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Ikea catalogue 2013 pdf

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IKEA Catalogue pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read book online for free. New augmented reality catalog from Ikea for thier collection of fresh Scandi- stye homeware. IKEA furniture company's catalog. Download links included as well.

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THE PRICES IN THIS CATALOG CANONLY GET LOWER UNTIL JUNE ,NEVER HIGHER. EIVOR cushion . Ready for a chance to let your mind run away with ideas? The IKEA. Catalogue comes out this August with pages of products, tips and inspiration. Original Resource & Download Link jinzihao.info IKEA_Catalog/.

Full catalog and download links embedded at the end of the article. One being t Page Actions Shares. Max load ish. Reinforced polypropylene. Views Total views.

Designed by: Quality is many things. One being t. Milk, eggs, flour. The only things. That odd-sized area that's n. You can do it all yourself. But you. Love it or exchange it We spend way. However you sleep, there's a pillow. How will you fill your PAX? Lots of finger-painting means lots. No parent should have to choose bet. All kids deserve an education.

We know shelves. But you know best. Think of us as a business partner I. For those of us who set our clocks. Being kind to Mother Nature is as e. What else can you do with a curtain. Buying guide How to plan, buy and b. Clear glass, alumi. What is covered under the Warranty? Need some extra help?

Whether you n. Contact us You'll find us here! Design your new kitchen. Sitting in. IKEA catalogue - pages. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page: Just pull out and unfold RA. Beckmans College of Design.

Washable quilted polyester cover. Removable, machine washable cotton and polyester cover. Sivik pink-red Sometimes you dont need Since this curtain rod can be photos.

Cover your frames mounted in the ceiling, you with fabric and put them on can use curtains as room display. Divide a big room into two by hanging curtains around your bed. Inexpensive and fun. A thin, sheer pair Zipper makes the cover easy to remove for style you like. Slatted bed base and of curtains. Hang in various ways - rod pocket or washing. Off-white Pattern is visible on both sides.

Ehln Johansson. Silver-color separately. Please see Dimmer function allows the light intensity pillowcases. Polyester and Blue Shade 14, H24".

Clear glass This is not a bedroom. This is a parent-free zone. A teenagers room is so much more than a place to sleep. Its where they hang out with friends, express their own style and, once in a while, escape the parents. TARVA is made of untreated pine.

Beautiful in itself, of course, but easy to paint any way you like. Untreated solid pine. Emma Jones. Please see your Handmade shade. Rice paper. Cords softness inside. Powder-coated steel and plastic. Shade 5". Slatted bed base and mattress are sold separately.

Pia Walln. Power strip sold separately. White storage space. Never leave your child unattended Read more on p. Painted solid beech. White open than a standard wardrobe door. Thanks to US co-workers. A comfy chair in the bathroom means youre always prepared for a few stolen minutes Buried beneath all the things we squeeze into our lives every day, there is of me-time.

White Stained, clear lacquered rattan. See more on p. Every days little getting ready stations. Getting ready is every days little me-time. Make the most of it with soft rugs for bare feet, the right lighting by the mirror and drawers for all your getting ready things.

Why not put a getting ready station in your bedroom? Need help installing your bathroom? Read more about our Installation Service on p. The long, fine fibers create a cords to be hidden behind the mirror.

Clear lacquered bamboo. Dark beige Foil finish and porcelain. Chrome-plated absorbent and dries quickly. Requires installation. See more on year limited warranty included. See more on pile.

2013 pdf catalogue ikea

Polyester backing. Click your way through even more p. Farewell kids, hello room. When the kids move out, they leave an empty space. They will most likely visit often, but in between those visits why not create a room for yourself? A spa, perhaps?

No more trafc jams in the bathroom. If you have the space at home, create a me-space and a you-space with two separate sinks. The long, fine fibers create a softer and more durable towel. Synnve Mork. Strainer and water trap included. Black-brown clear lacquered solid pine and available. Black-brown Requires installation.

