trusting a computer to use your brain to make something that kinda sorta acts like you, kill you, and then let the copy go on with its life thinking it's you, all while deluding yourself into thinking the copy that's left behind after you die is, in fact, you.

Moreover, Eclipse Phase goes beyond simple transportation into duplicating and modifying people with egoware, resleeving and the forking mechanics, which makes it much harder to handwave away the implications as Star Trek does. If you think about it enough, the idea that people are habitually "committing suicide" just to get around the solar system or do a specific job better could be seen as completely fucking absurd.

In fact there's a whole faction in the setting, the Jovians, who see it as completely fucking absurd, and they're portrayed as "the bad guys". To make things worse, the process of resleeving and egocasting can be compromised. Getting forked after cast, or even having altered version of yourself take your morph, is a real possibility.

And it's not that hard either, many criminal organizations in the setting are known to do this. These issues have been written about in science fiction forever, but the developers haven't really tried. Unfortunately, trying to excise the whole mess also forces you to excise a lot of the coolest parts of the setting like the crime family that's all forks of the same chick.

Phase pdf eclipse

So if this comes up in your group, you're going to have to find a compromise that you can live with. Some possible approaches are:.