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So anyway, what can I say about this book? What was the name of his not so old book, quite recent about a house? Perhaps the novel's worst offense is its unrepentant use of flashbacks, which do really take away any small spark that this story might otherwise have ignited and instead from making the reader want to race to its end make him feel as if he's stuck in some kind of a literary bog. I felt so bad for both of them. I am blown away by the quality of the writing and the story line. In all, the ending was my favorite part of the book.

But for the life of me, I don't know how in the hell you're ever gonna top this one. View all 4 comments. Mar 22, Susan May rated it did not like it Shelves: A plot that doesn't know what story it wants to tell, a lack of any suspense or good character development are just some of the reasons this book is a bore.

He used to be a great genre writer but something has gone wrong in the past decade with him. After his really poor Odd Thomas series 1st book was great, by third I gave up I'm not reading any more of his books.

Considering his experience, I can only think that he has paired up with a bad editor or he's not listening to his editor. You can see the problems with this book from a mile away.

View all 13 comments. Dec 10, Max rated it it was amazing Shelves: Beyond brilliant, possibly the best fiction I have ever read. Fantastic twist - don't read any spoilers, just let the story unfurl as told by the author. I am blown away by the quality of the writing and the story line.

It's just perfect! Powerful written with much insight in the human condition!!! A thriller, a modern fantasy tale, and even an allegory summarizing the default and deteriorated human race in the midst of a world spinning and whirling faster and faster that has become unbound and crazy The story deals with an outcast hiding beneath a city and avoiding human contact at any price!!

Its also a tender love story full of emotions between two Loosers But above all its a tale about endurance in spite of hate, enmity, an Powerful written with much insight in the human condition!!! But above all its a tale about endurance in spite of hate, enmity, and how to overcome the destructive forces of solitude.. I would call it one of Koontz best, ever!!! You see, novels like this intelligently written, allegorical, and riveting are worth to be read and reread again and again..

Good at the beginning, awesome at the middle, and with a satisfying end!! A genuine page-turner.. I loved it, and four stars aren't to much.. Happy reading Dean;D View 2 comments.

May 04, Tracy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Has Koontz gone modern? Is he dabbing in the apocalyptic world? Could he be starting something new? My head is reeling so I will have to come back for the review. Need to sort some things out. Addison is a creature of the night living in the bowels of the city with no companionship or even the thought of ever having anyone to converse with much less be drawn to until the night in the library when he sees Gwyneth. She quickly becomes his confidant and friend.

Gwyneth can't be touched physically, she can't stand anyone touching her and that works out well between them because Addison can't be looked upon. At the instant you look at Addison something takes over and you want to kill him, to destroy him. I loved this story. Koontz once again weaved two lives together in the most peculiar way and the ending was beautiful. Even though you kind of figure out the whole Addison thing before then it is a wonderful, fantastic story. View all 15 comments.

Mar 20, Davyne DeSye rated it it was amazing. It ought to tell you something about how much this book wormed its way into my mind that I had to read it again, less than six months after reading it the first time.

This time, already knowing the story, I had the pleasure of being able to focus more on the author's craft, to appreciate the foreshadowing, to read and re-read passages for the sheer pleasure of how the words were put together and the images elicited. But -- wow, still a story that came at me from a direction I wasn't expecting and is sticking with me for reasons I can't fully explain Surprising, lyrical, terrifying and heartwarming… This book was nothing that I was expecting.

While on its surface this is an interesting story and contains some really beautiful writing, it is the allegory of good versus evil that made this book a real winner for me.

The time I spent in the mind and heart of Addison were a balm to me and an inspiration. For me, this book was a paean to hope, love, beauty, optimism, honor, and yes, innocence. In the story, Addison must hide from the world. He must hide from the world because one look at his face inspires hatred and murderous rage.

By sheer happenstance, he meets a girl, Gwyneth, with severe social phobia. They are an odd but perfect couple, she agreeing never to look at his face, and he agreeing not to approach her too closely and never to touch her.

Together, they must flee an evil man determined to kill Gwyneth and anyone close to her. What could inspire such hatred and rage? The answer, to my mind, was perfect and heartbreakingly understandable.

