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TO YOU. 2 MIKE MURDOCK Of It.” -MIKE MURDOCK. 4 MIKE MURDOCK .. your Assignment, discern the pitfalls and unleash your faith for the next. Successes. You can have the same kind of life. In this book, I believe God is going to speak a word to you relating to your. Assignment on the earth and any. wife as his Divine Assignment as a Golden Gift from God. 1. Your Wife Is A around the world. Host of Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock, a weekly TV.

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The Assignment book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Book by Murdock, Mike. Or The Ones You Create. -MIKE MURDOCK 1. YOUR ASSIGNMENT IS ANY PROBLEM YOU WERE CREATED TO SOLVE ON EARTH. Creativity Is The Search. MURDOCK. MIKE MURDOCK. Over 12 Million Mike Murdock Books In Print . is a silent cloud or wind receiving Assignments to different buildings or people.

Hundreds of invitations come to him from churches, colleges and business corpora- tions. Problems are the catalysts for creativity. It would be impossible for me to develop an obsession with this product. Has traveled and spoken to more than 16, audiences in 39 countries, including Asia, East Africa, the Orient, and Europe. This book is so educative. Identify it.

Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Assignment by Mike Murdock. The Assignment: Book by Murdock, Mike. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Aug 05, Nina Ali rated it it was amazing. Must Read! Jul 23, Kenny Ayoade rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Wisdom tips to change a man's view of himself, his stay on earth and eternity! Feb 11, Dan rated it really liked it Shelves: Yes I do.

Jun 02, Christian Michael rated it it was amazing. This book is a worthy curriculum on Purpose. Jun 15, Joann Dye is currently reading it.

I LOVE this book. Jun 24, Harrison Enudi added it. This book is so educative. Ajamu Gabriel rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Dedra Herron-Slack rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Lin rated it it was amazing Nov 07, Nov 09, Grace Onyebuolise added it. An Awesome book for any who wants to understand how to discover, pursue and understand process as it has to do with one's given assignment and purpose.

Murdock mike the pdf assignment

Following a God given assignment is much different from running a business plan aimed at making money alone. This book is very easy to understand and apply. Kwame rated it liked it Jul 09, I hate ignorance. I have attended seminars where Scriptures were misquoted, truth was distorted, and error was dominant.

It was almost impossible to sit and permit it to be spoken without my open confrontation to it. For instance, abortion has slowly become accept- ed, although it is a truly devastating blight on the moral landscape of this country.

It appears that no true and articulate spokesperson has yet emerged who is capable of turning the tide. I thank God for those who are making significant efforts to do so! The Persuaded Become The Persuasive.

7 Signposts To Your jinzihao.info | Sodom And Gomorrah | Jonah

I have asked God often to raise up someone with a burning desire who can successfully plead the case of the unborn child. I have asked God to provide a militant, intellectual, passionate zealot who will link The Word of God with the gift of life in my generation—someone passionate and on fire. That someone could be you. I am not justifying the bombing of abortion clinics.

That is as hypocritical as the abortionist. I am speaking of an anointing, a mantle, a calling when someone rises up to complete their Assignment in this generation: Your anger is important. Very important. It sim- ply needs an appropriate focus. Do not ignore it. Satan dreads your fury. An angry man is an awakened man.

Only an angry man can change the mind of the unconcerned. Anger alone cures apathy. Tears Talk. Whatever makes you weep is a clue to something you were created to heal.

Compassion Is A Signpost. What grieves you? Battered wives? Abused or molested children? Identify it. Be honest with yourself. Caring qualifies you as an Instrument of Healing. What makes you cry is a clue to a problem God has anointed you to change, conquer and heal. Remember Nehemiah? His heart was broken about the walls of Jerusalem needing repair. He could not sleep. He wept long hours. He was stirred to write letters, contact officials, and even change his personal life to rebuild the walls.

Examine Ezra. His heart was distressed over the temple in Jerusalem. He could not rest. He wept. He knew what few knew. The presence of God is the only cure for wounded people.

He recognized that places mattered and that God would honor and reward those who sanctified a worship center in the city. Social insanity is epidemic.

Observe how the liquor industry has their signs on every billboard of a stadium. Every newspaper contains liquor advertise- ments. Yet alcohol has killed more people on our highways than those killed in the entire Vietnam Conflict. Someone said we have lost more of our children to death by alcoholism than deaths in all the major wars. Yet everyone screams about the horrors of war while sipping their alcohol at a cocktail table. Someone is going to be so grieved over senseless deaths that their Assignment becomes clear.

That Assignment will become their obsession. Then, they will rise up to launch a war Have you wept long hours over financial bankruptcy and debt? Think of the children who cannot be put through school because money is wasted on alcohol.

Do you weep when you see homeless children? Oh, there are many things that should set us on fire.

