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This is the PDF of the Revised (Third) edition originally published in print in The PDF version was made available on 23 September to people that had pre-ordered the printed version of the book. It then went on general sale on Vampire: The Masquerade - Revised Edition - They stalk in the Note: This digital edition includes the PDF and EPUB versions of the book.

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Wot will, some ofig relatives, the ones wh0 uren't 50 iiite as l,. The can – diid d0- commit acts thittewei Idon't wish toconsider,. Andhere Jou are, p00r little mortal. VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION. For twenty years, you've been reading and listening to us talk about Vampire: The Masquerade. WOD - Vampire - The Masquerade - Core Rulebook (Revised). Uploaded by Alceste Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate.

BRP Basic Roleplaying. WA State. Description Edit History. Their eternal struggle, waged since the nights of Jericho and Babylon, plays itself out among the skyscrapers and nightclubs of the modern world. We mark clearly which print titles come from scanned image books so that you can make an informed purchase decision about the quality of what you will receive. But whats left of Bela is rotting ina pine coffin somewhere, while Thave the opportunity to sit here on the balcony, enjoy my drink and look at you.

Edition pdf revised the masquerade vampire

If you guys ask me gently I can give you out the links to specific boos. I got most of them somewhere in my google docs, including V20 and V20 companion gotta get my hands on children of revolution. I've few GB of.

Except for now I may respond to a gentle PM My only problem with my collection is that the vast majority of them aren't searchable. Voraxith wrote: I downloaded the Baali clanbook to compare it to the one I have. Exact same file. You can scroll, right?

Masquerade vampire revised pdf the edition

I reorganized the skydrive and renamed the shit to make things hopefully be easier to find. I also added more bloodline books and dark ages clan books, also added a few other things like Time of Judgement, Time of Thin Blood, Kindred of the East and so on; as well as a few things from Werewolf, Mage, Hunter and Demon.

Hope you like. The Masquerade. I love the flavor text and believe it helps flesh out the stories and characters but sometimes you need to find a rule quickly.

Vampire: The Masquerade, 5th edition Core Book - PDF - Modiphius Entertainment

Karavolos wrote: Do you have any idea how to make any of these pdfs readable on a kindle? I've tried converting them to mobi with Calibre best software I've encountered but the pdf is constructed in such a way that it messes up the mobi file Hello, Yami!

If you tell me your model I'll check it. I am not Kindle user, but from what I know, there was a way to run djvu or epub files, so converting to them could be a solution! Kindle 3 with keyboard.

It's not about the convertion. I'm converting the pdfs, it's just that the way the book is made, the pages get mixed together upon convertion and it is not readable at all.

WOD - Vampire - The Masquerade - Core Rulebook (Revised)

I have no issues converting e-pubs, pdfs or any other format, it's just these specific books. Yami, have you tried this? Tried with my collegue to convert to.

Worked well! Yami, this one did the trick. It's trialware, though http: The Bloodlines Developers. Search Query. Display results as: Posts Topics. Advanced Search.

Some forsake their mortal ethics, giving themselves wholly over to the vampire condition. Others abandon the moral struggle altogether - and find themselves in the throes of frenzy. How can the race of Caine steel itself against its murderous impulses? But For How Long? By popular demand, Chaining the Beast explores Children of the Night In the world of the Kindred, vampires lurk behind every shadow, planning their machinations and watching their prey.

But who watches the watchers? Powerful Kindred from all sects and none move among their peers, protecting the Masquerade, interpreting the traditions of Caine, leading the Sabbat against the Antediluvians or subtly pulling strings in the darkness. Who are the most feared and most powerful Clan Brujah Trilogy Book 1: But for every blood-drinker towing the line, six others forget their place and revel in the power of undeath.

Heretics and anarchs press in on every side, and the whole of undead society teeters on Clan Brujah Trilogy Book 2: Enforcing these laws is Theo Bell, archon, enforcer and executioner among the undead.

But Theo may have bitten off more than he can chew. The Minneapolis slave ring has been destroyed and its captives Clan Brujah Trilogy Book 3: Cut off from vampire society, his ranks and privileges as an archon revoked, Theo faces his most lethal task yet - identifying the forces behind the global slave ring he has pledged himself to destroy.

But their power goes further than even he can imagine, threatening the Camarilla itself. Time is running Clan Lasombra Trilogy Book 1: Shards Alone in the Night For a thousand years, the vampire Lucita has lived under the shadow of her tyrannical sire Moncada.

Now, the monster who defined her exsistence is gone, destroyed in no small part thanks to her efforts. All she wishes, is to at last find a place for herself in these Final Nights.

But to the rest of the Clan Lasombra, she is a rogue and a killer, a rebel who has Clan Lasombra Trilogy Book 2: Shadows In Chains of Night and Blood The Vampire Lucita is a prisoner to the fanatical monsters of the Sabbat, who are forcing her to hunt for a hidden enemy and powerful shadow-caster. Every night in captivity further erodes her soul and enslaves her to the sect born of the murder of the tyrannical progenitor of Clan Lasombra.

But soon enough, these concerns fade before the mounting evidence Clan Lasombra Trilogy Book 3: Sacrifices Into the Abyss Lucita faces her ultimate test.

Mad Lasombra attempt to raise the Clan Founder from the depths of shadow, and what they call forth risks to consume the entire world. Can she stop them and deal with the Sabbat who still want her to stand trial for her sires murder? And what does Montano, most ancient of Lasombra, want with her? About the Author Bruce Clan Novel This book, Clan Novel: Nosferatu, is the amazing conclusion of a book series concerning the Kindred-the hugest event ever in the World of Darkness.

From small details to grand spectacles, this epic series of over one million words reveals the secrets of this hidden world through the eyes of individuals on both sides of a great conflict Clan Novel 7: Assamite, is the eighth of a book series concerning the Kindred the hugest event ever in the World of Darkness. Clan Novel 8: Ravnos enter knave, smiling Khalil Ravana has always been a lightweight, a drifter,a thief with no status and no power Chance saved him from a storm in Calcutta that annihilated his clan, and now chance has placed him in hte center of another storm - this one in New York City, near the deadly Kindred battles for possession of the Eastern United States.

It's also ground zero for Leopold, a Clan Novel 9: Anatole is alternately thought mad because of his Malkavian blood or blessed by God with a true faith, but few deny that he sees and comprehends Clan Novel Trilogy: As she gathers up the shards of the conspiracy known as the Conventicle, Antigone must discern who can be trusted and forge that remnant into a weapon that might save her and her regent.

Time is running out, however, Clan Novel: Anthology Thirteen clans of vampires More facinating than the events of the Clan Novel series the great East Coast battle between the Camarilla and the Sabbat, the destruction of the evil Moncada, the transformation of a young Toreador into a powerhouse that rocked the Gangrel from the Camarilla The wily Victoria: Once assumed to be mere assassins, the Assamites have thrown off the Camarillas debilitating curse and their mantle of silence.

A diverse clan of noble warriors, erudite scholars, learned sorcerers and murderous diablerists, the Assamites have stepped forth to claim their legacy in the Final Nights. Whether challenging the tyranny of feudalism or rallying against stagnant institutions, the Brujah take their fight into the modern nights. Whether she is a political dissenter or a common thug, a Brujah wears her emotions on her sleeve, and woe to those who get in her way.

Followers of Set - Revised Edition Descended from the God of the Underworld The sands of Egypt conceal a frightening menace a cult of vampires dedicated to their fallen lord. The Followers of Set are scattered all over the world, seducing mortals into cults and enslaving other Kindred through their own vices.

Yet the Setites do not exist for excess alone: They gather secrets from the darkness that spawned them, secrets that can be Gangrel - Revised Edition As rogues and wanderers, the Gangrel have always placed themselves apart from other Kindred. The Outlanders have no need for the petty Jyhads and useless sniping of the undead - they are vampires, the highest order of beasts! Now, Clan Gangrel prowls the night unfettered by the traditions of the crumbling Camarilla.

They have finally called the night their own. Or Savages Unbound? As the first Giovanni - Revised Edition Blood and Betrayal Embraced by a fallen clan during nights long past, the Giovanni have always had ambition. Now they bring that ambition to bear on a world they would claim for themselves. With vast wealth, the ability to command the spirits of the dead, and a strict familial hierarchy, the greatest enemy to stand against Clan Giovanni is itself.

The Curse of Caine Stolen As the next entry Lasombra - Revised Edition Born of Darkness The Final Nights have twisted the nobility of the Keepers clan, turning them into the aristocrats of that diabolical sect. Their legacy of shadows eclipses the light thrown by their packs ritual fires. But are the Lasombra truly the esteemed leaders of the Sword of Caine or do they simply abuse it to serve their own ends? The Lords of the Sabbat As the next entry in the revised From emotionless sociopaths to raving lunatics and everything in between, the Malkavians nonetheless command startling insight.

Does what they know drive them to madness or does their insanity allow them too peer into a world the rest of us fear to see? The Method of Madness As part of the revised lineup of clanbooks, But the clan is far more than a motley assembly of twisted freaks. From their first nights to their modern incarnation as informants and spies, the Sewer Rats have as many secrets of their own as they have gathered from other Kindred. Up from the storm drains and tunnels they scuttle, but whether as ally A young, vibrant clan, the Ravnos adapt, making the most of a hostile world and turning it to their advantage as best they can.

To that end, was their near-total annihilation a Biblical punishment or a rebirth from the ashes of the impending Toreador - Revised Edition Cold Passions Inflame More than just a simple clan of artists, the Toreador helped found the Camarilla and have extensive dealings with the mortal world.

More than any other Kindred, they feel the damnation of the Embrace, as it extinguishes the flame of creativity for which they long. But what passions inspire the Toreador after they receive the Embrace? Bound not only by the traditions of the Camarilla but by those of her clan, the Tremere must find a place for herself in her own hierarchy and in the deadly world of vampires. Learn the magic of the Tremere and the rigors of earning status in the clan.

The Ways of Warlocks As Tzimisce - Revised Edition A History of Evil From the antitribu who forged the Sabbat to dreaded Dracula himself, the Tzimisce have carved an indelible place for themselves among the society of the Damned. The modern nights have caught up with these monsters, however, who have fallen from their place as masters of hoary estates to degenerates bound by the callous whims of the Sabbat.

Vampire: The Masquerade books

The Flesh-Twisted Fiends As the Forever in the line of fire, they have sacrificed their own comfort for the good of all Kindred. Or is this all an empty ruse that excuses their excess and greed? Ventrue includes: Counsel of Primogen Scions of the Great Clans All Kindred froom neonates to elders accept the primogen as the voices of their clans in a prince's domain. What truly falls under those auspices, however, varies from city to city. From councils of primogen that pull a puppet prince's strings to the coteries of primogen that exist at a prince's whim, the only constant in a primogen's unlife is that politics align against Dust to Dust When the ashes cool, all that remains is dust Gary, Indiana is a dying city.

Its population has halved itself in 40 years, many of its buildings are burned husks, its citizens are disenfranchised and out of work, and even its predators have fled. Of the many Kindred who once hunted this small Midwestern city, only a handful remains. Modius, the Prince of Gary, continues his long rivalry Enigmatic creatures, the Kindred's efforts to uphold the Masquerade have often succeeded even beyond their own desires, and a few of the damned in the modern nights even know those outside their immediate domains.

But the long and terrible history of the undead is as broad and sweeping as the myriad Gilded Cage The Cities are the Kindreds Domain The Kindred are hidden masters of cities, growing sated on the blood of the vessels within.

Their domains are built on the backs of the mortals they prey upon, their fortunes made by proxies, their havens visited by the famous to the infamous. The night belongs to those who can take what it has to offer. Guide to the Anarchs Break the Walls Down Kindred society is stagnant, and it favors the priveledged.

Elders claim domain over rights that, by their nature, belong to all of Caine's childer. Princes and archbishops alike abuse the very social contract that gives them the power they wield. What's the answer?