Bits and pieces of this book are inside me forever. What more can I say? Jun 03, J. Bailey rated it really liked it. Whoa, whoa, whoa. A more coherent review will come later after I have pondered the touching eerieness of this novel. Okay, I'm back! Addison lives alone beneath an unnamed city. He can show no one his face because if he does, they will be so appalled by the sight of him that they'll kill him just as they killed the man who raised him since he was a boy of eight.

Which is just about one of my favorite stories ever, but I digress. Unlike the Phantom, Addison is not a homicidal maniac.

Download ebook Innocence by Dean Koontz doc pdb pdf

One night when he's exploring the city library after hours, he comes across a young woman named Gwyneth who is being chased by a man who had murdered her father. Addison wants to help Gwyneth and they end up teaming up with each other.

Problem is, Addison fears that Gwyneth will see what he looks like, so he has to keep his face hidden the whole time they're together so he won't terrify her. Dean really draws out the suspense because he doesn't reveal what Addison's affliction is until the very end of the novel. I knew it was going to be beyond anything I could have guessed, and I was right.

I did have some issues with the overall plot of the novel. Many Koontz novels have intricate, developed plots, but I felt that Innocence had some plot lines that needed additional explaining and development. Snow scenes tended to be overdescribed, too. In all, the ending was my favorite part of the book. Well again I find myself in the minority about a given book.

This book will be hard to review in any detail without spoilers.

I'll try and then maybe put a few remarks in under a spoiler tag. First I vacillated a little here between 4 and 5 stars and finally went with my old rule that "it's a 5 star read to me".

In the end our judgements about most anything will be at least somewhat subjective. Movies, music, TV shows, food, drinks So anyway, what can I say about this book? There has been a lot said and written about the "periods" in DK's writing. I personally like many of the "new period" books.

If I try to give you another of DK's books that has some of the same feel of this one it would probably be The Taking. The book also while not as "good" puts me in mind of C. Look being careful not to reveal plot, story line or anything about characters I'll say this.

Yes Mr. Koontz's faith does come through here in a way. It's not in detail and at best you'll only be able to make a guess at what he himself actually believes and the book doesn't follow Christian theology in many ways. But if you're an atheist you'll probably not get into it. Of course I could be wrong there as I read many books with an atheistic point of view and like many.

I also read books from other religious points of view There are certain questions dealt with here that are answered in a way that handles objections that are often brought up in the face of faith and they're done in a way that tells a good and interesting story.

If the book has a flaw I thought possibly the early part of the book introing our male protagonist may have been dragged out a little but I stayed interested and involved in the character's story so For you who are concerned about it the book's semi-religious nature doesn't show up until you get to the climax and it isn't at least I didn't think it was heavy handed.

So without spoilers I like this book and think it makes it just over the line from 4 stars into 5. I recommend it What did I mean by it not following Christian theology? The book does the same thing Taking did and pictures a sort of Judgement that ends human civilization. In this it doesn't follow the prophecies of the New Testament but instead pictures God resetting everything and starting over with humans not "tainted by original sin". There is here of course a certain either misunderstanding or possibly an intentional storytelling device.

Christ is actually called "The Second Adam" and is the "reset". The key however is something the book deals with. Unlike in The Taking where a Judgement takes place and the evil go "one way" and the righteous "go another way" here humans bring judgement on themselves by their own actions. Of course God has always allowed us free will, thus original sin Thus the miseries in the world.

Everyone asking why God allows said misery refuses to realize that did God step in and simply "forbid" sinful behavior everyone would feel, "repressed". We of course still have free will so if we choose to stay in rebellion He won't force us into His Kingdom. All that said mostly because I feel obligated to point out: Dec 14, Deborah rated it did not like it.

I was sorely disappointed with this book. It's been obvious to me that Mr. Koontz was gearing up to write a book involving biblical lore and I really wish he hadn't gone there. I'm in mourning today for one of my favorite authors. He was also one of the first authors I read as a young teen so I always grab his new books hoping for the best but bracing for the worst.

Basically this is a book about a young guy named Addison. Addison was born with some sort of affliction that makes people fly into a murderous rage when they see his face.

They want him dead. Thusly, he cannot allow himself to be seen and must hide in the shadows and live underground. Be careful about reading spoilerific reviews because I feel it will ruin the book for you. All is revealed in the end and I thought it was quite beautiful.

