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Projection of lines pdf

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PROJECTIONS OF STRAIGHT. LINES. STRAIGHT LINE. It is the shortest distance between two given points. Thus, the two ends of a straight line are points. Projection of points and straight lines located in the first quadrant – examples. 1. Orthographic projection-when the projectors are perpendicular to the plane of. Ans) As per rule, just draw lines parallel to x- y above and below at given distances from HP and VP. b) (i) ┴ to HP, 20 In front of VP, one end 15 above HP .

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UNIT 2 PROJECTION OF LINES. 1. End A of a line AB is 15mm above HP & 20mm in front of VP while its end B is 50mm above HP and 75mm in front of VP. Projections of a Point – in 1st quadrant. 6. Lines – Objective & Types. 7. Simple Cases of Lines. 8. Lines inclined to one plane. 9. Lines inclined to both planes. Lecture 7. Projection of Lines and. 2. Projection of Lines and. Projection of Planes. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. Guwahati –

Line is in 1st quadrant. True Length is never rotated. Construction procedure conti. Hence it is called Fv of a point in Vp. Thin chain lines are a common feature on engineering drawings used to indicate centre lines. Projection of lines.

Dimensions are always drawn using continuous thin lines.

Pdf lines projection of

Two projection lines indicate where the dimension starts and finishes. Projection lines do not touch the object and are drawn perpendicular to the element you are dimensioning.

All dimensions less than 1 should have a leading zero.

Projection Lines Pdf(beamer) | Line (Geometry) | Angle

The common origin for the dimension lines is indicated by a small circle at the intersection of the first dimension and the projection line. One method dimensions the circle between two lines projected from two diametrically opposite points.

Of lines pdf projection

The second method dimensions the circle internally. The accuracy depends largely on the manufacturing process. A tolerance value shows the manufacturing department the maximum permissible variation from the dimension.

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Need an account? Page Problem 30 The length of the top view of a line parallel to the VP and inclined at to the HP is 50mm and on end of the line is 12 mm above the HP and mm in front of the VP. Draw the projections of the line and determine its true length.

Line inclined to both planes 1 Draw a horizontal line. Draw a. And 12 mm in front of the VP. Problem 36 The top view of a 75 mm long line AB measures 65 mm. Problem37 A line AB. Problem 38 The line AB.

Draw its front view and find its true inclination with the VP.

Projection Lines Pdf(beamer)

The line is inclined at to the HP and to the VP. If the projections are 60 mm apart. Draw the projections of the line and determine its true length and true inclinations with the reference planes.

The top view of a mm long line PQ measures 80 mm and its front view measures mm. Its end Q and the mid point M are in the first quadrant.

M being 50 mm from both planes. Draw the projections of the line PQ. Problem42 Problem The line is to HP and to VP. Draw the projections of the line and locate HT and VT.

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