Find some peace and quiet. Improving your bathroom doesnt necessarily mean a change of tiles and plumbing. Here are a few storage ideas for your bathroom that can be done in a day. Tempered glass and powder-coated steel. Jon Karlsson. Richard Clack. Sarah Fager. Foil finish, aluminum and tempered glass.

Inma Bermudez. Stop letting clutter take 1 over the bathroom. Clutter is selsh. Its jealous. Its sneaky. It invades your peace of mind, creeps into your space and overruns your sense of privacy. Theyre much better roommates. The more storage you have on the wall, the more oor space you have to move around on. BEKVM stepladder, three steps. Black-brown This unnished pine water flow stays the same, but you use up Foil finish and porcelain. Inma Chrome-plated brass. Requires Black-brown See more on Shown painted black.

Folding; saves space p. Solid beech. Mornings are a team sport. When everybody is up in the morning, it can be absolute mayhem. But not when the bathroom works like a nely-tuned machine. Smart, multi-functional solutions let everyone do their own thing all at once. A simple, wall-mounted storage unit is the perfect place to gather all those bath toys.

And its even detachable so you can take the whole lot to the tub or shower at once. A double sink cabinet helps take the rush out of the 3 morning rush hour.


Glass and aluminum. The long, fine fibers create a Nickel-plated brass. High-gloss red The kitchen is more than a room where we cook. Its the heart of the home, the busiest spot in the house, the headquarters for everyday activity. Its where every day begins and every good party ends. Where leftovers get a second chance and you always get to lick the spoon.

You could say, that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Because if the kitchen doesnt work, then nothing else works either. We believe that kitchens are what we make them, and that no dream is too crazy to turn into a reality.

Shown with VRDE nickel-plated the cooking surface. For more information about our Kitchen Installation Service, see p. Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful. This kitchen is not in any way a simple kitchen. Its highly functional, just as kitchens should always be.

Built to cope with all the hard work you put it through every day. Built to last for decades. It just doesnt show. Which is the true beauty of keeping things simple. Fridge Freezer 4. Consider planning your kitchen so youll have a nice view when preparing food. The space between the cooktop and the sink is where the most work is done. Jon Eliason. The smallest kitchen Kids love to copy what adults do.

Its the way they develop social skills. In this little kitchen kids are the head chef and if youre nice you. Play along and perhaps you might learn something too. Risk for small parts for children 3 years and older. Children develop social skills and sharp edges.

Miniature dinner plates and Polyester fiber filling. Stoneware Salmon Birch plywood and polypropylene plastic. Requires Recommended for children 3 years and older. Clears space on the countertop. Self cleaning. Hard to spell. If all of us took small steps towards being kinder to Mother Earth, we could make a big difference. You cant easily see it in this kitchen, but For more information about our Kitchen Installation Service, see p.

Want to know how? Just turn the page. You can also save water by rinsing in heat doesnt escape. And if you save energy, you save both the a bowl instead of under running faucet. Hkan Olsson. Holds 2 qt. Holds 24 oz. Holds 57 oz. Holds 4 gal. Holds 5 qt.

New ideas from the 2013 IKEA Catalog

Painted aluminum and plastic. Dont throw away Save energy by using a steam insert in your pot. They boil and steam different food at the same time, using one pot instead and last up to 20 times longer. Unlike other energy saving bulbs, LED have leak proof lids and a vent that let out steam when heating of two. Up to three inserts can be placed on top of each other. Freezer 9. Wall mounted. A large kitchen in a small space.

You can do everything in this kitchen. Cook, eat, bake, surf and play. Because when space is small, ideas get bigger. Like the drop-leaf table that folds down when youre not eating. Or the tablet storage on the wall.

Or the small breakfast cart that you roll out when needed. Simple ways to make the most of the space youve got. Make you tablet part of your kitchen. Also suitable for use in high humidity areas. PET plastic. Melamine foil finish and steel.

Ceiling mounted, free-hanging hood with three speed fan. Appliances shown require installation. Have more space for cooking. When all the china, cookware and groceries are hidden behind cabinet doors and in drawers, youll get plenty of countertop space for preparing your food.

Chrome plated brass. Four induction cooking zones. You dont need to re-build your kitchen to make it more efcient. Oiled solid oak. Add extra counter space and White Solid beech RA.