You might be annoyed. He finally makes a friend named Gwyneth who is able to look past his aversion to being looked at and she honors his wishes. Gwyneth has some major quirks of her own. The two make a great pair and become insta-friends. I believed it. There is much more going on here but not too much for my tired brain and I loved all of it. There are packs of dogs yay!

But there was none of that here. The murderer is a Koontz classic, a one-note evil guy, cursing worse than me when I run out of chocolate and spreading his evil wherever he goes because he feels like it. Anyway, it read that way to me which was slightly annoying because I never follow through on reading series.

I read this as an unabridged audiobook and the narrator took a little getting used to.

He reads at a very leisurely pace as if he and I have all the time in the world, but he does vulnerability oh-so-well and the story was so compelling that I quickly fell into it, rather than falling asleep. Innocence was lovely and sweet and has an interesting, twisty plot that kept me guessing and reading until the very end. If you read it, I hope you love it as much as I did. Oct 08, Steven Walle rated it it was amazing. Dean Koontz is an amazing writer in my opinion. This book was about the end times and the ones who make it through the final count down.

The charictor development was incredible and the story line was riveting. I recommend this book to all. Enjoy and Be Blessed. View 1 comment. Oct 19, LaDonna rated it really liked it Shelves: Many years ago I read everything Koontz had written, but fell away from reading the horror genre in general well over a decade ago.

I remember that I had always liked his writing style for the genre, but again, it has been a long time since I've picked up anything by him. When I read the synopsis in the giveaways I decided to enter to win it as it sounded like an unusual read. An unusual read it certainly was. I have never read anything remotely like it, and I have to say this is a good thing. I can't seem to find a good way to sum the book, or my feelings about it up. Sounds melodramatic, but this is a story that will certainly make you think about the world we live in and the creatures which inhabit it - and about what kind of end we are headed toward.

Definitely a poetically written book, and I was mildly surprised by the number of words in the book that I was not familiar with. I consider myself to have a pretty vast vocabulary, and consider my husband my equal in this area, but there was quite a list of words we were not familiar with. For geeks like us, this is a good thing. Bonus points for making marionettes even creepier than I have always thought them to be. Not a small feat. I know most people find clowns make their skin crawl, and while I can't say I've ever been particularly fond of clowns, marionettes have always made them look like teddy bears in comparison.

Koontz' portrayal of the ones in this book remind us of his background in the horror genre. I can't really put my finger on what exactly drew me to this book, as it is not really something in retrospect I could see myself picking out, but I am glad that it did. As voracious a reader as I am, it is not often that a book really creeps into my soul the way this one did, and certainly rare for one to leave me pondering the state of the universe the way this one has.

Though I realize this is a new direction for this "old" author, I am feeling inclined to revisit the entire body of his work after this read. I will certainly be looking forward to what comes after this. View all 3 comments. Dec 17, Karen rated it it was amazing.

Quite probably the best book I read this year. Once again, Dean shows not only his incredible imagination but also the depths of his compassion for the unwanted, the unloved, the marginalized in our society. Written in first person, this is the story of Addison Goodheart's life as an outcast. He stumbles into a mystery and learns much more than he expected! Apr 11, Jason Parent added it. So, yeah, I read this View all 5 comments.

Dec 20, Amy Lignor rated it it was amazing. This author is one who never stops surprising readers. In the simplest of terms, we have a young man who is anything but simple.

He has escaped pain and death from flames, bullying, and became a soc This author is one who never stops surprising readers. He has escaped pain and death from flames, bullying, and became a social outcast at a very young age. If they do, they attempt to kill him on sight. And when he must face the loss of his parent, he finds himself in the City, walking the streets at night, completely covered, head down, living each day in fear as he tries to escape any gazes that could focus on him and cause his death.

Father moves the boy down below the city in a small group of rooms set within subway walls and tunnels so that they remain out of sight from everyone.

There, he teaches him about survival and the ways of the world. We also have a girl who is strong, determined, and wealthy, who has a great deal of power, yet is also a social outcast.

To keep hidden in plain sight this girl chose to use costumes, dressing herself up with nose rings and lip piercings, putting herself out there as a Goth so people would simply walk by her and pay her no mind.

