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Assimil russian pdf

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Download Assimil Russian English DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. My name is Andrey Kuzmenko and I will read Assimil's Russian Without Toil for You can download PDF-Source and the original recording (download. If you would like to converse with your Russian-speaking in-laws, the Assimil course is ideal because the vocabulary pertains to everyday topics. And you learn.

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Vocabulary from the Assimil Russian book, presented in order of the lessons. Typing tests are in Russian. Audio from a native speaker. Audio for levels 1 to 37 is. Assimil Russian English - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Assimil Russian English. Index of /~rfburger/language/Assimil - Russian Without Toil - - cleaned files . , M. [ ], Assimil Russian pdf, , M.

When Josu asks about this, Russian speakers try to explain what the difference is between perfect and imperfect. During this 2 years will be some psycological crisis, times where you have the feeling you are not improving etc, but its normal, you just have to keep going and some day you will find yourself watching a tv show and understanding everying when you talk with friends in Russian. I did finish the film, didn't I? Janf, i remember when i had around 3. I don't agree with you, Josu, at that point - I will read every Russian phrase in two ways 1 Word by word, with the literal meaning of each word 2 In a normal way, with English translation.

RUSSIAN. How i went from zero to B2 in 2 years

Assimil is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to learn modern, practical Russian efficiently and naturally. How does the Assimil method work? All courses are based on Intuitive Assimilation, an original principle that is both simple and highly effective.

Assimil has taken this natural process, through which you learned your own language, and adapted it to their books and audio courses.

Working progressively, with natural, lively dialogues, simple text notes and exercises, you will progress steadily to a level where you are able to converse in everyday situations. To make the most of the MP3 portion of this product, please check that your player has sufficient memory to read the above number of recordings.

The user's Manual and technical details can be found on the mp3-CD. It's very good to know that that's normal.

I'll persevere! Janf, i remember when i had around 3. At that time it was almost impossible. I could say little things but i didnt understand most of what it was said back to me. You can keep having conversations if you like, but i suggest you to focus on keep doing lingq and meeting your daily goals. I started having conversations with russians when i had around So you have time to translate things.

Russian. How I Went From Zero To B2 In 2 Years - Language

I was trying also by skype but of course was harder. Right now im with almost I make lots of mistakes but i can understand most what i said to me without much effort im talking about a simple regular conversation.

I think a good level of Russian is reached with around Im still pushing and i hope to be there in 1 year. So my advise would be keep pushing hard to the It takes a lot of effort, and around 1 hour a day of your daily time. The most important point - how do you k now your words - active acqured words are better than And the second point - everything depends on the person: If you don't like to talk about such simple topics, you can wait for more acqured words, but this waiting can last too long and you can loose your motivation during this long waiting That's why, my advice is- start earlier, but don't upset if you don't understand everything don't be shy to ask the tutor all words and constructions which you can't understand..

And don't ignore simple topics - even in your native language you speak mostly about them. Evgueny, I think what Josu is talking about here is the known words statistic as we know it at LingQ - which doesn't make difference between a unique stem and flexed word forms.

Hence the known word counter for Russian is "cheaper" than the word counter for English and the word counter for English is cheaper then the word counter for Chinese - all depending on how inflexional or analytic the language is. The thing is that at Lingq the counting of the words is different.

You might think that 1 word can count like 6 at lingq because there are 6 cases. But in my experience i noticed is even more, because often with this word you can also make an adjective, lets say masculine: So 1 word can count like 18 known at lingq!! That explains why sometimes im learning words after 1 hour lingquing. In my point of view, i think I see it like an indication not of how much words you know, but about how much exposure you had to the language.

Again this is my experience at lingq with words i say my experience because for other people might be different. I remember having 3. But after what you said, i guess one should keep trying to talk even with 3. I've started using the system to save phrases and collocations I'm finding. So I have nouns saved in multiple phrases for different cases as well.