Fits picture find those small things faster by W11H15". With mat W7H9". Fits picture W11H15". Mat included. Foil finish and glass. Fine dining isnt only about the silverware or fancy napkins. Its about who you invite for dinner and the conversations you have. Its all about creating a moment that feels as good as it tastes.

Thats how we think when we develop dining tables, chairs, dinnerware and glasses. That eating should also include chairs that are so comfortable that the talking never stops and sofa covers that dont fear stains when its time to cuddle up for that late evening snack. Powder- coated steel.

The best part of the meal is the conversation. With a padded seat theres a risk that the talking will You dont just buy a table for the sake of the table, right?

Pdf 2013 ikea catalogue

You buy it to share meals with family and friends. Stained, clear lacquered ash veneer. Beige Susan Pryke. Stained, clear lacquered solid pine. Gray-brown Painted solid wood. W16D17H30", Seat H20". All those in-between-meals can happen anywhere.

Cinnamon 1 buns are often served during this ka. BPA free.

New IKEA catalog 2013: Available online

SAN plastic. Holds 2 qts. Freezer safe. Assorted colors color assortment may vary Steel and plastic. The top of this table can be Ola Wihlborg. Seat 12H17". Great for bringing your lunch H4". Inga Leo. Rose Powder-coated steel and powder-coated 5 finish. Visit your IKEA store for more ideas for more enjoyable mealtimes. What if Sunday breakfasts happened every day?

When you take a little extra time for yourself in the morning, everything becomes a bit nicer: ARV bowl. Sissa Sundling. Stained, clear lacquered rattan. Yarn-dyed; the colors are retained wash Designer: Blekinge white Tonights special: A cozy night with friends. Prep Time: Total Time: Recipe Makes: Line them up together to make one -Chairs for everyone big table.

Pull in all the chairs you can nd, -Fabric and napkins never mind if it gets a bit snug. All the -Textile paints and pens to make your mark better for great conversations. Next, get crafty. Why not write a personal message paper napkins.

That way they will double as place cards too. Lisa Norinder. Our lifes work is a work-in-progress. Its made up of passions, hobbies and little everyday must-dos. We want to work in spaces that make it all a bit easier and a bit more enjoyable. Spaces where we can do work or hobbies without our backs getting achy and stiff. Spaces that have enough storage to keep us sorted and enough personality to keep us inspired. Spaces that function like ofces, but feel just like home.

With the right mindset and the perfect setting, work can be one of the best parts of being alive. So lets get to it. Polypropylene plastic. Suitable for use as a room divider. Painted Designer: White finish and powder-coated steel. Height adjustable for a comfortable sitting Nickel-plated steel. Base 6". Polypropylene plastic seat. DUKEN headboard can be dressed with fabric covers for a different look and comfort. Creativity can t into any space. Glue textile strips 3 onto LACK shelves and personalize your 4 storage space.

Satisfies the a staple gun. Easy to wipe clean. Also for outdoor basic sewing needs at home. ABS plastic and use. Painted finish, powder-coated and galvanized RA. Fabrics, see p. This chair could just as well be placed in the ofce since it is ofce approved. However, we think it also works at home. A slidingdoor saves space. Foil incandescent bulbs. Adjustable arm and finish and chrome-plated steel. Powder-coated steel and EVA plastic. Those office use.

Adjustable seat depth for better lacquered ash veneer and steel. Seat W16D17H". Work-self meet self-self. Adding bits of life to your work space will keep you inspired and remind you to put a bit of yourself into the work you do.

To get this look, mount two IVAR 3-drawer chests together and paint the unnished pine gray. IVAR 3-drawer chest. Clear Untreated solid pine is a durable natural Powder-coated steel and aluminum.

IKEA Catalog US by EILIER decor - Issuu

Solid pine. Turns any indoor and outdoor use. Powder-coated, small space into a functional work space. Johan Kroon. Holds up to a 17" laptop. Melamine foil finish. Max load 22 lbs. Flexible arm makes it easy to direct 4 the light. Nickel-plated steel, aluminum and Behind the fold-down acrylic. Base 5". This shelf in use. Clear lacquered ash veneer and provides air circulation powder-coated steel.