She can alter the world with her gifts, and her fear of ever being touched makes it impossible for anyone to get close to her. One night these two meet in the NYPL. He has come up from below the basement to discover the girl racing away from a true monster who wants to stop her from her mission of seeing him destroyed. A friendship between the two is formed; a romance is built that is never spoken about or shared, especially seeing as that the boy - now 26 - knows he is hideous to look at and has no chance with her if she ever sees his face.

As they both hide behind their fears and masks, a plot unfolds that is both magical and frightening. But the most amazing thing about this book is when Koontz opens the door to reveal why people are so afraid of this duo when they look them in the eyes.

If I knew Mr. Koontz I would thank him for Innocence, because not only did he once again entertain, but he taught me something I will cherish forever. Dec 23, Ti rated it it was ok Shelves: The Short of It: Interesting characters and setting, but lacking that special something that makes you think about a book long after reading it.

The Rest of It: One can argue that Dean Koontz does not write books with substance. Yes, his books lately have been a little different from the books of his past.

I guess his books have always been page turners, meant to captivate a reader for a short amount of time, but some of his older books have stayed with me for decades. This is not one of those times The Short of It: This is not one of those times.

Innocence, starts off strong. A child is forced to live on his own because of a gross deformity that is never fully explained. He seeks shelter under the city, roaming the sewers and only coming up for provisions. At the same time, a young woman, on a quest to find the murderer who killed her father, also lives in secret, hiding from society whenever possible. The two form an unlikely friendship. SO much could have been done with these characters.

There was literally NO payoff. I felt somewhat cheated.

Innocence dean pdf koontz

As a fan of his older works, I now realize why I stopped reading him. I still try his books every now and then to see if anything has changed, but I am sorry to say that his newer books seems to lack punch.

For more reviews, visit my blog: Book Chatter. Jan 20, Monique rated it did not like it Shelves: What the? Yup my first one-star book of the year and it took an unheard of week to read and seriously I really tried to get into this one and was sadly super sadly disappointed..

Why isn't anything explained?!! Okay so this is the story of Addison Goodheart a never fully defined deformed? Its like a Beauty and the Beast vibe until Addison explains that he can see spirits evil ones "Fogs" and seemingly good one "Clears" along with some demented marionette dolls that come up frequently in the book.. I mean what does Addison look like? What really were the Fogs and Clears besides people's conscious roaming around?

What was up with the vague silly marionettes? I know I cant even adequately describe the book and maybe I didn't understand it.. I do recall reading good Dean Koontz but this oneBoo. What happened to Dean Koontz. Does he have someone else write his books? Back when I was a teen the day that King or Koontz books were published translated into Dutch cause I did not read English back then I would buy and devour them. I have been such a big fan of both readers but alas I have to say Dean Koontz is really lacking lately.

What was the name of his not so old book, quite recent about a house? Terrible because of th What happened to Dean Koontz. Terrible because of the grandiose use of words for one. Noticing that I was just skipping all his descriptions and there are countless of them and I am not a skipper ;.

Okay found one among hundreds and I will type it. It feels like he wants to be recognized as a literary writer or something. Then yet again the main characters are so ridiculously perfect I cannot stand it anymore. How I managed to read this book I do not know.

You know it saddens me but when i checked amazon and there are many raving reviews as there are many people who hate it like do, so I do not have to feel sorry for him.

I wish he wrote books like he did back in the day. Really scary books where the main characters were normal people and were set in a dangerous situation.

There were no talking dogs and too many words. Dean come back!! Where are you??? May 19, Crystal Craig rated it liked it Shelves: I've been staring at the computer screen for ten minutes thinking about what to say about Dean Koontz's latest offering. The first thing that comes to mind, thank God it was better than his previous book, 77 Shadow Street; I suffered through that one.

I love the cover on this book. It's what first got my attention. The plot sounded really good too. Let's just say I had high hopes for this book and I was not disappointed for the first half. I enjoyed the main character, Addison. He was unique and I've been staring at the computer screen for ten minutes thinking about what to say about Dean Koontz's latest offering.

Innocence pdf koontz dean

He was unique and his story was compelling. Once Gwyneth came into the picture, I predicted a classic story of Beauty and the Best was about to unfold. I was sort of right, however, just past the half-way point, the story started to go a different route, it started to get weird. I found myself very interested in Addison and I wanted to know more about him and his experiences, but I really didn't care about Gwyneth and who she was running from.