The Assignment: Powerful Secrets for Discovering Your Destiny

What saddens you? What moves you to tears? Pay attention to it. God can create painful experiences and unfor- gettable experiences. Jonah is a perfect example. But Jonah rose up to flee unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord, and went down to Joppa; and he found a ship going to Tarshish: Jonah had to endure three miserable days and nights in the belly of the fish before he accepted his Assignment. Never Misjudge God.

He never ignores tiny acts of defiance. Examine the life of Joshua. In a single day, their reputation was stained. Achan had ignored the command of God. Consequently, the entire nation suffered defeat until obedience became their priority again. When one defies the will of God, everyone involved must pay the price for it. A well-known leader said God spoke to him when finances became difficult for his ministry. The finances flowed again. Pain Is Corrective.

Do not waste these Hurting Seasons. That is where the healing process begins. Pain forces you to look Pain forces you to lean Pain forces you to learn Pain forces you to long Pain forces you to listen Pain forces you to love Moses required preparation. He spent his first 40 years learning the Wisdom of the Egyptians.

He spent another 40 years learning the lessons of leadership and priesthood. When Moses saw it, he wondered at the sight: His first 40 years educated him about enemies. His second 40 years educated him about people. Jesus required preparation. Jesus spent 30 years preparing for His ministry. These days seem so different for young ministers.

The average young minister wants to prepare for three- and-a-half years for 30 years of public ministry. Jesus did the opposite. He prepared for 30 years for a public ministry of three-and-a-half years. The Apostle Paul required preparation. He was a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee. See Acts He had invested years of preparation for the intelli- gentsia of his generation. Seasons Of Affliction. Seasons Of Chastening. Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: Seasons Of Contention.

Seasons Of Credibility. Seasons Of Disappointment. Seasons Of Injustice. Seasons Of Isolation. Seasons Of Persecution. Seasons Of Solitude.

Seasons Of Suffering. Seasons Of Warfare. As I review the first half century of my life, I can distinguish the seasons. In the story, the young boy desperately wanted to learn the art of fighting. His old mentor waited, and instead handed him a paint brush and instructed him to paint the fence. The young man was disheartened, but he followed the instructions of his mentor. Discouraged, disillusioned and very disappoint- ed, he could not see any relationship between painting the fence and fighting in the ring.

When he finished, he was instructed to wash, wax and polish the car. As he moved his hands in a circular motion over the car, he was very demoralized. How will this help me achieve my desire to be a great fighter?

The young man did not discern it until much later. On the left hand, where He doth work, but I cannot behold Him: Extract every possible benefit. Focus Is Magnetic.

When you focus your attention and time to achieving your Assignment, you will experience Favor. It explains his remarkable victories over enemies, adversaries and even friends who misunder- stood him.

He moved away from past hurts, failures and memories. Obviously, he had a photograph of those things God had placed before him. Prepare For Uncommon Adversity.

Pdf murdock the mike assignment

Satan dreads the completion of your Assignment. Each act of obedience can destroy a thousand satanic plans and desires. My secretary handed me the telephone number of a friend I had known 25 years ago.

He had not written me for 25 years. He had not telephoned me for 25 years. He had not sown a Seed in my ministry for 25 years. Suddenly, he telephoned several times. He came to my weekly Bible study. He sowed a generous Seed in my ministry. He wanted to have a meal together. I consented. It is the most wonderful company I have ever been involved with. I want you to become a part of it with me.

I really do not have the time to develop a secondary income at this point in my life. But, I appreciate it. It is easy. You know thousands of people. You do not have to do anything but ask me to come and present this multi-level marketing plan to your people. They will come because they know you personally. And, this product is the best on the market.

People will always need this product. Your people need them. I believe everyone should have one. I will buy one from you. I will tell my friends about you, but I cannot get involved in selling them, because this product cannot consume my attention, efforts and time.

It would be impossible for me to develop an obsession with this product. You see, I know that I can only succeed with something that consumes me.

7 Signposts To Your Assignment.pdf

My inner peace was proof I was in the center of my Assignment. There will always be others with wonderful ideas who offer you options to your Assignment. Any hours you spend with them is a waste of their time and yours. I have never heard from this man since. You see, he had no interest in my Assignment whatsoever. He was only interested in my involve- ment with his dream. I was merely a vehicle to generate finances back into his own life. My secretary handed me another telephone message recently.

It was from a dear friend well known in ministry circles. He had built an incredible work for God, but due to extreme adversity had experienced some major losses in his personal life and in his ministry.

I returned the telephone call. When do you want to meet? I could not imagine why this man wanted to meet with me so urgently. He had not telephoned me twice in the previous eight years.

Suddenly, it was life and death. We met and talked. He was involved in a multi-level marketing program. He would succeed and I knew that. I also realized that anyone linked to him would have significant success. He is a remarkable, brilliant and enjoyable friend. But he had a different focus.

I was very direct. I have known more peace and joy since building my days around His presence than I have ever known in my lifetime. Wealth is wonderful.