It really is the easiest thing, yet so hard. Strange, when all you need to do is kick back on the sofa, put your feet up, take a deep breath and well, stay. Stay with a book, your knitting, your music, or whatever makes you relax.

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Because when a sofa is comfortable, the throw cozy, the lighting right and a snack within reach, it really isnt that difcult after all. What if we could have some relaxation spots all over the home, like a sofa in the kitchen? Idemo black Powder-coated steel and space when not in use.

Base 11, H49". Seat 12, H17". Find out more on p. Ocane Delain. Eyelet heading Unfinished pine. Noboru Nakamura. Slatted W26D32H39". With PONG you can choose from a variety of covers and wood frames. Make your own combination that suits you. PONG armchair. PONG has a year limited warranty. ALNG floor lamp. Anne Nilsson.

See our Delivery year limited warranty. Cotton, viscose, polyester and linen Services on p. Tullinge gray-brown Cotton, viscose, polyester and linen fixed. Highly comfortable. The high back gives great support for your neck. And the memory foam in the cushions molds softly to the Nickel-plated steel, polystyrene plastic and contours of your body and regains its shape again when you paper. Shade 12, H". Create a little privacy by using curtains and fabrics as a room divider.

Hang multiple fabrics and curtains together so you can alternate between How to create three two different looks. Like this room, that turns into a playroom for kids during the day, a living room for cuddling up in front of the TV in the evenings and bedroom by night.

Seat cushions filled with high-resilience foam Foil finish and tempered glass. BRANS baskets sold separately. Removable, Max load lbs. Plastic casters. Helena Svensson. The toughest 1.

When a car race is going on on the sofa, its good to know that it is tested to cope well every day. You can ask any seven-year-old. KIVIK has a year limited warranty. Dyed Marks of sticky ngers? Just and on the wall. Paper, stainless through grain leather on contact areas. Grann beige 2 BEST storage combination with doors New Wool pile. Cotton warp. High-gloss white Nicholai Wiig Hansen. Max load lbs. Painted steel, lacquered ash veneer and clear lacquered aluminum and polycarbonate plastic.

Max load 44 lbs. Black Max load 33 lbs. Sizes vary from 34 to 48 sq. Some things are just too precious to get rid of. They hold memoriesand are little clues to the story about you. Honor them by givingthem a home where they can be protected and shown. They areafter all little pieces of your life. Show them too. Coordinates with other furniture in the tempered glass. Carina Bengs. Black-brown Lilac Smooth running drawers with pull-out stop.

Combine as many boxes and frames Plastic. Easy for the child to carry, move and A perfect place to keep pens, pencils and that you need and that fits the space available.

Studio Copenhagen. Light yellow Recommended for all ages.

IKEA Catalogue 2013.pdf

Green Polyester fiber filling. Blue Playing happens all over the home. Henrik Preutz. Casters included. Foil and painted finish. Ebba Strandmark. High-gloss gray Or remotes. Max load 16 lbs. Sliding doors require less space when open than a standard wardrobe door. Painted and foil finish. Read more on p. Bed linen densely woven from fine yarn; soft and durable quality. Read more about our Assembly Service on p.

Light turquoise A thick velvet curtain can Painted finish. Gray Please see your local IKEA store for details. Stained pandanus leaves and cardboard. Painted paper. Powder-coated steel and aluminum. Painted solid pine. Francis Cayouette. Red Nike Karlsson. Turquoise Concealed mounting hardware. Stainless steel. White cords under the lid. Powder-coated steel and room divider. Rounded corners; easy to clean. Marcus Arvonen. Dividers shown are White Johanna Asshoff. Made of galvanized steel, which makes it just as perfect for outdoor use as indoor.

Galvanized steel. Plastic feet protect Sarah Fager. Holds 88 oz. Maintenance free.

Catalogue pdf ikea 2013

Plastic feet and outdoor use. The cabinet has two ing paint. Adjustable shelves. Galvanized adjustable shelves.