Like you said, I appreciate that the system motivates us by showing us how much exposure we're getting. I don't worry about the word count. A good aim indeed. I would correct a bit your last phrase: Thanks Josu That explains a lot. I don't really know how many words I've got - probably around Actually I can understand reasonably well - so I think my passive word level might be higher - but it's really hard to get my active word level up.

Pdf assimil russian

When I search for a word when I'm speaking it often won't come. I seem to be better at writing actually, when I've got time to think. I've decided to go back to my basic vocab when I'm speaking and stop trying to find words that I don't know. It's certainly a life-long pursuit - and no one ever said it would be easy! This is really inspirational. I have a question for you. Now that I have the basic grammar down, the biggest problem lies in the verb aspects. Do you have any recommendation or trick to memorizing the perfective and imperfective of the various verbs?

Also, how often do you make mistakes with these?

Assimil Russian

I studied verb aspects by having a lot of imput, and reviewing the grammar always from time to time. Ideally is good everytime you learn a verb, to learn their counterpart. The podkasts of Russian are very good because the girl is always teaching the new verbs with their pairs:.

Howerver Im still making lots of mistakes with verb aspects, and not only with verb aspects, also with the verbs of motion, cases, etc. By the way, I also make lots of mistakes when i speak English, and it doesnt bother me, before i was a bit concerned that i might look uneducated or or even stupid by my mistakes, now i dont care anymore. That's such a good attitude. I think it's important for tutors and skype friends to realise that it doesn't help to keep correcting people's grammar.

Gaining fluency is difficult - and needs a lot of confidence. When you stop people every few words to correct them you make them less confident.

We don't do that to little children learning to speak - we shouldn't do it to adults. Completely fascinating for those of us who are are unashamed 'grammarphiles' - but probably not much practical use It's an interesting book, but I don't recommend to the learners to read it - it's useful only for the philologists for whom Russian is the profession. We needn't to know all these rules and exeptions for any real speaking how we needn't to remember all irregular verbs for it.

It's enough to know the main rule: We use Perfective Verbs if we speak about not repeated actions in the Past and in the Future.

Pdf assimil russian

In all other cases we use Imperfective Verbs. I think that analogy is correct: However, actual use deviates in some instances. Probably, this is the most usual case:. Russian uses imperfect past to refer to actions that took an extended period of time, even when they're not related to another, more punctual action.

In modern Latin languages we would only use the imperfect in this case if we referred to another action, such as in. Here "watching the movie" acts as a background action within which another, more punctual one "getting a call" takes place.

Notice that even Latin used imperfect in some cases in which modern Latin-derived languages would use perfect, more in line with Russian use.

Pdf assimil russian

Yes, we Spanish, see the action to watch a movie as a "fact" on the past, we want to say the action was completed in a determinated period of time, and thats alll. I guess from the russian point of view, they see the action as a process, and thats because they use the other time. Thats the only logical explanation. Of course is useful to have a logical explanation, but many times you cant understand what grammar does and why, so its most useful to try to understand what the exact though is trying to convey.

We promise you success, on the only condition that you should study regularly , i. Daily repetition is the key to success. You may very well study several lessons together, if you wish or have the time to; but be regular , do not let one day pass without doing your quarter of an hour of Russian; make it a habit.

If you have the records, this habit will provide you with a daily entertainment; living voices will bring you, as it were, Russia in your own home. You may not feel constantly like studying; but when it is only a matter of listening to the gramophone Before taking up the study of the language itself, we must learn now to read the alphabet.

To make this easier, we have drawn up a list of words practically identical in both languages. Listen to it and read it again and again until you have grown familiar with the Russian letters. This list of words will make you familiar with the Russian alphabet and with the pronunciation, too.

In the first record you will hear every word spoken by a man's, then by a woman's, voice. Someone may say he hears "dramma", but this is just a personal preference. In Russian, the letter a is never sounded as in fate. When preceding the stress, it tends towards ah. RU Russian for English speakers http: Notes on Levels: Notes on Readings: Notes on Script: Notes on Comments: