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Functional Programming. Patterns. Slides are in part adapted from a talk by Scott Wlaschin . jinzihao.info for a good. Functional Programming Patterns and Their Role in Instruction. Eugene Wallingford. Department of Computer Science. University of Northern Iowa. Cedar Falls. If all of this is functional programming (languages), What is a Functional Programming Language? .. Imagine all the OO design patterns you need in Java.

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This book is about patterns and functional programming in Scala and Clojure. functional programming relies on, such as the examples we'll see in Pattern. This PDF file contains pages extracted from Functional Programming Patterns in to purchase a paperback or PDF copy, please visit jinzihao.info This PDF file contains pages extracted from Functional Programming Patterns in TinyWeb: since this is a book on functional programming, we're going to do.

What is the common behaviour? Higher Order Functions. Domain modelling principle: Contact Us. All endomorphisms are monoids

Features Free Trial. Search for eBooks and Videos. Scala Functional Programming Patterns. Grok and perform effective functional programming in Scala. Are you sure you want to claim this product using a token? Khot December Quick links: What do I get with a Packt subscription? What do I get with an eBook? What do I get with a Video? Frequently bought together. Learn more Add to cart. Scala Design Patterns.

Paperback pages. Book Description Scala is used to construct elegant class hierarchies for maximum code reuse and extensibility and to implement their behavior using higher-order functions. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Grokking the Functional Way.

Chapter 2: Singletons, Factories, and Builders. Chapter 3: Recursion and Chasing your Own Tail. Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Taming Multiple Inheritance with Traits. Scala's easy and breezy decorations — stackable modifications.

Programming patterns pdf functional

Chapter 6: Currying Favors with Your Code. Chapter 7: Of Visitors and Chains of Responsibilities. Chapter 8: Chapter 9: Higher Order Functions. Chapter Actors and Message Passing. It's a Paradigm Shift.

Patterns functional pdf programming

What You Will Learn Get to know about functional programming and the value Scala's FP idioms bring to the table Solve day-to-day programming problems using functional programming idioms Cut down the boiler-plate and express patterns simply and elegantly using Scala's concise syntax Tame system complexity by reducing the moving parts Write easier to reason about concurrent code using the actor paradigm and the Akka library Apply recursive thinking and understand how to create solutions without mutation Reuse existing code to compose new behavior Combine the object-oriented and functional programming approaches for effective programming using Scala.

Authors Atul S. Read More. Read More Reviews.

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Scala Functional Programming Patterns

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Functional Programming Patterns in Scala and Clojure

Functional Programming Patterns BuildStuff '14 1. Functional Design Patterns ScottWlaschin fsharpforfunandprofit. This talk A whirlwind tour of many sights Don't worry if you don't understand everything 7.

Pdf functional programming patterns

Functional programming is scary 8. Functional programming is scary 9. Object oriented programming is scary A short and mostly wrong history of programming paradigms Core principle: Dijkstra Why mathematics Dijkstra said: They are applicable to a large often infinite class of instances. Functions can work on functions Function List. Strive for purity The practical benefits of pure functions customer. Reasoning about code that is pure: The customer is being changed. How to design a pure function Pure Awesomeness!

Types are not classes Types are not classes Set of valid inputs Set of valid outputs So what is a type?

Types separate data from behavior Lists Lists List. Functions are things Function Composition everywhere Domain modelling pattern: Use types to represent constraints Types are cheap Design principle: Strive for totality Use types to indicate errors Output types as error codes LoadCustomer: Domain modelling principle: Use sum-types instead of inheritance Using sum vs.

What is the common behaviour? OO version: Use sum-types for state machines String50 MiddleInitial: String1 option LastName: Types are executable documentation Deck; Players: More on DDD and designing with types at fsharpforfunandprofit.

Design paradigm: Functions all the way down Transformation-oriented programming PersonalName Email: Transformation oriented programming Input Function Output Transformation oriented programming Input Transformation to internal model Internal Model Output Transformation from internal model validation and wrapping happens here unwrapping happens here Interacting with the outside world Nasty, unclean outside world Nasty, unclean outside world Nasty, unclean outside world Beautiful, clean, internal model Gate with filters Gate with filters Gate with filters Interacting with the other domains Bounded context Bounded context Bounded context Parameterize all the things Parameterize all the things It's second nature to parameterize the data input: We've decoupled the behavior from the data Be as generic as possible F and other functional languages make code generic automatically Function types are "interfaces" Every interface should have only one method!

Functional equivalent: Tip Every function is a one parameter function Partial application Use partial application to do dependency injection The Hollywood principle: Pyramid of doom: Value if y. Value if z. This is fugly! Value Some result else None else None else None IsSome then doWithX x else None IsSome then doWithZ z. IsSome then doWithY y. IsSome then doWithX x. Value else None Three small pyramids instead of one big one! This is still ugly! But the code has a pattern Value else None But the code has a pattern Value else None IsSome then f x.

Connecting switches on Some Bypass on None Connecting switches Building an adapter block Two-track input Slot for switch function Two-track output