I really wasn't happy with where Koontz took the story. In closing, I think my next Dean Koontz book will be one of his earlier novels as I really haven't enjoyed his last two, and I keep hearing his earlier work is far better. This book blew me away with its beauty and its message. In his novel Innocence, Koontz has created a stunning allegory of the darkness in our world. On the surface, this book follows a young man with a disfiguration so unsettling that it provokes immediate violence in anyone who sees his face and a young woman with such an intense social phobia that she cannot bear the slightest touch.

Beneath this veneer, this is a story about the evilness of humanity, our wanton destruction of the world, o Wow. Beneath this veneer, this is a story about the evilness of humanity, our wanton destruction of the world, our love of violence and our inhumanity towards each other. The surface story is interesting in and of itself. The characters are beautifully portrayed, the writing is elegant, and the tragedies are heart-rending.

The allegory though is masterfully constructed and woven throughout the story. It carries religious undertones, which typically are a turn-off for me as a staunch atheist, but Koontz's story was so compelling that these did not detract enough for me to even question whether I'd be rating this book 5 stars or not. The themes crafted into this allegory could hardly be more relevant to the present world we live in. I'm puzzled why this book isn't rated more highly on Goodreads.

Innocence (Innocence, #1) by Dean Koontz

After reading reviews, it seems clear that some people did not understand the allegory, did not understand what Koontz was doing behind the superficial story of Addison and Gwyneth; this may account for the negative reviews.

It's also entirely possible that the allegory provoked a reaction of anger or disgust in some; perhaps it hit too close to home or perhaps they rejected Koontz's pessimism regarding the state of the world we live in.

I personally suspect that for many, it was because Koontz alluded to some disconcerting, often painful truths. Of course, opinions regarding books are in large part a matter of personal taste, and some people may have simply not enjoyed the book for other reasons.

Still, I think it deserves a higher rating. The bottom line: I strongly encourage everyone to give it a try. I grew up on Koontz. By age , I was reading his 70's and 80's classics and absolutely loved them! In the 90's he changed a bit but still put out some good reads.

It's when the 's came that he has disappointed me, kind of let me down. The writing is nowhere near as good as back in the day for old Dean. This would have and could have been about 4 stars, because the concept was great. There were a couple of mysteries thru th 3 stars and it would have been 3. There were a couple of mysteries thru the whole book and while I wasn't blown away by their discovery, I did find it interesting.

The story was going along well There were about 2 story lines going and they just take a degree one-page turn. Nothing was explained well and it just seems like Koontz had a good idea, but couldn't figure out an ending.

A shame The concept and idea of this book, I'm ashamed to say because I used to love Koontz , in proper hands, say King or Barker, would have been outstanding. But don't get me wrong, I still have a soft place in my heart for Koontz. And he does put out a good one still, every now and then. You gotta look at Koontz this way, he's like a suspenseful drama on TV, while King is like watching the 4-hour extended versions of the Lord of the Rings movies.

Just take it for what it is. But yeah I'll still read another Koontz. Dec 18, Christine rated it really liked it Shelves: Addison Goodheart spent his whole life believing he was a monstrosity so horrible that the mere sight of his eyes sent people into such a rage of fear that they were immediately possessed of the notion they had to kill him.

Even his own mother, although she did her best for 8 years, eventually felt the need to send him away. After his Addison Goodheart spent his whole life believing he was a monstrosity so horrible that the mere sight of his eyes sent people into such a rage of fear that they were immediately possessed of the notion they had to kill him. Addison immediately and unexplainably feels a need to help Gwyneth, who is quite obviously in some sort of terrible trouble. Neither Addison nor the reader knows just how much trouble they are about to encounter on a dark and snowy night in the non-too-distant future.

This book was not unlike others I have read by Mr. A Novel Ticktock: A Novel Twilight Eyes Velocity: A Novel Frankenstein [1] Frankenstein: Prodigal Son: A Novel [2] Frankenstein: City of Night: A Novel [3] Frankenstein: Dead and Alive [4] Frankenstein: Lost Souls: A Novel [5] Frankenstein: The Dead Town: A Novel [2] Seize the Night: An Odd Thomas Novel [4.

An Odd Thomas Novel [6. An Odd Thomas Novel Tags 72 books by Dean Koontz. Download https: Previous 40 Novels by John Grisham.